Author Note: this is my first attempt at Fanfic, and i know there is much improvement that needs to be made, so please, everyone, send me some reviews and help me out. Lily

When I said I won't be looking forward to summer for a little while, I thought I meant it. But I was wrong.

It is summer again; yet despite everything that happened, my heart can't help but leap when I stepped out of the station in to the blazing sun. It was a hot day, not a single cloud overhead. In the distance, I can see the lush green forest that was said to be the home to monsters, spirits and Yammgami, the mountain god. and Gin…

Every night, I close my eyes and see him. Gin, the boy who is neither a monster nor a human. He stood with his back facing me. After years of following him around, I can recognise his back anywhere. I call out his name as he turns around; he smiles and opens his arms. I stood there hesitating, to him, the touch of humans is fatal, causing him to disappear and fade at the smallest touch. The same time, green sparkles rise from the tips of his fingers as he begins to disappear. 'Come Hotaru!', he said with a smile, opening his arms wide as I crush into him, clinging to him as if my life depended on it. 'Gin! No!' he disappeared in my arms as until all that's left are the green sparkles slowing rising into the air. I feel salty tears run down my cheeks, as I crash to the ground. Each night I wake up sobbing and crying, tears staining my pillows as I cry into them.

Days past like a blur for me, not the speed of the passing time, but more of the fact that I am just unable to focus on each passing day. Don't get me wrong, I do well in school and pass all of my tests, but lately, I have started to catch myself staring out of the windows more and more, with his name on my lips. I guess that's why my parents was so eager to sent me to my grandpa's place, for me to get some fresh air and become the lively girl I once was.

But things have changed, Gin was gone, forever. And with him the happy memories of our summers spent in the forest. I still recall each moment of our time together however short and fleeting they are, but nothing could be compared with the brief memories that brings a smile to my lips every now and then. Not even the sharp pang of sorrow that stab me each time the memory is gone.

'Let's Go!'