E/O (midweek) Challenge drabble to include a dead character
Word Count 100
Spoilers Set in S4 whilst Sam is "drinking" Ruby.
Disclaimer: Life is cruel
A.N. Dedicated to Swellison with happy birthday wishes.


Sam is certain he knows what is best…

"Sam….You have to stop this."
Sam glanced across to where Dean lay sleeping, before focusing
his attention back to the spirit of John Winchester stood before him.
"No. I need to use my powers, to learn to have control. Then I can
bring all this crap to an end Dad."
"I'm begging Sammy….think about your brother."
"I am. Dean, he can't be the one…..he's changed. He hasn't got the
strength now…..he hasn't got you ordering him around.
"Enough; You shouldn't be here."
Sam raised his hand, felt his powers respond and, used them to drive
his father's spirit far away.