After 1 month... Normal pov The kids were still sleeping. Ha ni and seung jo has the day shift today. It was a fine saturday and as usual they were cooking their own breakfasts after eating they took a bath (of course not together in the bathroom). Ha ni was the first person to come down the stairs next was seung jo. Ha ni's pov When i was about to leave someone grabbed my wrist. I looked at his hand and at his face."wae?" seung jo asked. "wae mwo?" i asked pretending to not know what seung jo was talking about. "why are you acting like this?". "acting like what?". "Acting like you dont care" "Dont care about what?" I tried to make seung jo let go of my hand and i ran towards the door. I felt some tears rolling down my cheeks. While i was running i figured out that the prodigy baek seung jo did not know anything about my plan or does he? When i was about to reach the handle of the door baek seung jo pulled me and hugged me. "miyane" "For what?" "Im sorry for being cold to you. I know what youre doing your giving me the taste of my own medicine. I miss you so much" I pulled away from the hug and wiped my tears away. "baek seung jo you miss me?" he nodded his head. I got to the window and shouted "baek seung jo,the prodigy, misses me and is jealous of dr. Lee. Asssa!". "shhhh!" seung jo said. I hugged him again and showed him the paper where my plan was written. "oh ha ni, youre secretly smart" baek seung jo said and hugged me again. He pulled away from the hug and said "kaja" he tried to find his keys in his pocket "it was here a second ago". "here it is" i said while swaying the keys "give it to me" "ani!" I ran outside ang got in the car. Seung jo who have no choice go inside the car and put on his seatbelt. " do you really know how to drive?" seung jo asked. "dae" i replied and started the car. We arrived at the hospital safe. We got out of the car and seung jo went to me i leaned on the car and he was moving closer. He put his hand on the car and kissed me just like our first kiss. "merong" i said to him. He just laughed and kissed again. " so that means i cant be cold anymore?" seung jo asked. "ani, it wont be fun, just know when its the right time to be cold. Arasso?" i said. "dae" then he held my hand as we were walking to the hospital's entrance "would you stop dating dr. Lee" seung jo said. I just nodded my head. "nurse So, let me be partnered with oh ha ni today" seung jo said and nurse So just nodded and she smiled at me and showed me an "okay" sign " kamsamnida" i said while waving to her and i squeezed seung jo's hand and we got to work. *i wrote at the bottom of the paper " mission accomplished. I checked the "one month" and kept it inside my drawer in my desk in the hospital.