Kol pushed Jeremy into Jermerys room. Everyone was out at Stefans and Damons house. Kol and Jeremy had been out at the Grill when a whore of a girl began to practically throw herself at Kol before Jeremy could tell her to fuck off and that Kol belonged to him the girl gave him his number and left. And Jeremy was now in the need to remind Kol who he was in love with and who he fucked.

Kol groaned as he fell on top of Jeremy onto the bed and Kol's erection grinded into Jeremys thigh.

Kol claimed Jeremys mouth releasing a strangled moan when Jeremys tounge brushed against his. Jeremy then hastily took off his and Kols shirt. Jeremy began to works on their pants all the while distracting Kol by pretty much swallowing his face. The pants fell to the floor. And the boxers soon followed. Kol let a moan and Jeremy linked his legs together around Kol's waist pushing their rock hard erections together.

"I need you now!" Kol growled into Jeremys ear.

"So do I". Jeremys hoarse voice replied. "No preparing take me NOW!"

And with that Kol slammed his erection into Jeremys oh so tight hole. Jeremy screamed and arched his back in pleasure. But there was another scream that wasnt his that followed.

"Ahh!" A girly scream came from the doorway.

Kol and Jeremy both turned their heads to see the slut from the Grill her eyes were widened in shock. Her face was a deep red.

"Uhh". Kol said not sure what to do his cock still encased in Jeremy tight heat and to Kol's surprise Jeremy made no attempt to cover himself. The slut ran back down the stairs and out of the house. And when Kol looked down to his lover Jeremy had a smirk playing on his face.

"Got a clue now bitch". Jeremy said the smirk still very much there.

"Did you-?" Kol began to ask before Jeremy interrupted him.

"Take your phone and text that whore and tell her to come here and to this room so she would catch you fucking me and realize that you belong to me. Why yes. Yes I did." Jeremy said with a smile at his lips

Kol chucked. "Why aren't you a little devious boy."

Jeremy smirked and Kol began to continue to fuck his devious boy into oblivion because nor whore nor slut nor little harlot could keep these two lovebirds aparts.