I can't help but write, this is taken after season 4, Charlie has left TR for the time being, (even though I liked him in there). This I think only going to be a short story a few chapters at that. Enjoy and if you like it please review it.

Walking into base early the following morning, trying to hide the huge grin on there faces, it has been a long road to get this far, with Lawson cheating on her, and her rape, and shutting him out, but smiling at him, they are finally at a great place now. Holding his hand, she feels his touch tingling through her skin, feeling the necklace against her skin, the touch of what it is hiding.

Holding Shannon's hand, the spring to his step, he wants to tell the whole world, he wants to tell his best friend, the one he ruined everything with, the one he has wanted to ring, but when he finally did, the number disconnected. Smiling at Shannon, the secret between them, can they keep it to the end of shift, seeing Shannon fiddling with her necklace, before looking up at him, the smile on her face. Feeling like the luckiest man in the world, so glad Shannon gave him the second chance, he still has no idea why he cheated on both of them if he could only take back time.

Heading towards the locker room, his head moving slightly towards the communications room, Kerry's car not in yet, unusual, for her to not be in early, the one person, he is worried about telling. Feeling Shannon squeeze his hand before heading into the locker room.

Walking into the locker room, they see Stella look up at them, suspicion in her eyes, the one person Shannon wants to tell, she will some time on their shift today. Keeping her eyes down to avoid Stella's wide eyes.

Listening to Lawson, give the briefing for the day, the smile on Stella's face when she hears her name in TR2 with Shannon, she walks out with her whispering "so spill, the grin is so wide on your and Lawson's face, I know something has happened" seeing Shannon shake her head "Later" seeing Stella's eyes wider open "I don't know if I can wait later" a grin on Shannon's face "Believe me you will" before hopping in the car.

Driving around a few hours later, they stop for a bite to eat, turning to Elliot who gets out of the car, seeing Stella turn to her "I can't wait any longer, there is only two things I think, either your pregnant or you got engaged", seeing Shannon pull our her necklace, Shannon swears the whole world could hear her squeal as she hugs her "I'm so happy for you both, I knew something was up", then her face more sombre "but what about TR, you can't have a married couple in the squad, you know Kerry is a stickler for some things"

Looking at her friend, she knew Stella had been through a lot loosing Michael and all, but her happiness has come back and if Shannon was right it was something to do with the other Senior Sergeant that was in the squad Charlie Lewis "we'll work something out, Lawson is thinking of leaving' then reaching for Stella's hand "No matter what, we'll be friends, Stel, we'll still go out drinking." Then seeing Elliot walk back to the car, Stella turns back to the front.

Seeing Kerry walking out to the car at the end of the shift, Lawson sees her look at her, raising her hand in a raise, if he admits it he is gutless, he knows he should tell her, before the rest of the team, before she hears it from someone else, why is it so hard to tell her, smiling at his boss, he turns back to walk to the table, the bottles of beer already open. Reaching for Shannon's hand, he looks around at the team, unfortunately missing a few original members, but the new ones settling in nicely. Shannon reaching for her beer, with her left hand, sees Christian eyes widen "is that an engagement ring", smiling at the team "Yes, Lawson and I got engaged last night."


Walking into base the following morning, Kerry looks around, walking into the communications room, she sees Leon turning around looking at her "did you hear the news about Shannon and Lawson", looking at Leon, she wonder what news, did she want to know, shaking her head, trying to keep her face neutral "They got engaged", raising her eyebrows at him "Really" before walking away.

Sitting at one of her desks behind Leon, she sees Lawson on screen, looking at him, could she actually ask him to leave TR, as much as she had joked about it, TR was him, Tr belonged to Lawson.

Walking into the locker room at the end of Lawson's shift, Kerry looks at him, her gaze firm on his face "I'm going to forget I heard your engagement today, you know the rules Lawson, one of you now needs to be out of TR. Does Shannon know where she wants to be moved to",

Looking at Kerry in surprise, he should of known she would of heard or find out, he is surprised she isn't angry at him "why do you think its Shannon's whose leaving", looking up at Lawson, the surprise evident on her face "Don't tell me your going to leave TR" seeing him nod, there is a tightness in her chest, walking over to sit on the table looking up at him "you're the one who put TR together, the one who has been here since the beginning, who wasn't being pushed out because of Charlie, why Lawson?"

Seeing Lawson looking at her, she wants to ask him no tell him he can't leave, she doesn't want him to leave, TR would never be the same without him in it, it is part of the reason she loves TR, she would never want him out. "one of us has to leave, there the rules Kerry, Shannon loves it here, so I'm leaving", not wanting to whine or want to see him go, would TR be the same if she didn't see Lawson each day, "You love it here Lawson"

Shrugging, everything Kerry says is true, damm her, she did know him well, too well "yeah, but I love Shannon", her eyes darting around, not wanting to look at him, her voice soft "I would hate to lose you, be hard trying to find someone to replace you"

Seeing Lawson sitting opposite her, close to her, his face searching hers in a way, she wants to move away from him, hates being this close to him, feeling his hand on her arm "No it isn't, I'm giving my job to Shannon", seeing Kerry shake her head then hearing her answer sharply "No"

Looking at Lawson, the no coming out louder and sharply as she stand up, walking towards the wall, there is no way she would have Shannon replace him, she would rather Charlie, hearing Lawson's voice "why not Shannon"

Looking at Lawson "Why Shannon, just because she is your girlfriend Lawson, doesn't qualify her to become the Senior Sergeant running TR, loverboy"

Watching her face, Lawson stands up "she knows TR, she's been here for 3 years now"

Sitting back on the table, fiddling with her hands "She's not senior sergeant material Lawson, we need someone to run TR, to be there when I'm not, to make the calls decision, Shannon is not the right person, she has not proven herself, that she has what it takes, she takes things too personal, the Lexie situation, we need someone with a high level of police negotiation, someone who can just take control of a situation", then standing up and looking at Lawson in the eyes "Lawson, forget she is your girlfriend, do you really think she is the right person for the job"

Seeing Kerry look at him, her blue eyes piercing through him as she holds his gaze "Yes, she has the passion for TR", seeing Kerry shaking her head "You need more than that, and if you were thinking with your brain rather than other parts of your body, you would realise that. I'll be advertising for the job, she can apply for it….. she really needs to step up and show me, at the moment I don't see her as someone who could take over your position", looking at Kerry, Lawson thought Shannon stepping up was a given thing, that leaving TR would be easy if she was in control, did Kerry hate him that much, want him out of TR, or both of them out "you want us both to leave" seeing her shake her head, her eyes down before darting around "No…..I don't want you to leave Lawson" her voice soft "you will be hard to find someone to replace you" her voice back to normal "I'm sure I will be able to, maybe Charlie will want to come back?". Raising his eyes at Kerry "sure he will want to come back, with Stella on the team", seeing Kerry look at him slightly confused "what's' that meant to mean I thought those two got on well together" Tossing his head back laughing "too well, Kerry, I really thought you would of picked up on that" walking out, he turns to Kerry "My resignation will be on your desk soon" before walking out.
Watching Lawson walk out, Kerry sits on the table, putting her head in her hands, "that went well" rubbing at her eyes, she couldn't loose Lawson from TR, if they had to get married, then Shannon should leave, she didn't know which was worse, them getting married or the face she wouldn't see Lawson each day.