It's here! My 16th birthday has arrived!

Dad told me he'll be home from work early to celebrate. He made made a promise and I'm going to make sure he sticks to it. My father is always out doing god knows what with work. Mom says he's apart of the NYPD, helping them mostly with cold cases.

Along with my dad coming, my good friends will be atteding a simple house party with family included and Uncle Osborne. He's not really my Uncle but he's apart of the family, a second father for the time my own dad isn't there.

"Good morning birthday girl!" Mom beams carrying my little brother, Benjy, in her arms. "Hows do you feel, hot shot?" She calls me by my pet name.

"I feel," I raise my arms in the air about to burst in full excitement only to have my stomach rumble, painfully. "Hungry?" I question myself and rub my stomach.

"Then go and get ready for school whilst I make my girl a special breakfast, eggs and pancakes sound good?" Mom asks stroking my hair and kissing my cheek.

"It sounds delightful." I smile at Mom and take Benjy away from her arms.

He gurgles a smile and puts his tiny arms around me. I love my brother to pieces, I'm very lucky to have a charming brother as my little Benjy. "May's birfda!" He says to me in his improving english.

"That's right Ben," Mom picks up her son. "It's our May's birthday." She now turns to leave my room. "Hurry up May, we have presents for you downstairs."

"Give me five minutes." I say to her and remove myself from my bed and head to the bathroom.

I splash water on my face and skip brushing my teeth, I'll do it after breakfast. I wash my hands then it happens again, the pain in my stomach. I clutch my waist and feel a small head ache develop within my skull. What's happening? Am I sick?

"It's nerves." I tell myself ignoreing the pain once more and head downstairs for breakfast.

Heading downstairs I instantly notice something, its not the presents in the living room, it is my dad who isn't sitting down sipping at a coffee. My heart sinks, I know he said he'll be here earlier but I'd rather get a morning hug and kiss from my own parent.

"Is something the matter, May?" Mom asks scrambling eggs within a pan. "You're looking pale."

"No, everything is fine." I smile and take a seat at the dining table. "Where's dad?"

"I'm sorry hot shot but he was needed early." She flicks on the TV. "He sends his love." Mom puts down a plate of eggs and pancakes in front of me. "Why don't you open up your presents?"

"No, I'd rather do it later when dad is home." I smile taking a bite of breakfast. I swollow but my stomach regects it. Regardless I force it down and decide it is best to leave my meal. "I think nerves of tonight are getting the better of me, Mom." I say to her.

"Oh such a waste." She tuts and picks up my plate. "Maybe you should take the day off?"

"No way!" I cry. "I'm going to school."

"OK but the instant you don't feel all too good, you tell the nurse. Got it?"

"Yes Mom."

"Good." She settles and eats her own breakfast.

'Spiderman is set to unfoil the crime of the decade. It has been reported that the Kingpin has ordered a rare but dangerous shipment into Queens later this morning' The news man speaks.

"Spidamen!" Benjy giggles.

"That's right, hon." Mom smiles at my young brother. "Spiderman, here to save the day, always."

Maybe Spiderman could help me towards why I suddenly feel ill!


I leave the house and walk on to highschool. My stomach hasn't settled but the pain is gone. It just bubbles as my head throbs in and out. I hope I'll be well enough for my party tonight, I'd be devastated if I couldn't attened my own sweet 16th!

"Mayday!" Lisa's voice enters my ears. Her thick arm covers my shoulders. "Happy birthday!" She squeals. "Woah, you don't look so good."

"I'm fine, honest." I throw away her worry with a smile.

"Good, we have Mr. Grind today. I hope you have your homework?" She asks.

I gasp. I forgot my homework! I can see it now upon my bedside table. "Crap!" I curse. "Is it too late for me to go and rush home?"

The bell in the distance buzzes.

"Yes." Lisa says. "Don't worry, grab a piece of paper and copy from me." She smiles.

"You're a hero, Lisa!"


"Miss. Parker," Moody Mr. Grind glares at me as I enter his classroom. "You look like chalk. Are you feeling alright?"

And you look like a hippo's butt! "Yes sir, I'm fine." I nod and take a seat.

I sit down with my head feeling heavy. I moan as my stomach begins to rumble once more, this time the pain is unbareable. I gulp and gasp as my head feels as if I've just been struck by lightening. I shut my eyes and all I can see are tiny spiders. They seem to be crawling within my eyelids! I try to open up my eyes again but I can't. I'm stuck in my mind! I try to scream but no words escape my lips.

More spider crawl and seem to be aiming for me. Many spiders stop at my feet as if appretiating me as some climb up my shoulder, wishing for friendship. What is going on?

In the distance of my imagination I see the most weirdest thing ever. A gaint spiderman! He offers me his hand.

"Take it." He speaks.


"Take my hand, May."

It all seems real even though it is not. My hand moves towards Spiderman on its own accord and before I know it, I'm shaking hands with the masked protector.


My eyes open.

"May!" Mom cuddles me tight. "My girl, you're OK!" She's crying.

"What happened?" I ask feeling sweaty.

"You fainted in english, you've been out for three hours, hot shot." She strokes my head.

"Three hours?" How? The dream only seemed like five minutes. "Where am I?"

"You're at home, I had to cancel the party for tomorrow."


"You're too ill to be celebrating, look you're still pale and wet with sweat." Mom says.

"I'm fine." I state.

"No you're not. The nurse suspects you have a virus so I'll advice you to stay away from Benjy until we know you've made a full recovery."

I sigh. "OK Mom," I nod at her. "I'll stay in bed for my birthday. Its not important or anything."

"Don't be like that, May. You will have a party the moment you're up on your feet."

"I guess."

"I'll leave you to recover." Mom is upset and so leaves and shuts the door.

Stupid body! Why do you have to make me ill on my own birthday? I curl my fingers slowly into fists.


Something flies out of my wrist, it close resembles, webbing!