E/O Challenge: I'm Already Gone Birthday Fic! (Happy Birthday Swellison)

Warnings/spoilers: Everything up to season 7 just to be safe. I tried to keep the who pretty vague, but I kinda failed.

Word Count: 100 woot.

Disclaimer: Well, if I owned them there'd probably be a lot less gut-wrenching heartache...oh, wait. Who am I kidding? Sorry, angst and chick-flick moments are too much fun.

Sometimes there aren't words...

...Just the weight of a flask and the company of a friend -parent- who's always had your back.

...Only a hand against your cheek, reassuring you it's okay and everything's forgiven. Don't give up on yourself.

We haven't.

...Simply the man squeezing your shoulder, telling you silently that whatever else you've had to do in this screwed up world; at least you did this right.

...Merely the heat from the ceiling as mom fights off the poltergeist. Because this is her house and you are her...


Sometimes there aren't words.

Because actions speak loud enough.