Rory Williams had always been considered a lucky boy. People thought he was lucky when he became friends with Mels and Amy, people thought he was even more lucky when that friendship let to Amy falling in love with him, and people couldn't believe his luck when Amy agreed to marry him.

Yes, Rory Williams was indeed very lucky.

What wasn't so lucky though was that his wife was currently traveling the universe with another man, without Rory.

At first when the Doctor had arrived, they'd both thought he'd come for the both of them. After all, they had all traveled together before, why should this time be any different?

But he hadn't. For when Amy told Rory to get up and pack his bags, the Doctor had looked at Rory with such sorry eyes, that Rory just knew, he wasn't suppose to come along. Only Amy and the Doctor this time.

Amy had fought of course; after all ever since they'd traveled together, their relationship had been better than ever. They had never been more like equals and now Rory finally knew that Amy needed him just as much as he needed her.

But the Doctor had insisted. He stood his ground, eyes on his feet in shame admittedly, and stated that Rory wasn't suppose to join them this time, Rory had more important things to do now.

Amy had laughed.

Because what was there of important things to do in their little, boring, hometown? But the Doctor wouldn't budge, and in the end Amy gave in.

So they went away, leaving Rory behind to deal with his everyday life on his own. And everyday he would listen for the familiar sound of the TARDIS returning, and everyday he would be disappointed.

Except one day, he wasn't.

He was walking home from the shop when he heard it. It materialized right in front of him, and Rory for the 100th time in his life secretly wondered if the Doctor simply knew everything or he was just lucky with ending up exactly where he was needed most of the time.

Dropping his shopping bags he ran to the oh-so-familiar blue police box, pulling open the door the exact same time as someone opened it from within.

Rory felt his heart break a little at the sight. In front of his stood a tall lanky man, slender frame covered by a pinstriped brown suit that Rory begrudgingly admitted suited the strange man, who wasn't what he had hoped to find behind the closed door.

"Oh, hello!" exclaimed the man, excitement clear in his voice.

"Who are you?" asked Rory, frowning slightly.

"I could ask you the same," said the man, pushing past Rory to walk out on the pavement, "after all it was you who opened my door."

Rory noticed that the stranger carefully shielded his view as he closed the door to the blue box, before turning around with a wide smile on his face as he locked the door behind him.

"I'm Rory Williams," Rory answered, carefully looking at the man face, hoping to see some sort of recognition at the name, but finding none.

"Rory," the strange seemed the test the name on his tongue, rolling the r's slightly. He had a thoughtful look as he silently smacked his lips twice, as if tasting the letters.

"What a brilliant name, Rory, lucky man!" He slapped the nurse twice on the shoulder before walking down the street with long strides. After a few meters he turned around, smile still in place.

"Well, come along with Rory Williams!" He waved his arm, and Rory's heart broke a little at the words, "lots of things to do!"

And what else could Rory do but follow him?