After a meal full of fruits and vegetables, Harry felt quite content with a full belly. He stood at the doorway to the bathroom as the kind Miss. Ivy as she wanted to be called, began to fill a bathtub for him. "You're the nicest person I've ever met," he said suddenly, barely above a whisper as though unsure if he should say something like that.

"That's very kind of you, Harry," Poison Ivy said as she looked over her shoulder to the raven haired boy. "However, I'm certainly not that nice a person," she admitted as she turned off the water when the tub was full enough. "There are those who would say I'm quite… mean, actually," she said sadly. "They just don't understand the pain they cause though."

Uncertain Harry's small hand enclosed around Ivy's shoulder causing the woman to look him in the face. Two sets of green eyes locked as Harry smiled tentatively at the older woman. "It's okay Miss. Ivy. You were nice to me, and I'll always be thankful for that," he said softly. "I know we're in a city of terror, and we are all here for a reason."

Pamela stared at the youth with slightly widened eyes before she reached up and wrapped her hand around his. "Thank you," she said softly before standing which caused the boy to step back. "I'll leave you get bathed. My babies are telling me that I'll have a guest arriving soon. She playing with the boy's outside." A smile spread on her face as she looked at the small boy. "Remember, Harry, when people like us meet, the bigger and flashier the entrance, the better." With a slight chuckle she turned and strolled from the room, leaving him to bathe.

Stepping back into the main chamber, she grabbed one of the vines on the wall that lifted her into a small whole cut out of the wall, where two giant flowers opened on either side of her before the entrance was covered by giant leaves. She wasn't sure what would happen to the young boy once Arkham City collapsed, she was certain that Batman would eventually cause the chaotic stretch of land to be shut down. Her green eyes closed as she thought back to her beloved Robinson Park, a stretch of green in the middle of Gotham she cherished more than any other.

When Gotham had crumbled due to an Earthquake, she had taken over the park, turning it into a defendable fortress which kept even the Joker at bay. Why? The orphans she had found wandering the streets. The poor and hungry children without any form of safety except for what she could grant them. The Government had called Gotham a No Man's Land, meaning everyone was on their own, and in the chaos she had found a family made of children.

Of course, the police had taken her family from her, believing she was holding the children hostage so she could keep the park after Gotham was rebuilt. Her eyes narrowed and seemed to glow with rage at the thought of her children being taken from her. It was why she had devoted herself to plants because no force could rip them away from her. But still, when she wasn't in Arkham she was often in Robinson Park, hoping to catch a glimpse of one of her children. It was the only place Batman refused to fight her.

She was cut from her reflections though as the sound of the door opening reached her ears. The leaves and vines parted, revealing her to her long time friend, now former, Selina Kyle A.K.A the Catwoman. "Hello, Ivy you here," the other woman's voice called out.

"You shouldn't have come here," Ivy said, speaking not just from her lips but through the plants that ran throughout the building, making it echo like a greek gods. Green eyes narrowed at the woman who had so recently given her reason to loath her.

"Oh, come on. You're not seriously going to hold that against me forever, are you," Catwoman asked with a shrug of her leather encased shoulders. Pamela let her eyes droop toward the other woman's exposed cleavage in her one piece leather jumpsuit. Despite the rage she felt for her former friend, her more open bisexuality allowed her to admit that Selina looked good.

Shaking the thought away she remembered why she wanted Selina dead, this time, and began to rise to her feet. "YOU KILLED THEM ALL!"

The dark haired woman rolled her eyes. "They were just flowers, Ivy. I'll buy you some new ones," she said as though it was the simplest solution to anything. The red head felt her ire grow as her eyes narrowed. Selina would never understand what the botanical side of nature meant to her. She couldn't hear the screams of every blade of grass as it was trampled, or the tortured cries of flowers as they were viciously ripped from the ground. "I know a place that will…"

However, Ivy didn't let her finish as one of her vines wrapped around Selina's legs and viciously ripped her through several floors of rotting wood. Selina stood, shaking off the rough landing and dusting herself off, barely noting just where she had landed. "Come on, Red," she said hoping the old nickname would loosen the other woman up some, "can't we just…" But, before she could continue a large green pod nearby cracked open revealing one of Joker's henchmen, his eyes glowed an ominous green as he forced himself to stand. "Oh, for the love of…"

The dark skinned man, his face painted white, moaned as he emerged from the brainwashing pod, his movements stilted and jerking. Soon another pod opened, and then another and another, all the while Catwoman merely examined her nails out of boredom. "Hey Pammy, if you want a boyfriend, try the dating route. Beats this voodoo crap."

Far above, Ivy laughed menacingly as Selina began to fight back against her mind bent slaves. The men had been easy enough to lure in. Was it truly vain to know that one was beautiful when men kept throwing themselves shamelessly at her feet, just waiting to be turned into a vegetable, one way or the other? "A billion micro-organisms will enter your bloodstream," she explained. "Spores will grow, replacing the blood in your veins, and when I'm done, your flesh will be replaced by bark."

As Catwoman defeated the first floor worth of mind-slaves, she leaped up to the next. "Are you done, Red," she asked. Her answer came in the form of more pods bursting open, spilling forth the weak minded men under Ivy's control.

"Do you really think you can beat Mother Nature," Ivy's echoing voice asked. She could feel the Titan formula she had been injected with back on Arkham Island pulsing through her veins. Thoughts of the young boy in the next room were driven from her mind as she focused on the task at hand, killing Selina. "You can't outrun Nature, Selina. My spores will fill your lungs and kill you from within."

Another wave of sluggish brutes fell to Selina's quick reflexes and agility, allowing her to leap back up to the main floor. "Is it over yet, Ivy? I just want to talk, that's all."

"If you're still breathing then it's not over," Ivy snapped, as the pods surrounding her began to break open with the largest of the goons she had managed to snag. The flowers on either side of her began to glow red before launching massive red balls of energy toward the cat-like woman. "I've spent weeks perfecting the poisons that will destroy your pathetic meat-sack of a body."

She watched as her former roommate took down the squadron of brain dead men in only seconds before sighing. "Look, Red, I just need your help," Selina said in exasperation as she walked toward the villainess.

"Never," Ivy hissed as her vine slithered around Selina's feet and pulled up off the ground to hang upside down.

"Not again," Catwoman moaned as the vine slowly spun in order to make her face the slowly approaching red head.

"You've got some nerve, Selina," Ivy snapped as a second vine reached over her shoulder, it's bulbous head slithering through the air toward Catwoman's face and throat. Before she could strike though, a whimper caught both women's attention. Spinning around, Ivy was ready to ruthlessly slaughter whoever had snuck up behind her.

The sight of Harry though, standing in the doorway to her private chambers with only a large fluffy towel wrapped around his waist made her stop though. "Harry," she said in shock, and tried to move between the innocent child and the view of the woman she was trying to kill. "That was an awfully quick bath, are you sure you got everywhere," she asked, hoping he had forgotten something and could leave her to her work.

"No, I think I got everything," he answered and tried to peek past her to the tied up woman. "That was really impressive. All of it," he said in wonder. "The way you made the plants move and talk with you, and that other lady taking those guys down! I wish I could do that, ball I can do is make wigs turn blue," he admitted.

Ivy blinked before taking an unsteady step toward the boy. "You have powers," she asked kneeling down to look at the boy closely, ignoring Selina's raised brow at the scene. "Have you tried to do anything other than turn wigs blue?"

"Not really," he admitted shrugging. "I thought it was magic, but my Uncle Vernon said magic isn't real," he explained. He said nothing about the cupboard under the stairs. He liked Miss Ivy, but he didn't know the woman in black and didn't trust anyone who Miss Ivy didn't seem to like.

"Magic is real," Pamela said as she gently brushed a cheek over the boy's cheek. "There are all sorts of magical super heroes, like Dr. Fate or Zatanna. Why, I've even met Morgan Le Fey once," she said causing the boy's eyes to widen. After all, no matter what his relatives wanted, he still heard the tales of King Arthur's court in school. "We'll have to play with it to see just what you are capable of doing, okay?"

"This is all well and good," Selina spoke up, "but, I'm sort of in a hurry here, Pammy." Still upside down, she crossed her arms over her breasts to keep them from spilling out of her outfit in front of the young kid. "I'm sorry about the flowers alright, but it wasn't my fault. You know it and I know it."

"You should have watered them," Ivy said turning to glare at the woman she held in her plant's clutches. "You said you would water them," her voice was strained as she felt the horrible disappoint at her friend breaking her promise to her. "Now there is only one left and Strange has it, sealed in his vault."

Selina's eyes darted as she seemed to come up with a plan. "Well, in that case, I think we can strike a deal," she said. "I need a way into his vault, and I think you're just the girl to help. If you get me in there, I'll get your plant. Deal?"

"I should kill you," Ivy whispered menacingly as she leaned in so her and Selina's faces were only inches apart, but a whimper from the boy nearby caused her to pause. She wouldn't , couldn't, kill Selina while Harry was standing right there. What sort of message would that send to the impressionable youth? "FINE," she yelled as she turned her back on Catwoman the vine dropping the girl to the ground.

"No kiss, I'm kind of disappointed," Selina admitted as she climbed to her feet. Smirking, Ivy turned and grabbed Selina by the head, pushing her ruby red lips against the other woman's soft pink ones in a rough, lip bruising smooch. Releasing her, Ivy smirked, before she saw Selina's eyes dart behind her. Turning she spotted a blushing Harry trying to cover his eyes and hold up his towel at the same time.

"Out, now," Ivy said after the two women shared a giggle at the kid's expense. As Selina left Ivy smirked at Harry and gently messed up his hair. "Come on, darling, we need to get you some clothes," she stated. Looking at the unconscious bodies on the ground she mentally ordered her plants to strip them so Harry could have something to wear, probably nine times to big for him, but at least in better condition than the rags she had found him in. There were even a couple of hoodies, labeled with Arkham City across the back like her orange shirt.

Neither she, nor Harry, spotted the bat shaped figure looming outside one of the windows, watching the interaction between the three. Bruce wasn't sure what he should do about it at the moment. The Joker was waiting, and while he didn't approve of Ivy's mothering techniques, it was better than what a lot of inmates would come up.

Reaching for his utility belt he pulled his grappling gun free and shot it toward a nearby building, where a road-flare had been lit atop a roof with a large metal teddy bear sat astride. As he took off, he nearly released the tool as the song 'I've Got Soul But I'm Not a Soldier' blared from the back of the hotel. Who knew Poison Ivy was a fan of the Killers?

Author's Note: Yes, there is chapter two. This story will be incredibly short, maybe a few chapters, since we don't see Ivy again in Arkham City after this part of the Catwoman DLC. Of course, it really could be a long night for another Orphan Detective other than Bruce. After all, Strange has plans for Harry and Ivy is getting in the way… To be continued!