Hearing her name called out, she knows that voice anywhere, but he isn't due for another few days, turning around a huge smile on her face as she walks over to Matt looking around seeing only Leon as she feels his lips on hers briefly as his hands move to her waist feeling them creep under her shirt "I couldn't wait any longer to see you, any chance of you leaving work" shaking her head the feel of his hands upon her making it hard to concentrate "I can't" hearing Leon's voice calling out to her "Kerry they're ready for you" looking at Matt apologetically shrugging "I'll leave as soon as I can" then walking back to Leon, calling out to him "My keys are in my bag". Seeing Leon look up at her a smirk on your face "Your life is more complicated than I imagined" rolling her eyes at Leon "stop imagining then" laughing at Kerry "I thought you were with Lawson, now Matt, wish I had girls falling of me" hearing Lawson's voice through the com "Kerry what's happening" putting her headphones on, looking at the screen giving the commands.

Walking towards her car she sees the TR cars arrive, seeing Lawson get out, she looks at him calling out his name, walking towards him "can you pick up Emily tonight for the weekend" raising his eyes at her suspicious "I'll pick her up after work"

Walking into her apartment watching as Matt walks towards her, letting go of Emily "she's growing" before pulling her towards him, seeing her look at him "Lawson's picking her up shortly, then I'm all yours" nodding at Kerry as he hears his phone ringing.

Opening the door a short time later, seeing Lawson follow her in, picking up Emily's stuff, handing it to Lawson. Looking up hearing footsteps coming down the stairs seeing Matt walk towards him, the pang of jealousy there, he had his chance though, "I'll drop her off on Monday" walking towards the door looking at Matt "that's why you want to get rid of your daughter" rolling her eyes just staring at Lawson "he arrived this afternoon, if you don't want her then …. " seeing Lawson glaring at her "I thought we were over this Lawson, stop being such a idiot" before closing the door behind him

Staring at Emily walking slowly next to her mother and father, wondering if he would ever get that chance, knowing how Kerry felt about kids though he doubted it, he would still have Emily, seeing Kerry walk towards him "that was Sean on the phone, wondering if I got here safely and Mandy lost the baby" looking up at Matt, she knew he didn't want anything to do with it, but deep down she didn't believe it "I'm sorry" looking at Kerry, the concern in her eyes, walking over to her not able to control himself any longer, pulling her towards him, kissing her hungrily and passionately


Walking along Southbank that night Emily over a year old, spending time with Lawson, watching the fireworks coming out of the poles, turning to look at Matt, she loved him coming to Melbourne, spending the time together tonight, he had moved into her apartment straight away, this time she wasn't scared of commitment she felt safe and loved and was trying not to screw this one up but he looked nervous, sitting on the seat overlooking the river she turns to look at Matt her eyes open in surprise seeing a ring in his hand, her eyes wide open, can she say yes can she get married again, feeling Matt's gaze upon her, "Marry me Kerry, I don't want to every lose you again, I want to be with you forever" looking at Matt, did she want to get married she already had two failed marriages her tongue moving around her mouth biting her lip, she didn't want to lose him but was marriage the way to go "I don't know what to say". Looking at Kerry he hoped she would say yes, they hadn't really talked about it, but I had felt right, he wanted her in his life and couldn't imagine his life without her "how about yes" her eyes wide open and her mouth slightly open "Its…. Its so sudden, things were fine the way they were what's changed" trying not to lose his courage all he wants is for Kerry to say yes "I want to make it official Kerry, I want you to be my wife, it won't change anything I love you Kerry" her eyes moving around before settling back on Matt "I love you too Matt, but a piece of paper won't change that" feeling Matt's hands on her face "what's going on Kerry?" biting her lips looking at Matt "I've been married twice Matt and both of those didn't end well, I don't want to ruin what we have by getting married again." Wondering how he could get it so wrong Matt puts the ring away, wanting some time alone putting his hands in his pocket walking away from Kerry.

Watching Matt walk away hoping this hasn't ruined things she didn't realise that he wanted to get married, they had only been going out a few months and it had been great. She didn't want to lose him or break up with him, she wanted him in his life for ever, she just didn't want to get married at the moment.

Watching as Matt stops further down Southbank she walks down to him walking up to him, Kerry puts her hands around his waist, moving her hands up his waist, stroking his stomach looking up at him "I want a really long engagement though" looking down at Kerry in surprise he didn't want to force her "are you sure?" smiling at him "you don't want to anymore?" shaking his head staring into her eyes "I want to marry you more than anything, I love you Superintendent what changed your mind" holding Matt's gaze "its only a piece of paper, I want to be with you Matt I want you in my life" feeling his lips upon hers as he slips the ring on her finger.

Walking back along the esplanade at Southbank to the car, turning to stop and look at him, she didn't think it would happen again, she swore it wouldn't biting her lip part of her knowing she was depriving Matt a slight feeling of nervousness but excitement "Matt… I'm pregnant" seeing his eyes open wide "you're the father" feeling his arms wrap around her swinging her around "I thought you didn't want any more kids" shaking her head what could she say, she didn't and doubts she would "I didn't….but …." Then looking up at him there was only one reason she was going through with it again, she was happy with just James, then she had Emily and now this "thought you wanted kids" kissing her on the top of the head he did and with her more than anything, but slightly worried that it is what she wanted "I do but I knew how you felt about it ….. you're not alone this time, I'll be with you every stop of the way, I love You Kerry" looking up at him wondering if she can go through with it again despite everything Emily wasn't turning out too bad, thanks to having her father around.


Walking into the TR base wondering what sort of welcome he would get, he had spoken to Kerry since it all happened but would she still want him back, want him to live with her again after everything he put her through, he wanted to get to know his sister and see his mum again

Hearing footsteps Leon turns around from his computer "you looking for Kerry?" nodding "Is she here?" shaking his head "she is out on the road somewhere, want me to let her know you're here, was she expecting you" picking up his bag "No I'll meet her at home later" walking out, looking up as he sees Lawson, he hadn't met him often but would recognise him anywhere.

Looking up seeing James, Lawson walks over to him "James didn't know you were back, looking for Kerry?" nodding at Lawson the little bit he saw of him, he did like him "Just got back from America and thought mum would be here" looking at James he owes him alot "thank you" smiling at Lawson raising his eyes "what for?" giving a short laugh "I got the letter you sent" nodding at Lawson he had gathered from the tense messages Kerry had left him when it all happened that Lawson got his letter and had spoken to her a few times since "so you and mum …." Shaking his head he had moved on really had no choice, he had seen the ring on Kerry's finger and Matt still here about 6 months or so later, even though Kerry hadn't said anything to anyone Stella of course had picked it up straight away that she was pregnant, the fact she had stopped drinking and the clothes she wore had changed and looser, he had gone out and got drunk a few times but the fact remained that she and Matt were getting married and expecting their first child together. Remembering the conversation a few weeks ago when Kerry walked into the locker room when only he was there her voice soft she couldn't even look at him leaning against the wall as he was at his locker saying " Matt and I are engaged" looking at Kerry who was avoiding his gaze "why are you telling me?" shrugging as she looks at him she wondered the same thing knowing there was no way she could tell him she was pregnant too, as she shakes her head "I don't' know, just forget it" watching her walk out the room he slams his fists against the locker he wanted to call out to her, he probably should of said congratulations here she was engaged when his marriage to Shannon was over, she had filed for divorce Kerry had left him for someone else and now here she was happy and engaged and all he had was his job where he had to see her and Shannon each day part of him even missed Shannon, despite everything he did love Shannon, coming back to the present facing James"You need to speak to her James, I have a beautiful daughter that I wouldn't of otherwise known" looking at Lawson, despite what Kerry thought she knew he did the right thing "hopefully she would of calmed down by now, you had a right to know your daughter …. I think in the end, Kerry would of told you, she did it for the right reasons even if it was wrong" shrugging he didn't know about that Kerry did a lot for herself "I'll see you around". Walking out of the locker room towards his car he looks up seeing Kerry's car coming back seeing her get out, looking towards him a small smile on her face, as he hand comes up to give him a wave her left hand it wasn't that long after she told him that she turned up to work with the ring on her finger she didn't' say anything but Stella of course saw it before anyone else, wanting to know everything, and Kerry giving little away, Shannon said nothing of course no doubt thought it served him right. Looking at Kerry getting out of the car, it was becoming more obvious each day that she was pregnant, but she hadn't told anyone, and doubted she would.

Seeing Lawson walking out of the locker room, he hadn't said much to her except about work, she told him she was engaged and a few weeks later decided to wear the ring to work, didn't take long for Stella to see it, she didn't want to make it known she was pregnant either but of course Stella had guessed, she hadn't come out and asked her, but no doubt she would, instead of disguising it like last time, she went with it, if truth be told she didn't want to have this baby or any more children, but knowing how important it was to Matt she had to admit she was slighty looking forward to it and Matt did spoil her. It wasn't going to be too long until someone else was going to take over her position, this time she was going to ensure it was Lawson and get Matt to take over his position.

Hearing a knock on the door Kerry answers it surprise on her face "You little shit" smiling "Hi Mum" looking in disbelief "what are you doing here, I thought you were in America" still standing in the door "can I come in?" nodding not really thinking following James in.

Looking at a girl walking around he looks up at Kerry "That's not Emily" smiling at James "she's about 18 months now" looking back at Kerry, she is glowing watching as she picks up a glass, looking closely "no way Mum, you engaged?" nodding at James "Lawson didn't say anything today" closing her eyes quickly shit, before looking at Matt in the kitchen walking over to him "you remember Matt from up in Darwin" nodding at Matt hiding his surprise before looking at Kerry "I thought you and Lawson" her voice firm damm James she hated telling Lawson she was engaged despite not wanting too say anything she ended up telling him, it was a hard conversation "You thought wrong James, despite what you did" " looking at Kerry he didn't want to start on a bad note, he wanted to stay and get to know his sister and spend time with Kerry "I know, I'm sorry mum but I did what I thought was right and the best for Emily" her mouth in a straight line, even though it was a while ago it was still raw in a way the damage it had caused not just to her "You broke up Lawson's marriage" even as the words come out she know it isn't entirely true she didn't have to kiss Lawson or have sex with him but not wanting to admit she was partly to blame "he might know his daughter but at what cost James?" looking at his mum he didn't want to think about it, he had hoped it would of all worked out, still he did what he thought was right "I'm sorry" walking away from James towards the table, looking up seeing Matt looking at her raising her eyes at him deep down she was glad James was back.

walking over to pick up Emily to put in the high chair she looks up hearing Matt's voice "I'll do it" looking at Kerry closely his mum had a great figure he is sure it is there, the bulge in her stomach "no way, no your pregnant again, you don't want kids" rolling her eyes at James "cause I'm a shit mum" surprise still on his face rolling his eyes "no, you're a great cop ….. I thought you didn't want any more. How many months, can't believe I'm going to have another brother/sister" looking up at James rambling on " about 25 weeks, you staying here" nodding at his mum "If that's ok" nodding walking over to James wrapping her arms around him "of course it is" looking at James her voice low "You on the gear again" glaring at Kerry, he knew he shouldn't of come back his mother would never change his voice loud "No, why do you think the worse" looking at James why did she, why couldn't she be a good mum "You better not, I will not have drugs in this house around Emily" watching James walk over to pick up his bag "what do you think your doing" not even looking at his mum he doubted she would ever change or be a mother to him " Mother of the year ….You obviously don't want me staying here" reaching over grabbing his bags he sees Kerry walk over to him, going to grab his bags "James put your bags down, don't be stupid" looking up at Kerry how he wished he could have a relationship normal one with his mother, in a way he envied Emily, having a father who adored her, he was sure of it, and a mother who had someone to help her "I made a mistake last time Mum, I'm clean now and have been for a while, it was a mistake for me coming back, I wanted to see my little sister and mum again, how stupid I was to think you'd be happy to see me". Looking at James, she was happy to see him glad he was back, she wanted him to stay she just couldn't say it pulling him towards him "you do anything like you did last time…" putting his bag down following Kerry to the table.



Arriving at the gardens looking around, she didn't want a big wedding, just something small with a few friends, Sean and a few of the guys down from Darwin, the Tactical Response team there and a few others from the police force and a few friends, nothing big. Looking at his mum, she was beautiful in the dress she was wearing nothing fancy but simple holding Emily nearly 4 and Tom's hand. Tom was now about 20 months old, walking down in front of his mother.

Standing at the front with Sean by his side, his breath taken away as he sees Kerry standing there, hearing Sean next to her "breath mate breathe"

Turning around after the ceremony Matt's hand in hers as they start to walk back up the aisle, looking around seeing Lawson there holding onto Emily, smiling at him and despite it all there working relationship had improved and back to the banter again, she would have feelings for him glancing around the whole team there. looking up at Matt as they near the arch, despite having second thoughts about getting married she was happy "I love you Matt" feeling his lips sweetly on hers as they walk out to the reception.

Arriving at the reception Stella looks around nothing fancy but nicely decorated, looking at Lawson he did have a slightly sad look to him she wondered if he still had feelings for his boss, feeling Charlie's arms around her waist smiling up at him, she never thought her and Charlie would be together but they started to get closer and she saw him in a different light. Looking at Shannon she looked happier now, and was not so tense at work anymore she wondered if she would ever truly forgive Kerry and Lawson, despite it all, she knew she blamed Kerry more than Lawson for her marriage falling apart.

Looking at Kerry sitting next to Matt a huge smile on her face, despite it she had to admit she did look attractive for her age, it was nearly 4 years ago now, that she and Lawson got married it still slightly raw what her boss did to her, that her marriage only lasted a few months not even a year into it and Lawson cheated on her by going back up to Darwin whilst they were having problems, despite trying to forget she will never forget Lawson coming home to tell her that he was moving to Darwin. Even though she tried to forgive her, deep down she wondered why her boss did it and slept with Lawson whilst he was married and whilst they were trying to sort it out their problems still had no hesitation in sleeping with Lawson, what kind of person does it. Looking at Lawson she did wonder what she thought of it all if he had moved on from her, how she wished he had fought as hard for her as she had heard he did for Kerry.

Walking up to the bar getting everyone drinks, Stella never thought she would see Kerry married or with kids again but here she was with 3 kids now and a new husband. Looking up as they walk in seeing a smile on her face, she was hot for her age, and looked great seeing the look Matt gave her, one full of love, watching as Kerry looked at him, she could see something in her eyes, she saw it a few times the same look she used to give Lawson when they first started out.

Sitting down at the table, looking around at the room, she didn't want to be in a stage or anything just at a table amongst them all, hating being the centre of attention, seeing James, Sean at the table the kids had gone with the baby sitter, she couldn't imagine life without Katie, her life saver, able to go back to work, and not worry what time she finishes.

Looking around a smile on their faces despite everything she is happy, laughing seeing Stella and others on the dance floor.

Walking out a few hours later, the day had gone well, nothing huge just a special gathering amongst friends, walking out the door with their friends around them, passing Lawson, looking at him, hugging him they had a daughter together that would never change but what they had was a special friendship one she would treasure and no matter what they both would look after each other. Thankful he was willing to look after Tom whilst they went away on their honeymoon knowing TR was in great hands with him looking after it again. Hoping he will find someone soon, it was hard breaking up with him, but she knew it was the right thing

Seeing Stella holding Charlie's hand, now happy that he is out of TR and their relationship can be out in the open, them living together now. Charlie now more bearable he is out of TR and they let Lawson be in charge again whilst she had 6 months off on maternity leave with Tom, and amazing Lawson and Matt got on reasonably well. Stella sitting her Sergeant exam, help the squad with her in charge but being with Charlie had seen her mature slightly, but she would always be Stella.

Seeing Shannon standing next to Stella only a slight smile on her face, she was speaking to her and Lawson now, she doubts she would ever fully forgive her, her and Lawson now divorced, rumour had it, she had found a lovely guy she had started seeing, as much as she hated to admit it she did have a huge part to play in their divorce, she wished it had worked out differently but it hadn't.

Seeing Christian with a huge smile on his face with Annie next to him, one of the few who was affected by anything, now a Senior Constable.

Lastly Leon and Amber, he actually looked slightly different whispering to him "nearly didn't recognise you Leon, all dressed up, if only you made that kind of effort for work" a big smile on his face, he really did like his temperamental boss "once a year or every two years is more than enough Kerry"

Two weeks away, one week sailing around the Whitsunday just them and the sea and islands if they get to visit them, and a week driving around Queensland just the two of them a shiver of anticipation going through her.

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