'But you have been working with the Batman all along…'

Rachel's eyes were glued to the television. When she'd last seen Harvey he'd been climbing into the back of a police van, in hand-cuffs. She'd been so scared then… and angry. At both of them. Part of her hated them… Bruce for letting Harvey take the fall, and Harvey for going through with it with a smile on his face. How could he do this without even talking to her first?

'No… but I trusted him to do the right thing.'

But seeing that same smiling face on TV, safe and sound… she felt like crying with relief. She'd returned home afterwards going back to Bruce's penthouse was no longer an option after she'd left Alfred with her note. If Bruce had already read it… she didn't know if she was ready to face him yet. So she'd sat, still as a statue, in front of the TV… waiting for news.

'Which was?'

And that news was what she was glued to. Everything had turned out like they'd wanted. The Joker was in custody, Harvey was safe… hell, even Gordon was back from the dead. So why did she still feel so… frightened? Something was coming she could feel it in her bones. There was this… wall behind her eyes that she didn't want to look past. Of course, she knew what it was the Joker had named her, had promised to kill her… and yet he hadn't even made an attempt yet. Neither had any of his thugs.

She stood quickly and grabbed her coat. If something bad was about to happen, then she knew who she wanted to be with when it did.

'Saving my ass…'

Rachel flipped the power switch on the TV and Harvey's face was replaced by a black screen. Before she reached the door, however, she stopped. The interview she'd been watching wasn't live she figured it was maybe ten or fifteen minutes old. So where was Harvey? If he wasn't heading here then he'd at least have called, wouldn't he?

She got her phone out and dialled his number, but there was no answer. Standing there, in the middle of her apartment, she felt more alone than she had ever before. She jumped in fright as her phone suddenly started to ring. She didn't recognise the number that came up but she hoped that it would be Harvey's voice she heard.

It wasn't.

"Miss Dawes?" a hesitant voice asked. It was a woman's voice, and she sounded nervous. That immediately put Rachel on alert.

"Yes?" she responded.

"It's, uh… Lieutenant Ramirez", the woman's voice said. "Have you heard the news about Mr Dent, ma'am?"

Rachel had met Ramirez before, at the MCU. She seemed… nice, she supposed. Dedicated. She seemed to spend more time there than not, which Rachel figured meant she had an unhealthy obsession with her work. But she was one of Gordon's team, which relaxed her she trusted Gordon, and he trusted Ramirez.

"Yes, Lieutenant, I've heard the news about Harvey, though he hasn't contacted me and I don't know where he is". Not very subtle, Rachel thought, but despite her calm voice she was desperate to see Harvey, and she didn't care if Ramirez knew it.

There was a brief pause before Ramirez answered. "That's why I'm calling, ma'am", she said, eventually. "Harvey's been taken to a safe house where he'll be debriefed"

"A safe house?" Rachel interrupted. "I thought the Joker was in custody. Who does he need protecting from?"

"The mob", Ramirez responded quickly. "The Joker was never working alone. He was being backed by the mob, and they have a pretty strong grudge against Ha… Mr Dent. He wasn't very happy with the idea, as you could probably guess. He said he had a date with a very angry girlfriend to get to".

Rachel smiled that sounded like Harvey. He was never one to run and hide… not without a fight, anyway. But she was glad he was safe.

"I've been asked to pick you up", Ramirez continued. "I'll take you to Harvey".

Rachel paused before answering. Of course she was desperate to see Harvey, but she didn't know what kind of state of mind he'd be in. Part of their work was done the Joker was behind bars but the hard part was just beginning. There would be a trial. Would the Joker try to plead insanity? If he did, he'd get off with a lighter sentence a few years in Arkham for all the chaos he'd caused. They had to try and convince a court that he wasn't insane, despite all the evidence to the contrary.

"How long till you get here?" Rachel asked.

"I'll just be a few minutes", Ramirez answered quickly. "I'll be there soon". And with that, she hung up her phone. Rachel stared at hers for a moment before hiding it away in her coat pocket. Harvey would want to talk business, she knew, about the Joker. But she had something that she desperately wanted to tell him an answer that she'd taken too long in giving.

She wanted to tell him "Yes".