Sam, John, and Cas continued to go over bits about cars, in particular the one John was working on at the time, all the while Castiel remained generally clueless. Cars weren't his fort. He could tell you which ones were a better deal at the dealership, but to open the hood and work on one; well he'd have a better chance at winning the lottery. At least he could point out different parts now. And he'd learned which tools were which, so when John asked him for one, he didn't give him something completely useless.

Sam left Castiel with John, heading to the house to get a pop and some snack food, wanting at least something in his stomach if Dean botched the meal. And as fate would have it, almost as soon as he walked in the door he could hear Dean screaming and swearing from the kitchen.

"Son of a bitch! God I hate stoves! Shit. That hurt! Will you cook faster?"

Sam fought to hold back a laugh as he crept into the kitchen and over to the fridge.

"Having fun are we?" He asked, a smirked played across his face from ear to ear.

"Shut up, Sa. I got it. It's the stove. It's old and doesn't cook shit properly." Dean was practically whining about the food that he hadn't realised the pot of pasta noodles was boiling over, until Sam pointed it out, laughing the entire time as he was back to the shop with drinks for John and Cas too.

"Oh shit!"

"How's he doin' in there anyways?" John asked, mildly concerned when Sam returned with the world's biggest grin and still laughing.

"Oh Dean? Nahh, dad he's fine. But apparently the stove 'doesn't cook shit right'" he said, imitating Dean's voice in a whiney manner, gaining laughs from both Cas and John.

"Yeah, well as long as he doesn't catch anything on fire I'm sure he'll be fine." John said, though he knew he would feel better if someone was in the house at least, just to make sure things were going smoothly. Or at least as smoothly as they could while Dean had control of the kitchen. He kept looking out the small dirty shop window to the house, just to make sure nothing was smoking or anything. After all, it was a father's job to worry about his kids, especially when they get into as much shit as Dean did.

Dean was great with any weapon John had ever trained him with, but cooking? The thought made him more nervous than it really should. Sure Dean was taking a home economics course, but that class had 3 guys, and about 27 teenage girls. And in all honesty, John wouldn't believe Dean took the course to learn cooking and sewing for a second. Especially not when that class had Lisa, Bela, and Jamie in it. Nice girls, and all three of which Dean had brought home at one point or another.

It had been just over a half hour since Sam went to get the drinks and the three hadn't heard anything from Dean, and that wasn't exactly a good thing. John didn't want to go in a check how things were, mostly because Dean would never shut up about it.

"Say Castiel,"

Cas looked up John from his seat on the stool near the work bench.

"Would you mind going to check and see how much longer he's going to be in there? I'd send Sam but I'd rather he not be in the kitchen if Dean is using sharp utensils." John was mostly joking but he'd still feel better if it was Cas who went in.

"Dad, c'mon! I could do it without making him try and kill me."

John laughed slightly but shook his head nonetheless.


John smiled his thanks to Cas before setting Sam to work on the car-something about the spark plugs or whatever. Castiel was already out of the garage , happy to no longer have the smell of oil and old metal filling his nose. Why the hell did people even like working in an auto shop he would never get. But for some reason this family didn't mind it.

As soon as the angel stepped into the house he could smell the food, only then realizing the familiar and still annoying feeling of hunger in his stomach. Having to stop and eat really was an inconvenience.

"How much longer are you going to be?"

Dean jumped, nearly spilling what was in the pan he was holding.

"Jesus, Cas! I swear, one day you're going to do that and I'm actually going to have a heart attack."

"I'm sorry. I still don't know why you are so jumpy whenever I say something."

"I'm not jumpy. I didn't think anyone was here and then out of nowhere there's this deep ass voice and- nevermind me! C'mere will ya?"

Dean was cutting the chicken that he'd nearly dropped, into slices. Castiel was almost amazed. He'd never seen take so much care in anything that wasn't his car.

Castiel moved from the doorway to the kitchen to stand beside Dean, not sure what he was supposed to do-if anything.

"Can you pour that sauce-", he pointed to the smaller pot still on the stove, "-into that pot of pasta and stir it up a bit?"

"I thought you didn't want any help with this…"

'Do I look like I have another set of arms to work with?"

Dean was a bit frustrated, most likely from actually making a dinner for four people. Castiel humoured him, holding up his arms in mock surrender(another action he'd picked up from the boys) before doing as Dean asked. He could get used to this-him and Dean making dinner together every night. Damn! He really was starting to think like a human too. What would Michael think? Cas didn't even want to think about it, ever.

"Alright that looks good. Tell Sam and Dad that they can come back in in about 10 minutes."

Castiel nodded slightly but Den stopped him before he left the kitchen.

"Oh…how do you feel about horror movies?"

Castiel looked at Dean, head tilted slightly, a confused look on his face before he shook his head.

"I'm not a fan of them honestly. Balthazar and Gabriel dragged me to one last year and-uh-I don't do well with them."

Dean nodded, considering his friend's answer before waving Cas away so he could finish up dinner. He smiled to himself as he set their places at the small table. That was something he could see himself getting used to, him and Cas making dinner together every night, curling up and watching a movie late into the night. Damnit!

"What the hell is Jo doing to me?" He asked himself. Jo Harvelle was the only person in his life that knew he had a thing for guys, or more specifically for Castiel, the little nerdy dude with the trenchcoat. She'd put it in his head that Cas might actually feel the same way and it had been driving him nuts for over a month now.
This whole damn night was her idea! Or at least the movie and dinner part were. The whole sleepover thing was all on Sam, and, even though his younger brother didn't know it, Dean was rather nervous about the whole thing. After all, the only spare room they had was currently housing all of John's hunter stuff, so Cas would probably sleep in Dean's room on the spare mattress under his bed. Dean was having a hard time focusing on anything but that at the moment.

John, Sam, and Castiel came in around 10 or so minutes after Castiel left Dean alone with his thoughts. Dean had refused to eat anything until they all tasted it first.

"Oh, so just in case it's poisoned we die first. Thanks Dean!"

"Shut up Sammy! Just eat it alright."

John was the first to take some of the pasta onto his fork and eat it, quickly followed by a slice of chicken, both covered in the sauce Dean had made. John nodded to himself as he kept shovelling forkful after forkful of food into his mouth. Castiel followed suit and Sam after him. All three agreeing that it was a damn good meal, and all three equally surprised at Dean's ability as a cook.

Dean only smirked cockily and took a seat between John and Cas to eat.

They talked over school for a bit. Sam and Castiel both complaining about Miss Becky. Dean complaining about anything that wasn't gym or home ec, but that was mainly because this was his second time in the 12th grade and he was just frustrated.

"No I'm not even kidding! He hates me or something! I'm telling you Sammy, if you ever get landed in Henricksen's class switch out!"

"Well if I ever had a chance of him liking me you killed it. Soon as he sees Winchester next to my name he's gonna think I'm a mini you!"

"What did you do that he hates you so much?"

Both Sam and Cas smirked at John's question. Clearly John hadn't heard of the multiple incidents where Dean had literally up and left the class, or full out told him off. Or the time that he and Balthazar slashed his car tires-though Professor Henricksen had never found that one out.

"I don't know dad! He's nuts. And probably thinks I'm going to throw a football at him during one of the games."

John raised an eyebrow as if to say 'if you even think about it you can kiss your car goodbye'.

Dinner was over and Sam and Castiel were waiting for Dean to come back with whatever movie he had chosen to watch that night. John already had it narrowed down to Nightmare on Elm Street or The Shining but he wasn't sure which one Dean would go for this time around. He never understood his son's love for supernatural nightmare movies, what with all that he knows of that world. But he never questioned him on it.

By the time the dishes were cleaned and put away Dean was back downstairs and laid 4 movies out on the table: 'IT', 'Legion', 'Sleepy Hallow', and 'Silent Hill'. John shook his head and laughed slightly as Dean held up his choices for the rest to see, a stupidly proud side grin on his face. He held up 'IT' a little higher than the rest of them.

"Dean we are not watching clowns again."

Sam visibly relaxed and Dean put the DVD down on the table, albeit reluctantly.

The other three Sam wouldn't mind so that was okay, but Dean knew his dad well enough to know that he'd rather not sit through a movie about rogue angels. So it was down to a headless horseman and creepy cult freaks in a weird haunted town. He actually couldn't decide, but Sam's eyes had lingered a little longer on 'Silent Hill', so why the hell not.

Together the four of them sat in the family room; John on the single chair and the three boys on the couch. Dean sat between Sam and Cas, partly because the middle was just always his seat and partly because he could scare the hell out of both of them at the same time. John had made popcorn before Dean popped the DVD into the player. Dean convinced Cas to turn off the one light that was left on so the whole room was completely dark, save for the television light. John gave each of the three boys their own bow of popcorn. Last time someone had to share it there was more on the floor than was in their stomachs.

Castiel had managed to inch closer to Dean within the first 15 minutes of the movie. Dean smiled slightly to himself. Yup, he'd owe Jo something if tonight worked out well.

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