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Here I go with another Severus/Harry fic. Other pairings: Ron/Hermione. Blaise/Draco.

Summary: Severus and Harry are happily married and close friends with Draco and Blaise who are also happily married. If they are happy then why has someone set to split them all up and will they succeed?

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Harry walked slowly into the kitchen and dropped down onto the nearest chair, elbows on table and head in his hands. "Feeling hungover?" said a silky voice behind him.

"Morning Sev."

Severus walked up behind Harry and placed a hand on Harry's shoulder, squeezing it gently. "I have something for you."

"A hangover potion?" Harry asked hopefully.

"Even better than that." he said and with his free hand he put a full fry up on the table and pushed it under Harry's nose.

Harry sniffed up and stopped himself from being sick, quick enough to push back the chair where he was sitting and ran past his husband and into their bathroom leaving Severus to chuckle and follow him.

Severus walked in bathroom and saw Harry standing up and moving over to the sink to wash his face and brush his teeth. "Unless you have a hangover potion for me fuck off."

"Language. It's your own fault for getting like that last night."


"Don't blame him. He didn't exactly tie you to a chair and force drink down your neck."

"He kept buying them."

"You didn't have to drink them though."

"It seemed rude not to."

Severus just rolled his eyes and turned and left Harry in the bathroom. "Potion is on the table in the living area."

Severus had just made himself comfy in his chair and opened The Daily Prophet to read when Harry walked over and downed the potion in one go. "Oh that's better." he sighed when his headache went, his muscles no longer hurting and feeling as though he never had a drink the night before.

Harry placed the empty vial back on the table and sat down on Severus' lap who moved the paper he was reading to the side.

"Thank you Severus."

"Mm." was all he answered with as he continued to read the paper.

"Let me make it up to you."

"I'm reading."

"You can do that later."

"What you have in mind can be done later as well."

"What's wrong with having sex now? Com on Severus, we didn't have sex last night."

"Oh yes we did." Severus folded the paper up and putting down, giving Harry, who was frowning, his full attention. "You came in last night, stumbling over everything, waking me up by stripping me naked saying your horny and you want my cock, you straddle me and point your wand at your entrance, only because you was holding the wand the wrong way and at a funny angle, you somehow managed to prepare me. I prepared you and no sooner had I done that you impaled yourself on me and bounced up and down like a wild animal. When you came shortly after me, you collapsed on me and was snoring within seconds, so there I was, wide awake, covered in your cum and uncomfortable as you stretched and prepared me."

Harry couldn't help but laugh. "I'm sorry Severus. We went out to celebrate, the kids have now gone for the summer, we can have sex every night."

"Harry even when the kids are here we still have sex every night."

"Well yeah...but now we can have it every morning as well."

"Very wanton aren't you?"

"Only with you Severus. So how about it?"

"No. Poppy wants her stores filling up and the sooner I start the sooner I finish." Severus then stood up, taking Harry with him and after giving Harry a chaste but passionate kiss, Severus disappeared into his private labs.

Harry sighed. He knew that he wouldn't see Severus now until he forced him to come out when it was time to eat. He decided to go and see Draco and see how he was this morning, wondering if he suffered just as much as him.

Draco looked up when he heard someone knock on his and Blaise's private chambers. Whilst Harry taught Defence Against The Dark Arts and Draco taught Charms, Blaise, his husband taught Transfiguration. "Come in."

"Draco." Harry greeted when he walked in. "How has your morning been?"

"Painful, embarrassing and humiliating Potter and it is all your fault."

"Mine? How do you work that one out?"

"If I didn't drink so much I wouldn't have done what I did last night which caused my pain, embarrassment and humiliation this morning."

"What happened?"

"Well I got back, saw Blaise, begged him to fuck me over his desk chair, which he did. I promised to join him in bed when I washed up but the position I was in when Blaise fucked me was the position Blaise found me in this morning."

Harry couldn't help but laugh. "Oh that is hilarious. The pain in being in that position all night I can understand but why the embarrassment and humiliation?"

"Blaise walked into his office with Theo Harry." Theo was another one who went back Hogwarts to teach and ended up as the Ancient Runes Professor. "He saw me all in my naked glory Harry. Blaise was mad then, not at me or Theo, just mad in general because Blaise is extremely possessive, the only one to see me like that is him."

"Too right." a voice from the doorway said. Harry turned to see Blaise walk over and greet Harry before sitting in the chair where Draco was sitting, pulling the blond down onto his lap. "It is of no matter now as I obliviated Theo so he doesn't remember it."

"Blaise you can't do that." Harry said.

"I just did." Blaise answered, not the least bit bothered about what he did.

"How was your morning Harry?"

When Harry told them both everything, he frowned when Blaise and Draco couldn't stop laughing. "At least it wasn't as bad as what happened to Draco."

Draco stopped laughing at that, although Blaise continued to laugh.

That evening Harry ate alone as Severus, as Harry knew it, was still in his labs brewing potions. Harry put a heating charm on Severus' dinner and took it into the private labs, not seeing Severus anywhere, Harry left it on a table where Severus would see it with a piece of paper that contained a kiss, and left.

Severus came from getting some more ingredients and stopped when he saw his dinner there with a heating charm on it. Smiling, Severus put a statis charm on the potion he was currently working on and sat down to eat.

Harry was just drifting off to sleep when he felt the bed dip behind him. "Severus?"

"Who else?"

Harry chuckled and turned over, moving into Severus' arms, moaning when their naked bodies made contact. "You're tired Harry." Severus said when he felt Harry's hand running down his side, past his hip and round to his front.

"Correction. Was tired. I'm wide awake now." Harry said, curling his fingers around Severus' cock and squeezing gently.

"So I see."

"I'm already prepared Severus, I did it earlier whilst waiting for you."

"Wanton brat."

"Only for you Severus." Harry whispered before his lips where captured by his husband.

Severus got between Harry's spread legs, moving Harry's hand from his cock, Severus held it as he guided it into Harry's entrance. "Oh Severus."

Harry buried his fingers into those long strands.

Severus reached down and took Harry's cock in hand, stroking it languidly along with his slow thrusts. Harry loved it when Severus went slow and gentle with him. It was a side of Severus that only Harry got to see. Sure he loved the hard, fast and wild sex they sometimes had but loved the slow and passionate times all the same.

"Oh Severus I'm close. Oh!" Harry cried out and came with Severus' name on his lips. After three more thrusts, Severus came deep inside of Harry.

After cleaning them both up, Severus rolled off Harry and gathered him in his arms. "I love you Harry."

"I love you too Severus." Harry whispered, already nearly asleep, content in his husband's arms.

It was a couple of weeks later when Harry entered the castle after having a fly around of catch the snitch with Draco. Harry was gloating that even after all these years he could still snatch the snitch from under Draco's nose.

"You do love to brag when you win don't you Harry."

"Look who's talking! Plus it's not just that I am bragging, it's more like you're a sore loser."

"I am not."

"Draco you have been moaning since our feet touched the ground."

"Yeah and you have been bragging."

Harry just laughed and stopped when he reached the dungeon's entrance. "Go to your husband Draco, maybe he can cheer you up."

"Oh I know he will."

"Your husband has to cheer you up whereas mine can give me a celebratory fuck."

Draco shuddered. "Harry no. That's my godfather you're talking about."

"Come Draco it's not like someone talking about your parents having sex."

"It is if Severus was more of a father to me than Lucius ever was."

Harry placed his hand on Draco's shoulder. "I know he thinks of you of a son more than a godson."

Draco lifted the corner of his mouth to make half a smile. "Well I'm going to have my husband cheer me up. Tell 'daddy' I said hello."

"Only I get to call him that."

"Ugh Harry please!" Draco yelled, sounding disgusted.

Harry just laughed out loud at the look on Draco's face. "See you later." he laughed as he disappeared down into the dungeon's leaving Draco to shake away the thoughts as he went off to find his husband.

Harry walked into the potions room and was just about to walk into his and Severus private rooms when Severus came walking out, not looking twice and Harry, he just shoved him out of the way and ignored Harry calling after him.

Ten minutes earlier...

Severus walked out of his private labs and saw a hot cup of tea waiting for him with a piece of parchment containing a kiss. Harry. Severus thought with a smile as he picked up the hot drink and drank some, loving the taste he emptied the cup, Harry often put different flavours in his tea and he loved it. As soon as he drank it his mind was no longer his own, he closed his eyes tight and shook his head. Opening his eyes, lust clouded his vision his trousers bulged where he got hard and there was only one person on his mind, one person he needed, the one person he wanted to touch, kiss, fuck. Draco.

Harry frowned when Severus didn't answer and walked into their rooms and saw and empty mug on the table with a piece of parchment with a kiss on it next to him. Harry frowned. He didn't leave this for Severus.

Harry sniffed the mug and got a sudden urge to fuck Draco, but the urge was gone as soon as it came. Harry gasped. Severus had drunk a love potion that had made him infatuated with Draco. And the way he was hurrying out just now, Harry knew he had gone to find the blond.

Hurrying over to the fireplace, Harry chucked some powder in and flooed to Draco's rooms. Harry had just tumbled out of the fire to see Blaise chuck a laughing Draco over his shoulder.

"Draco, Blaise, something has come up."

"Yes Potter, mine and Blaise's cocks, go back and let your husband fuck you."

"Draco I am serious. We haven't much time."

Blaise put Draco down and looked at Harry. "What's wrong?"

"Severus has drank some tea that someone has left out for him and Severus thinking it was from me, drank it. It is a love potion and he actually pushed me out of the way and completely ignored me. I smelled the cup the tea was in and got aroused and wanted you Draco. I am fine now but Severus has drank a full cup he is most likely on his way here."

Draco paled. "Oh fuck."

"Can't you go away for a bit until this fatuation goes?"

"No Harry it is not that simple. Once Severus has drunk the potion then what he desires and what he needs he will continue to want until he has got it."

"What are we going to do?" Blaise asked.

"I could take some of your hairs Draco, Severus has not long brewed a batch of polyjuice potion I can change into you and Severus can have me and you should be fine." Harry said.

Blaise nodded. "Come on Harry. I will get you some of Draco's hairs."

No sooner had Blaise closed the door behind him and Harry, Severus burst into the room. "Draco. At last." he breathed and strode over to Draco, wrapping him in his arms and squeezing his arse, making Draco squeak in surprise.

"Severus wait."

"I can't wait. I have waited long enough. I need you now."

Draco's eyes widened as he saw Severus close his eyes and move his face forwards. Draco struggled and managed to get out of his godfather's tight hold. "Severus. Let me make myself more presentable to you. I don't want Blaise walking in on us, so you walk back down to the dungeon's and I will floo and meet you there."

Severus nodded and kissed Draco's hand. "See you soon love." he said and left the room.

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