Fidelio Gunn officially hated winter, and Christmas, and New Year Eve and everything came with those.

Things with Gloria obviously had to end. Last Christmas vacation was the worst one in his entire life. After seeing Olivia with that 'Don' guy, he hardly could pay attention to his so-called current girlfriend. Gloria noticed that and after a short moment of talking, then it turned into a fight. He did not really remember what they argued about, but he did remember that he was just being childish, getting angry at every syllable escaped her mouth. Maybe it was, no, it was his jealousy that drove him insane. It was her stupid excuse of not having winter break for not coming home. It was her who got angry with him first when they found out they could not be together for four years. And there she was, having fun with another guy during the time she claimed that it was the busiest time of the year for performing.

He broke up with Gloria that very night. She left for home, leaving him alone in the unfamiliar London with the unfamiliar version of himself.

Fidelio remembered one time when he was wandering around London alone on the twenty-fifth, he came across the only store that was open. Being curious, he went inside and found out that was the art store filled with brushed, colours and papers. It was the worst store he had ever walked in. Everything was in such a mess that he hardly found a way to walk. It was when he met the storeowner, Mr Charles Hudson, an artist, and his adopted daughter, Elizabeth Hudson, who was a few years older than him.

Charles had the most incredible sense of humour in this world that embarrassed his daughter, Ellie – as she liked to be called. Fidelio enjoyed talking with him and for the rest of his vacation, which was until after New Year Eve. There was not a day that he did not visit them. The father finally persuaded him to learn some drawing and he offered him free classes, in exchange he had to play violin or piano or whatever musical instrument that Charles could borrow from his neighbours. And the daughter, who was the most amazing pastry chef in this world, as unique as her father, planned to spoil him by baking the most wonderful cakes for him.

He was miserable, yet he found two new friends that temporarily washed away his sorrow. Before he left, Charles gave him some drawing tools and Ellie secretly hid dozens of recipes in his bag that his mother later found out when she washed it. Fidelio did not know if he should be grateful to her for that when his family turned out to be experimental subject for his mother new baking habit.

But all of that could not erase Olivia.

Things had been amazing with Don.

Olivia had never been happier in her university life. But compared to the time she was with Fidelio, nothing in this world could feel as good as that. She remembered convincing herself for zillions of times that she was in love with Don. The reason she accepted his confession was just because she wanted to get Fidelio back in her life. And Don was the perfect ticket for that trip. There were also times she hoped that she could feel in love with him for real. And several times she thought she did, just until he acted the same as Fidelio again. Olivia never knew how his tone sounded when Don called her 'kid' for it was Fidelio's voice that she heard.

The weird thing was, she was still somehow acting when she was with Don, for there were moments that his smile, his scent, his everything just flashed back into the corners of her minds and she was helpless at them. Those pretty little things belonged to Fidelio reminded her of home. And Don lap could only bring peace to her mind, but not to her heart.

Should she end things with Don, even when all of them were going so well?

'Let's go to London again.' Don suggested. 'I want to celebrate our first anniversary right there.' Then he cuddled her close.

'Good idea. But don't you have finals?' Olivia turned to smile at him.

'I managed to finished all of them before Christmas Eve. Yours?'

'Well, I can do that as well. For I'm a honour student, I have exclusive rights to schedule my performing exams.' She giggled.

'Shut up. You don't know how hard it was to fix my exam schedule before Christmas. It was a massacre.' Don laughed happily as he pulled her in closer.

'Fidelio, there's someone wants to meet you!' His brother Felix shouted upstairs in a melodic tone that made the guest laughed. The older Gunn turned to look at her curiously. Olivia Vertigo and Emma Tolly were the only two women other than relatives that Fidelio brought home. But right now, at his doorstep, there was a pretty young woman, probably a few years older than his brother, asked to see Fidelio. University really changed him, eh?

'No, I'm not his girlfriend, and I'm not going to technically ask your brother out for Christmas, don't worry!' The young woman said, blinked at Felix.

'How…' His jaw literally dropped when she answered the question he was about to ask. The young lady giggled gently. Her long and straight black hair danced a little around her shoulders when she looked down, trying to hide her laugh. And her bang was amazingly cute. Felix felt like he had a crush on her already.

'You looked at me top to toe. Then your eyes danced around, counting the numbers of girls that Fidelio knows in his life. Then you looked at me again, this time with questioning eyes about my age probably. That explains things.' She giggled again. 'Oh, hello Fidelio dear.' She said cheerfully when Fidelio appeared.

'Ellie? What are you doing here?' Fidelio asked surprisingly. 'And why does Felix look so pale?'

'First question, Charles wants to see you. Second question, I just read him.' Ellie laughed and hugged Fidelio.

'But I…' Fidelio protested.

'Then I have to kidnap you to London, otherwise Charles will kill me. In return, I'll make the most fabulous Buche de Noel for the Gunn family. What do you say?' The young woman looked at Fidelio.

'That'll be fabulous! You were the one that put heaps of recipes in this little kid's bag last year, weren't you? Do you know what did you do to all of us?' Felix laughed and invited Ellie in before Fidelio could say anything else.

Eventually, Fidelio was dragged by Ellie to the train station and headed to London on the twenty-third. His family loved Ellie so much that no words could describe the atmosphere in the house while she was around. Ellie was a smart woman and how she got men with her wit amazed him. Felix was another 'victim'. He knew his brother was turned down politely by her implication of currently seeing someone, but he doubted that. Last year, Ellie mentioned to him that she enjoyed being a single woman. And owning several baking stores in London did not really allow her to have time for men.

And it struck him. His life was not as busy as hers, yet he still felt like he was moving too fast. Everyday he woke up to wish it was night so he did not have to think about anything in his life. Drawing helped him a little at first. He actually enjoyed drawing things that he liked besides putting them into notes, music or lyrics. But soon after, he realised it did not go so well. His drawing started to have the sense of Olivia. And there were countless pictures of her in his sketchbook.

He wondered how she was doing. Another year pass and he still could not pick up the phone and dialed her number.

Christmas Eve,

Charles was having a very good time with Fidelio and his daughter. He deliberately waited for Fidelio to come and decorated the store. The young musician did not have to do anything but playing violin, and again, any musical instrument that the artist could find. Ellie helped her father for a couple of hours and then left for the kitchen. He guessed she was preparing Christmas treat for them.

The rest of the afternoon went on with drawing lessons and there was actually something new this year: music lessons. Charles always wanted to play guitar, so he insisted Fidelio on teaching him a few fundamental lessons. Fidelio enjoyed it even though it never stopped reminding him those times he was playing guitar under the apple tree of Miss Alice Angel's garden and Olivia was dancing around and laughing like a child when they were in high school.

And he always missed her most during Christmas, for the last Christmas they had together was wonderful and painful as the same time. He missed her kisses, her touch. He missed her hands, her hair. He missed her voice, her smile. He missed Olivia Vertigo insanely.

Of course Charles realised that. The old artist just tapped on his shoulder gently and smiled at him with encouragement.

'The drawings are all flawless. None of professional artists, even myself, I know could draw this beautifully. You shouldn't let anything like this away from your life, kid.' He said calmly. 'Ah, my little girl's back.'

Ellie pushed the door and walked in the store with snow covered her coat.

'Sorry. It took me a while with the stuff at my place.' She smiled and dashed to the fireplace, where Fidelio was sitting with the guitar and his drawings of Olivia lying all around. Charles rearranged them.

'I'll get the food.'

'Thanks, dad!' She said to Charles and then turned to Fidelio. 'So, you still haven't talked to her?'

'I can't.' He said frankly. 'I'm afraid that I'll lose her again.'

'You'll never know if you don't tell her.' Ellie took of her coat and threw it con the couch, then she joined him with the guitar. 'Show me how to play.'

'You and your father are the same!' He sighed with a smile. The woman also responded to that smile.

'He's my father, right?' She blinked.

'Before that, where have you been? You have male perfume on your clothes, … or body.' Fidelio asked curiously. 'So you were telling the truth when Felix asked if you're seeing someone.'

'I'm not seeing anyone. It's complicated. Just like things with you and Olivia.' Ellie replied with a small blush but somehow distant eyes. Then she inhaled deeply and smiled again. 'Now teach me some.'

'Sure. And in return you'll be my model.'

'My pleasure!' She laughed.

Don made her a wonderful Christmas. After seeing a play like last year, he led her to the park, where he had spent all of his day making a gigantic snowman and lightened the candles. All they had was just some take aways and cakes that Don swore he bought from the best store in town but she felt consent. Somehow she had gotten used to being comfortable around Don. Nothing too dramatic happened. It felt like everything was moving on an already-written future.

While having a little cupcakes Don bought, and they were amazing for real, they walked along the streets of London, waiting for midnight to come. Olivia was impressed at how talkative she was when he was around. But there was one little problem. She never saw him clearly. For all the time, she spent on searching Fidelio in him. And they were somehow very alike. She could not help feeling like she was walking with her best friend. And she woke up from her dreams when don wrapped his arms around her. The warmth was not a like.

'Look, a nice drawing shop!' Don said when they passed a small shop at the corner of some streets. 'They're closed! Looks like they're having a nice party.'

'Yeah…' Olivia said when she saw someone familiar.

It was Fidelio who was sitting inside that store! Since when did he learn to draw? And what in the bloody hell was he doing here in London? He was supposed to be at home. It was his winter break! But what struck her the most was a young woman playing guitar at the fireplace with him. And worse of all, Fidelio was drawing her. On his face was a smile that she missed so much. He looked absolutely happy when he was happy. It could not be Gloria as Emma told her they broke up. He found another girlfriend already. She knew she should feel happy for him but she was not actually. But with this boyfriend, girlfriend thing, they could get back together.

It still hurt her when the black hair girl and he were so close, and happy.

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