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Things that happened before chapter one will be showed in flashbacks don't worry about not seeing what happened right away.

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Naruto is now finally walking inside the village he hasn't seen in over three years and beside him is his sensei that seems to be yelling at him again. "Ero-sannin do you think baa-chan be shocked to see my new eyes?" Naruto's eyes were now a ripple like pattern with the color of light purple iris and sclera.

"Who wouldn't be shocked that you have that bloodline? It has said it be only a myth damn gaki." Two of them walk to the tower but Naruto kept his eyes closed because he wanted to surprise her. "She'll also be shocked with the other thing to you know?"

Once they get inside the office Tsunade smiled so much because she can see that he's back home where he belongs. That alone made her happy inside because she missed the crazy blonde hair shinobi that she has come to care about. She also isn't an alone in the office because Kurenai along with her best friend Anko, Hana, Yugao, Tsume and Mikoto with poker cards in their hands.

"Why don't you join us in playing cards Naru-kun? I bet you will enjoy yourself at beating Tsunade-chan when comes to cards." Tsume teased him but he just nodded to her but Jiraiya stops him. "How come you are stopping him? Worried we may do something to him or jealous?"

"Much as I would like have new ideas for my book but no we need talk about something that truly big now. There is no time for joking around or fooling around with this kind of thing." Tsunade knows this tone of voice making her put her cards and drink down on the table.

"What the big deal? Yes I got the Rinnegan it's not that big of the deal." He opened his eyes and once he had said that it resulting in shocking everyone in the room. Tsunade is now just staring at something she only had thought was just a myth of all things. A myth that now has some truth to it causing everyone to be fully shocked when they saw it for themselves and they all just stared at him now.

"It's not a big deal? You have Rinnegan the power of the Rikudō Sennin who was the one gave birth to Uchiha and Senju clan!" He doesn't even know how he got a student that doesn't take anything seriously.

"You have that bloodline? Of all bloodlines you had to get one that is so damn rare?" Tsunade was about to pass out from information overload and she didn't even know the other part of the news which caused Naruto to smirk at her.

"That's not all we need to find Yamato because he needs to be trained to use Mokuton." Hearing that she finally did pass out on dropping onto the ground because when she heard that he not only had the eyes of sage but also bloodline of her grandfather, it was just too much for her to take in.

"I think we need wake her up before we ask any questions." Mikoto was first to speak after good ten minutes had passed. She walked over and poked the passed out woman only for her slowly wake up after regaining her composure she sat back down in her chair.

"How did this happen?" Jiraiya sat down and he just pointed to photo of Minato that's hanging on the wall. "So he knows? I guess Kushina had something with this? She was Uzumaki and we were distantly related since my grandmother was an Uzumaki."

"So little Naru-kun has two bloodlines and one being a myth to everyone?" Anko smirked before cutting his cheek with a kunai and licking his blood off his cheek. "Taste the same so I guess you are the same Naruto-kun." She smiled to him causing him to laugh out.

"Naruto-kun this will be changing your life for you and fast, this village normally goes crazy over bloodline but to have a bloodline like the Rinnegan it's not going be easy for you." Naruto smirked and looked out the window admiring the view.

"My life has never been easy for me so let them try because they can't force me do anything I don't want to do. No matter what bloodline I get or techniques I may learn, no matter what I'm never going stop being who I have always been." Jiraiya just slapped himself on the head after hearing that.

"So you will be a hot headed foolish gaki forever? I'm doomed." Everyone laughed even Naruto and he does then head out of the office with a smiling face. "I guess he's going to eat his ramen now or something like that."

"You do know what the council will try do to him now because of this?" He nodded his head to his teammate as she moved to the window and looked at the village. "Now with him having these new bloodlines it will be a blessing and a curse for him at the same time."

"He has us here to keep him safe and tries to shield him the best we can, I guess time for us to leave and give Hokage-sama some time to think on this matter." Kurenai told them and they all just nodded before getting up and leaving with only Jiraiya and the Hokage still in the room.

"Tell me everything that has happened over the three years? Don't you dare leave anything out do you hear me?" Tsunade gave the perverted man a glare that would make the Shinganami cower, Jiraiya nodded his head even if it was to just save him from being skinned alive.

"This is going to be a long story then." They hear door open about an hour later. Shizune walked in with the Raikage of Kumo in his formal robes with few shinobi's beside him. The male next to the Raikage had a lollypop in his mouth and a katana on his back.

The first woman is a blonde haired woman whose hair framed her face with a shorter cut in the back and her front bangs go down to reaching the length her shoulders. Her eyes are a shade of blue which just seem to fit her perfectly. Her skin is a fair colored with a great stature build with even better curvaceous than most women have. She's wearing what seems to be a low-cut outfit and under her outfit there is a mesh showing her great size bust also a short skirt showing off her great legs. On her hands are red colored hand guards and she wore high boots.

Jiraiya tired looking more at her bust only to be hit by Tsunade once she noticed just where he was staring; the woman looked confused at them as she wondered why the Hokage hit the Gama-sannin. Tsunade looked at the rest of the team that had just walked in.

The next woman was the one that is the closest to the Raikage making her wonder if that is his assistant. Her skin was darker just like his and her hair is light grey pulled back in a bun with two bangs that fall at each side of her face. She had on very formal attire which consisted of a long-sleeved high-collared dress shirt with a matching skirt on. She has long earrings and she seemed to be the calmest one out of all of them and she also had a good size bust.

The 3rd one is a dark skin woman with amber eyes and red hair that's has the smallest bust out of all four women in the group. She wore a short-sleeved dress with fishnet stockings along with a yellow earring in each ear. She also has on tight-high boots making Tsunade wonder if high boots are a big thing in their village.

The last woman has long straight down blonde hair that is bound with bandages making it look like it was braided and her eyes are almost cat like while the pupil color is black. She's wore a short-sleeved black and purple colored blouse with a part of matching black pants with the design of clouds on them. She had purple fingerless gloves and what seems to be a chain of white colored beads wound around her left hand almost like a monk style. She also does had bandages around her arms and legs for some reason Tsunade can't figure out although she does notice this one again has a great size bust.

"Tsunade-sama, Raikage-sama is here to talk about forming an alliance with our village. He arrived at the village only a few moments ago." Tsunade looked at the man and sits back down in her chair with her hands under her chin again.

"Before we start can you please tell me Hokage-sama if a shinobi of yours named Naruto, is he here yet?" Tsunade was shocked that a Kumo shinobi was asking for Naruto, she knew that he was one surprising shinobi but this takes the cake.

"He should be eating ramen at the stand..." She didn't get to finish asking why because the kunoichi was already gone by time she mentioned the ramen stand. "That what was really weird wasn't it?" Everyone nodded their head to the woman.

"The reason that I came here to talk about is being an ally with Konoha is because of her, she's like a daughter to me." Tsunade smiled at that and she motions for the group to sit down in of the chairs while Shizune takes the poker cards and chips off the table.

Naruto is now eating his ramen at the ramen stand after he was done cleaning his place and Ayame stared at him and smiling at him. "You haven't changed a lot since the last time you have been here Naru-kun." He nodded his head and went back to eating only for her to giggle at his addiction to ramen.

"You truly are your same old self to this day even after three years." Ayame smiled as she saw team eight with their sensei walk in. "Seems that your friends are here now." Naruto turned back to see them and waved to them.

"Hi, been long time Naruto." Kiba was first to sit down but before anyone else could say anything to him a blonde haired woman jumped on his back. She then moved her lips to his ear, breathing against his skin.

"I'm back Naru-kun did you miss me?" She asked him before licking his cheek only for him to smile and nod his head to her. "I would like a sea food ramen please." Ayame quickly gets the order started.

"I truly have missed you Yugito-hime so much, but how come you are here?' Yugito smirked before moving her lips back to his ear before whispering inside softly to him.

"I'm here with Raikage-sama to talk about making alliances with Konoha because I want to be with you." He smiled to her and kissed her neck causing the Hyuuga that's watching to become upset at the scene in front of her.

"Tell me please Naruto-kun how did your eyes change like that?" Ayame asked while she cooked up Yugito's food. She didn't know how his blue eyes turned into what they are now but she does want to know how it happened.

"My bloodline changed my eyes and because of that this village will try to make my life a living hell." Yugito looked at him strangely because she didn't understand what he meant. "In this village if you are the last of your clan that has bloodline they force you have many wives to rebuild it or as the council would put it bringing the clan to its former glory."

"I'm shocked that you're not happy with that, most males would jump at the chance to have more than one wife." Yugito laughed and let a smirk come to her lips. She also noticed that one of Konoha shinobi is glaring at her in a venomous way. "What's with you glaring at me?"

"Why is there a Shinobi from Kumogakure in our village sensei?" Kurenai looked at her student and shook her head because of her student's dislike of Kumo and the Hyuuga clan even got to Hinata while the fact that she's close to Naruto doesn't help matters.

"I'm here because the Raikage is making an alliance with Konoha and also I'm here to see my Naruto-kun." She grabbed onto his arm while she talked back to the Hyuuga to make her even angrier at the Kumo shinobi.

Kurenai slowly dragged Hinata out of the stand area before her student did something that could cause any problems not just for her but for the village as well. Naruto was clueless to everything as he kept eating his ramen.

Kiba and Shino followed their sensei leaving the two of them alone with Ayame who puts down Yugito's food which she quickly digs in it. Once the two of them were done he paid for both and they started to walk to the park with her hand in his hand.

"I truly did miss you so much Naru-kun." She pushes him on the ground at the park and lies down on of him like a cat. "You are all mine and I am still thankful for you saving my life when we first met each other."

"I have missed you as well and I still can't believe someone great like you wants to me be with." He runs his hand down the older woman's back as she licked his lips before giving him a long kiss filled with passion and love for him.

"Stop asking why and just accept it." He kissed her harder surprising her big time but she returned with her tongue going inside his mouth. He slowly moves his hands under her shirt while her hands start taking his shirt off.

She takes his shirt off which he does the same to her leaving her in a black bra but he just kissed her chest softly. She moves his head harder against her bare skin only for him to grab her ass and slap it hard.

"What in the world? What the hell Yugito-chan why you doing that outside like this!" Yugito jumps to her feet making her seem like a cat but when she looked behind her she can see everyone that came from Kumo alongside Tsunade who was just shocked at what she walked in on.

"Did we come at the wrong time?" Tsunade teased. Naruto gets up still shirtless making all the women just stare at his chest. Even Tsunade for a few seconds stared before moving her eyes away.

"Yes you did come at really bad time." He just sits down on the ground with Yugito sitting on his lap and he moves his lips to her ear and whispered to her. "I guess we have to do this tonight now."

"I need you come with me Naruto-kun because you and your teammate are going visit your sensei to see how strong you two have become over the three years." He just glared at her because he really didn't want do that right now.

"You also have a meeting with the council tonight about your bloodlines and no you can't get out of going and I don't want hear it." Naruto just glared even harder now because that was the last thing he wanted to waste time doing.

"Why are you making me do this?" He can feel Yugito moving off him but he just sits there for a minute before finally getting up but he was still glaring at the Hokage but she just returned it a smirk.

The group of them headed for training ground seven where he sees his teammate and sensei. He just sits down on a log while they start walking over to them. "Naruto what happened to your eyes?"

The Hokage filled both of them in much to their surprise and shock while Kakashi just stared at Naruto because he can't believe he hasn't even changed one bit even with all this new power.

"Naruto you surprise me that you can be who you are with all this new bloodlines you now have." Naruto looked at his sensei and pointed to Yugito who seem to smile once she was pointed at.

"She is one that keeps me from going power crazy, she also the one that keeps me happy no matter what happens to me." She smiled to him as she was touched that he thinks that much of her. She just walked over to him after hearing that and gave him a kiss on the lips before looking into his eyes.

"Now it's time to see just how far you two have got in your training." Naruto gets up and walked over to the open field along with Kakashi and Sakura. Kakashi holds up two bells to them before he speaks. "Just like last time, your job is to get the bells from me, now start." Sakura moves to the trees but Naruto just stands there.

"I guess time to see if your boyfriend is cool or not." Samui said while standing next to Yugito, Yugito just gave her best friend a smirk before watching Naruto just standing there. "I also wonder how strong you have become since our last meeting."

"You truly haven't changed at all since the last time we did the bell test? You still believe you can take me head to head like this?" Naruto smirked before running up to Kakashi at speeds that shocked him but he jumped back looking at his student.

"I'm not the same person you once known. Doton: Koudo Ryu." A dragon made out of pure stone now is flying towards Kakashi which he just does one of his own Justus.

"You may not be but not so fast Suiton: Suiryuudan no jutsu." Kakashi send his own dragon back at Naruto but this one is made of water as earth and water dragon crash together Kakashi moves out of the way of the earth dragon as it destroyed his own dragon.

"Is that the best you can do Naruto?" Kakashi taunted him as he goes back into his fighting pose because he knows that Naruto isn't done yet. He knows if this is the same Naruto he once trained that he still has many things to show.

Naruto just smirks before going through more hand signs then yelling out. "You have seen nothing yet, Katon: Endan." He breaths in then breaths out a jet of fire heading right towards his sensei only for him do get hit then proof showing he was only a clone.

"First you use Doton and now Katon? Not bad at all but you still have long way to go if you want to beat me." He walks out by a nearby tree only with a kunai in his hand and his other hand has his book.

Naruto quickly bit his thumb and hit the ground after doing the hand signs for the summoning jutsu. Gamatatsu pops up next to him, Naruto whispered something to the toad before running after Kakashi and everyone just stared at the toad wondering what it will do.

The two of them keep fighting hand to hand but Kakashi is still faster than Naruto but he doesn't notice Sakura right behind until he barely dodged her attack. She missed him and hit the ground causing it to ripple then shatter like glass making Naruto jump away.

He looked back at the toad he had summoned. "You ready?" The toad nodded his head before Naruto jumped back beside Gamatatsu channeling his fuuton chakra into him. "Gama Teppou." The toad send a huge water stream out of his mouth that's enhanced by Naruto fuuton causing it cut through everything in its past.

Kakashi sees this and he jumped out of the way but his arm does get somewhat cut by being little bit to slow on the dodging this time. "Damn, just how many things did you learn in the last three years Naruto?"

"Kakashi take off the limits and don't hold back, let's see what these two fully has learned and how they can handle you at full strength." Kakashi puts away his book and moves his headband so he can use his eye.

"It does seem like your boyfriend isn't weak." Yugito just sticks her tongue out at Samui and she does smiled when she looked back at the fight. "Naruto-kun you truly have grown so much stronger than I last seen you, but why do you keep growing so strong and for what reason?"

"Let's do this I have a book to go back to reading, Suiton: Suiryuudan no jutsu." Kakashi goes on the offence as he sends a new water dragon at Naruto who doesn't to even bother moving at all while dragon keeps coming closer to him. "He's not moving can it be a clone?"

"Shinra Tensei." Naruto just deflected the dragon causing everyone seeing it to be shocked at that kind of ability. Naruto on the other hand just rushed at Kakashi making him jump back to the defensive.

"That skill he just used of his was cool, can't believe you dating someone this strong." Yugito smiled at her best friend because she knows she always had a liking for strong people; she moved her eyes back to her boyfriend once more.

After five hours Tsunade finally stepped in to end it only for Naruto to look at her funny. "Why are you stopping it? I'm not even close to being half tired." Everyone just stared at him then at his sensei and teammate who look tired as hell.

"You're lucky you still got clothes on, with all that fighting." Naruto looked down to see he only has pants on that seem be more like rags now. He just looked at her than at the Kumo Shinobi mainly Yugito who's staring hard at him enjoying the view as she licks her lips hungrily.

"I got nothing to be ashamed of so why do I need to worry if I lost my clothes in the fight? Maybe Kakashi or Sakura are worried but I'm not." He sits down on a log with a smirk on his face while Tsunade just shook her head with a vein starting to pop.

"That's true you really don't have anything to be shame of but proud of." Yugito licked her lips again thinking of last time they were alone. Everyone now staring at her causing her feel like she's a deer caught in the headlights of a car.

"Anyway you need get clothes and meet me outside the council where we will be standing at." Naruto nodded and gave Yugito a kiss before walking to his place, she tried to follow after him only to have her arm pulled and dragged away by Samui for girl talk.

Once Samui and Yugito get away from the others she looked at her best friend hard. Yugito just stared at her best friend because she doesn't understand what she's up to. "How come you never told me about this person? I want know everything like you always told me before this."

Yugito looked down because it was truth that she always had told Samui everything that happened in her life good and bad and Samui did the same to her. She truly didn't know why she hadn't told her about Naruto but she guessed it's now or never.

"Start with what kind of person he is." She sits down on the grass next to Yugito only for her to blush while thinking of all the things she could say about him. "Why in the world are you blushing already?"

"He's a caring person that would do anything for the ones he cares about but the main thing about him is that he also is so nice to me. He seems to be the nicest and kindness person there is in this world, he doesn't let anger or hate get to him or let it bother him no matter how much hate or anger is aimed at him he just keeps pushing on." She moved her hand to her chest before talking again: she smiled before looking at her best friend once more.

"He had saved me when two shinobi's came to take me away because of what inside of me, he didn't care who I was or what village I was from. He saved me because I needed help that only reason he needed to help someone, is that they need help and he will help them." Samui was fully taken back by that, she didn't think anyone would be like that in this time of era. She couldn't believe that her best friend was dating someone like this because it was all good points in her mind.

"He is just so great in bed, at first he admitted that he had never done it before but after we did it and I kind of helped him learn more. Now he can make me tired but at the same time still have so much damn stamina to keep going if it wasn't for me being tired." That just made Samui's eyes always pop out of her eyes because too tired out someone like Samui even though she does know Yugito only had sex once or twice before meeting Naruto.

"I wish I could find someone like that to date because everyone I meet just wants to have their way with me." Yugito just rubs her shoulder softly because she knows how hard it is for the two of them to find someone good to be with.

"I bet you will find someone good soon, do don't worry so much ok? Maybe Naruto-kun won't mind having you to himself as well. I don't mind because I know I can trust you with my life." Samui nodded her head with a blush when she realized she meant the clan deal he has to do and the two of them start to walk back to everyone while they just get a funny look once they finally get back.

Naruto gets inside his home and he just sat on the bed looking at his hands. "I may act like everything is fine but how can it be? These eyes just seem to be endless of power without any limit that I can see or find."

He gets up and heads for his dresser but once he gets there he just slowly opened it up; his hands still shake after using Shinra Tensei so many times in his fight with his sensei. He finally gets his hands to stop shaking and he pulls out a new set of clothes to wear and he moved to sit down on the bed again.

He got changed and goes to the mirror in his bathroom and looks at his eyes only to show signs of fear. "What if I lose myself to this power? Can I truly use this power for good or will I end up losing myself like Sasuke did?"

He leaves his place and heads for the council meeting hall; he doesn't like this at all. Why do they have the power to tell him how to life his life or how he should do it? He never understands how they have that kind of power but he realized that he may never know how it is but he has to live by his village's rules.

When he gets there he see Yugito glaring at him with Samui staring at him in a new way making him just look back at the two women. "Finally you get here Naruto, they are waiting and that not a good thing."

When they get inside the room Tsunade pointed him to a sit at the seat which belongs to his father's clan. He takes his sit only for everyone to stare at him because most of them don't even know he's his son making the council members go mad.

"We are here to talk about few things tonight, one being the allying with Kumo; the Raikage has approached me in order to do so." She moved aside for the Raikage to walk up and she takes her sit once he gets into his own.

"We also need to talk about Naruto Namikaze taking his birth name. He is the son of the 4rd Hokage Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki." She let everyone gather their thoughts before moving on with the next part of business.

"How can this demon be the son of our 4rd Hokage?" Yugito let out a threat growl at this woman who has pink hair. "What is with this Kumo woman daring to growl at me like that?" That also caused Naruto to stand up with Yugito moving over to him.

"I see so she's this demon's lover is she?" The woman just grunted to them only for Tsunade to start to grow anger showing that with a vain coming to her forehead. "Also why should we ally ourselves with Kumo?"

"I agree with Ms Haruno, why should we allow an ally with Kumo? Did you forget what they tried to do to my clan?" All eyes turned to Hiashi Hyuuga the clan head of his clan but Naruto glared at him sharply because this fool is going try ruining everything.

"You need learn how to forgive and move on already, it been how many years? In war and hostile times we do things we don't normal realize aren't right." Hiashi just looked back at Naruto with same kind of sharp look.

"You say you're the son of Kushina? You may not even know that Kumo tried to kidnap your own mother because of her powers." Regret shows on the Raikage's face for what the mistake Raikage had done but Naruto noticed this change in his face.

Mabui was worried about what may happen once he did find out and she looks at the young shinobi hoping he can forgive them for their past crimes. She knows the 4th Raikage would never do anything like that but the sins of the past maybe what people remember them by...

"I already know that! I forgave them and that is something you can't seem to do! Yugito-chan told me all about what they tried doing to my mother and also had told me what kind Raikage they have now and he isn't the same as the older ones!" Yelled anger Uzumaki that was getting sick of people and their past hates that they still keep holding on to.

The Kumo shinobi stare at him with smiles on their faces because they can't believe he had forgiven them for doing something like that to his own family. "He is like Yugito-chan told me he is a caring and kind person that doesn't let old hate get to him. He's strong and caring, a cool mix it is."

Samui started to feel an attraction towards him but she didn't know why because she had just met him and it isn't like her to even like someone let alone like someone in that kind of way. Then she remembers what Yugito had told her which just made her smile. "Does she really mean that she doesn't mind sharing with me?"

"What is with your eyes? They aren't what they used to be, so can you tell us what happened to you please?" This was asked by Nara Shikaku the father of Shikamaru Nara one of Naruto's best friends when growing up.

"That last reason we are gather here because Naruto-kun has awaked the bloodline Rinnegan but also my grandfather bloodlines Mokuton as well." This caused the whole room but a select few that know to be fully shocked by these shocking turns of event.

First they find out he's the son of Kushina and Minato and now they find out that he awoke one of the rarest and mythical bloodline to ever be known in the shinobi world. That wasn't even the end because he has the first Hokage bloodline making everyone rethink on their views this boy.

"How can that even be? I thought it was only a myth?" Yamanaka Inoichi was the first to ask but Tsunade just smirked. She was enjoying seeing the council acting like this now that after all hell they gave Naruto now they are going regret it slowly and painful.

"It is real and we have seen it power while he was against Kakashi in a sparring match, now we need talk about each one of these things." Tsunade scanned over the council and for once they seem to be listening to what she's saying to them.

"If he really is last his two clans and holds not one but two powerful bloodlines then he needs to pass it down and fast." Tsunade along with shinobi clans minus Hyuuga one all groaned at what she said to them about passing down fast.

"How did I know the side of this council that isn't shinobi's would say something like that?" Tsunade rubbed her forehead while she said that to them. No matter how long she lives in this village she still doesn't understand why they force this on anyone but that's how laws are and she must follow them.

"You may force me into have more than one wife but you can't not tell me who to marry, that is one of the laws in order to help the one being forced into this kind of deal." Many of the councils cursed once they heard him said that to them.

"Now onto the matter of the ally with Kumo how many of the shinobi clans agree with it, raise your hand now." Every clan along with Naruto minus the Hyuuga clan had their hand rose causing the Hokage to smile.

"Then it is finally that we are allied with Kumo and we will start working better together from this day on." Hyuuga clan head just grit his teeth at this but had to accept it now even if he hated the whole idea of being allied with them.

"Now Raikage-Dono I must ask that you and your village members please go back to your hotel or look around the village? I need talk to them about village matters." The Raikage nodded and begins to leave with everyone while Yugito whispered into Naruto's ear that she'll wait for him outside.

Once they had left Tsunade turned her eyes back to the room of members. "Beside how to handle the bloodline when comes to passing it down how do you think we should do about his training?" That caused everyone to think while Naruto just closed his eyes trying to sleep asleep because to him this is just boring.

After few hours of talking and yelling it was finally over and he begin to walk out of the room only to be stopped in his tracks by Yugito with her lips against his and her tongue moving inside his mouth.

"You want to go and eat something or?" She gave him a look like told him what she wanted causing him to smirk a kitsune smirk to her. "I guess it's we are going with the or, where should we go my place or your hotel room?" She starts leading him by grabbing his hand and pulled him away

When the two of them they get to her hotel room which is also right beside the room that her friend Samui is staying in. She opens the door and leads him in only to close it behind them. she looked into his eyes and frowned.

"I can tell your hiding how you are feeling. You're still scared aren't you?" She sat down on the bed and pats the side of the bed next to her for him to come over and sit. He moved over to her and sat down on the bed beside her.

"I'm still scared that this power will make me go crazy, I seen what power and bloodlines have done to so many people now." She couldn't believe someone that was only sixteen could be so much filled with mixed feelings.

She knows he had been through hell and that's what made both of them stronger but she also knows he's still young and needs guiding to the right path and to stay on it. That's why she's going always be here for him till he can follow his path without anyone helping and till then she's always going be here to help him in his time of need.

"You will always be that caring and kind Naruto that I know because that who you are, you will always be yourself because I'm not going let you change into anyone else but Naruto." He smiled to her before getting to his feel and putting his back against the wall.

"Thank you Yugito-hime, you are the one person in my life that keeps me going on the path I want to be on." He told her as his fears start to leave his mind and once he looked into her eyes his fears just seem to fully disappear from his mind.

She gets to her feet and walks over to him slowly and cat like with a smirk on her face. "You know that isn't the right way to thank me?" When she finally got up to him she grabbed him and kissed his lips hard.

The longer the kiss lasted the more passion was flowing through them as she moves her hands to his arms and grabbed him. She moved him against the wall harder causing the sound of his body slamming against the wall to be heard from the other side of the thin wall.

Samui who seem to be being somewhat bothered by the sound in her sleep but she keeps sleeping through it till Yugito slammed Naruto into the wall even harder causing her to finally wake up from the noise.

"You really did miss me didn't you? I haven't seen you this crazy since well our last meeting in your room. "He grabbed her shirt and slowly just ripped it off revealing her bra and bare skin to him.

Samui finally realized what was going on beside the wall on the other side of it and tries to put the pillow over her head because she didn't want hear this. Her best friend going at it with her boyfriend wasn't something she wanted to hear.

"Yes I missed you so much, just like I'm your strength; you're my strength to keep living on in this world." She kissed his neck before ripping his shirt off and slowly licking his neck and chest before biting his neck.

"You are all mine Naru-koi, my and all my forever." She kisses his lips slowly and filled with passion and also love that she has for him. She can feel his arms running down her back and unhooking her bra before it falls off her.

When the bra had fallen off her body showing her breasts to him. Naruto started to slowly lick around the nipple before he takes it inside his mouth sucking softly. She let out a moan before moving her hands to his hand running her fingers through his blonde hair as he sucked harder.

"That's it suck harder!" She just forced his head against her chest with her hands in order for her to gain more pleasure from his mouth. He slowly nips at her nipple before moving over to the other doing the same causing her to let out even more moans of pleasure and lust.

Samui still has the pillow over her head and it isn't working well at all. She looks at the wall hoping it will be over soon. "Why didn't they go back to his place? Why did she have to do this here of all people? Why am I still here in my room?"She can feel her body heating up as she is forced to listen to the two of them.

He starts to swirling his tongue around her harden nipple while his hand slid down her stomach and under her pants and panties to her folds that are starting to get wet. He started inserting two fingers inside her pussy.

She moved her hips to grind into his fingers harder while his mouth kept on pleasuring her with her nipples. "I need more than just your fingers Naru-koi give me more already!" She begged him but he just moved his lips to her ear.

"Take them off and prove it to me then." She just stared at him before moving back only to take her pants off her body slowly teasing him. Once they were off he couldn't wait anymore so he moved over and ripped her black wet dripping panties right off her.

He moved her down on the bed her and moved her legs out wide giving him better and easier access to her wet snatch. He starts by flicking it slowly only to hear her moan and whimper at his teasing.

"Please don't tease me Naruto-koi please give me it. I need you to eat me out!" She screamed only for him finally move his tongue inside her, teasing every inch of her before moving his hands to her chest slowly kneaded her breasts while his mouth kept going to work on her wet pussy.

He slowly entered her with two fingers feeling her hot and wet pussy against his fingers and he starts to pound her with his fingers making her to howl out in pleasure. She arched her back up from the bed while his thumb massaged her moist folds sending a delicious sensation throughout her body as he kept on pounding her with his two other fingers.

He could feel his fingers starting to get drenched from her juices and he moved his lips to her neck leaving a trail of kisses down to her right nipple before taking it inside his mouth once more while she continues to moan out with her hands on his head pushing him down.

He grabbed her hip with his other hand when she starts grinding her hips down against his fingers harder making them go deeper and harder inside her. She was getting closer to reaching her limit and once she feels his tongue lick around her fold she had came hard.

He just swallowed it up before licking his lips. He moved to kiss her but she just rolled him onto his back before kissing his neck then his chest before getting to his pants. She quickly got done taking them off along with his boxes which she's now eyeing her prize.

She slowly took the hold of his tool before she just started to stroke it slow at first but then picked up the speed. He let out a moan while she stroked him and he felt her mouth taking him inside her.

"Yugito-chan your mouth feels so good, so wet and warm." Yugito looked up with her eyes into his eyes while she bobbed up and down at a slow pace. She didn't want him to release so soon and she started to slow the pace once she feels his member starting to twitch.

She moved her hand to his balls playing with them softly causing Naruto to enjoy it even more and once she started bobbing her head faster he finally last it and came inside her mouth. She slowly swallowed his seed that taste salty but she loved the taste of him.

She begin to bobbing up and down on his member once gain in order to make sure it stays hard and once she is happy with the hardest she stopped and moved above him with her ass facing him.

She moves her hands beside his upper arms and her legs beside his knees as she enters reverse Asian Cowgirl pose. When his dick head was now against her moist entrance causing her to shudder in anticipation.

She just slammed down hard as his tool penetrated her even harder and fast result in her howling out in pleasure. He had stretched her out her even though only been few months since last time but now her pussy is being stretched out by him even more causing her to feel a wonderful feeling thanks to being stretched out in whole new ways like this.

"Yes Naruto-koi I missed this feeling you give me!" She yelled out before bouncing up and down on his tool. He moved his hands to her hips speeding up the pace causing more moans to leave her lips but also some from him.

He gave her rear a smack only for her to feel even more aroused by it while her ass cheeks jiggle as she thrusts her hips down increasing her pace while she kept bouncing up and down. He could feel her walls tighten around his dick only to cause him to smack her ass again.

Her sweaty and curvy form that's over him right now like that, just the sight of her round behind that now has red mark of his hand and her lustful cried were amazing to his ears and he just wanted more. He needed to hear more of her lustful cries for more making him grab her hips and speed the pace up.

"Yes that it!" She screamed out when she felt her climax hitting full force her voice were so lustful and filled with pleasure,. Her walls just gripped his member in a hard and strong like grip. That just caused him to feel his own climax approaching as a result of her strong grip on his member from her walls.

"I'm coming, Naruto-koi cum inside me and coat my walls with your seed!" She yelled out as they both came with his seed coating her walls like she wanted him to. She turned around and lied on his chest and he just unties her ponytail making her stare at him.

"Kitten it's my turn to me isn't it?" Nibi asked while Yugito just smirked only to look at him with the smirk still on her face. "Nibi-chan wants her turn so can she have it?" He nodded his head to her.

Samui was now sighing in relived that they had finally stopped but the heat in her lower area just stayed there. She didn't know what she could do right now but she just looked at the wall hoping that it was truly over. She had her robe open all the way to try to calm her body down and cool it off.

"It seems kitten let me come out and play again." She moved her hands and clawed him leaving few marks on his chest while she ran her claw down his chest hard. "Now you know how I like to do this right?" He nodded and watched her get off him and walks over to the wall with her hands against it and her ass out front in a cat like manner.

He got up and headed over to her and once he got to her only thing he did was smack her ass few times making her moan out in pure delight. She looked back with a smirk showing that she's being more aroused by each time he smacked her ass.

"That's it Naruto-kun! Be hard with me and don't even give me any soft shit do you understand me?" Nibi ordered him with a look that promised him pain if he didn't give her what she wanted and how she wanted it.

Samui face paled when she heard the moans and the yelling only for her hand to finally start to move to her own breasts and nipples. While her other hand moved down to her lower area slowly rubbing it. "Damn you Naruto-kun and Yugito-chan, I can't control myself anymore I need this."

He spread her ass cheeks out wide only for her eyes to widen when she realized what he's about to do. She didn't even get a warning as he thrust his member right inside her anus making her moan out hard with mix of pain and pleasure in one.

"Damn it's still so tight even after last time, it still so damn tight up here." He couldn't' believe how tight she still was but the tightness only made him want to have his way with her even more with that he smacked her ass even harder leaving a deep red mark.

"Yes! Stretch this ass out all the way! Give me more now!" She screamed while moaned and Naruto grabbed her hips and started to move in and out of her harder causing her to push against the wall with her hands to keep herself from moving.

He kept smacking her ass harder with each time making her to moan out in more delight and enjoyment. She begins to thrust back harder against his member to embed every inch of his member inside her ass.

Now Samui who is now just fingering at her wet pussy harder and faster while she's listening to what was going on other side of the wall. She couldn't help it but keep playing with herself while one hand fingered her pussy the other hand is kneading her huge breasts hard.

Naruto grabbed his girlfriend's hips using them to speed up his pace only resulting in the Nibified Yugito yelling out loud and just thrusting even harder back at him. "This is what I want!" She came and Naruto moved her to the bed.

"Just think Nibi-hime soon I'll find a way to get you out of there so you both can have your own bodies and not share one." Nibi just smiled because it was the first time she had heard him say that it shocked her so much.

"Thank you for that and I'll let Yugito-chan come back now." She closed her eyes and when she reopens them Naruto was pulled on top of her. "It's time you have more fun with me now Naru-koi." He smiled and nodded his head.

Both of them are cover in sweat but they didn't care at all because he kissed her chest and begin to suck on her right nipple. She moved her hand to his member lining it up to her pussy before she can feel him thrusting inside once more.

He moved her legs on top of his shoulders which he thrust harder while she on the other hand just played with her breasts and sucked on them causing even more pleasure to rock her body much to her enjoyment.

Samui finally came panting for air but she just kept her hands where they are while her mind becomes even cloudier to why she even did this in the first place. "This isn't me at all but why him dammit, it's his entire fault and I know it is!"

The more he pounded inside her the closer she got to her point of losing it even more, she just looked at him while the two grinded against each other trying to keep pleasuring one another no matter what.

She had come for the 4th time causing him to come with her. They both pant for air as they can see lust in each other eyes. "I guess it's a good thing we are not normal people?" She nodded. The two of them to kept going all it night much to Samui horror and pleasure.