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Naruto woke up when he felt something wet and soft touch his chest bit when he opened his eyes he saw that Yugito had just kissed his chest again before claiming his lips for herself with her hands on his chest. "Good morning Naru-koi did you sleep well because I know that I did."

"Yes I did but tell me how well can you move now? I'm guessing not so well after last night?" She blushed at his words but truth be told her lower region was so sore now all thanks to him. She could barely even move right now, let alone try to walk after their night of passion.

He ran his hand down her back to her behind before rubbing it than giving it a good playful smack; she stared at him before her lips turned into a smirk. "No more fun for you till later, right now I need get dressed. Unlike you I don't' like to be late or unorganized for things."

"I guess I need to do the same." He gave her one last kiss before getting to his feet and started looking for his pants only to find his pants are almost destroyed thanks to all ripped areas. He put his boxers back on and his ruined pants making her to smirk at him.

"Ruined another set of my clothes, I'll meet you up at the ramen stand in an hour." She gave him a nod before watching him leave her hotel room. When he got outside the room he noticed the rest of Kumo members are outside staring at him.

"Don't tell me you two?" The red hair woman tries to say only for him to laugh and head to his place leaving Kumo members shocked. "They really are together aren't they?" She asked and saw everyone nod their head to her.

Once he got inside his place he started to take a shower when he was done he changed into new clothes before looking at the mirror with a smiling face. "You truly know how to get me stop worrying about things Yugito-hime."

He hears a knock on his door but once he opened it he was surprised by who it is. "My brother has been taken Naruto-kun, I need your help. I know you're only one here that would help Gaara in a situation like this." He stared at the blonde haired woman whom he knows as Temari the sister to his best friend Gaara.

"Tell me what had happened Temari-chan?" He just pulled her in to a hug because he can see that she's crying and he's shocked because he can't believe this was truly happening. She just let herself cry on his chest as he slowly rubbed her head softly.

He closed the door and moved her over to the bed. She looked up at his eyes with her tear stained face. "Two of the Akatsuki members attacked and took him, my other brother has been hurt and we can't seem to heal him."

"Don't worry we will save him." He kept rubbing her head but she stared at him but looked away feeling very shy. "Let me get ready and we'll go see baa-chan." She nodded her head and he started to get his gear ready.

"How did your eyes change like that?" She looked over at him and while he gets ready he tells her what happened. When he finishes and she finally gets over her shock they leave his place to head for the tower.

When they get to the doors of the office Shizune walked in front of them but he didn't want be stopped right now. "Sorry she's busy with Raikage-sama. You can't enter right now Naruto-kun." That didn't stop him as he opened the door only for Tsunade to glare deathly cold at him.

"What is meaning of you coming in like this?" The two members of Kumo see him with Sand member. Naruto looked at her with a furious look that she hasn't seen in a long time until now which caused her to worry. "What is it Naruto-kun, I haven't seen you this angry in a long time, last time I saw it was when Sasuke backstabbed the village."

"They have kidnapped Gaara, I'm heading there to save him but don't you dare try to stop me because this is something I have to do." Tsunade looked worried now but tried to keep her look of a leader before looking worried in front of people. "Her other brother is badly hurt and they don't have healing skills to help him."

"I know there is nothing I can do to stop you from going so there for I'm going send your team to aid Gaara. Just give me some time to get them here and go over what they have to do." Naruto smiled and he looked at the Raikage and his aid causing him to realize that he's going to miss his date with his lovely girlfriend.

"Hello Raikage-sama do you know where Yugito-hime is? I need to tell her that I can't make it to our date today." The older man looked at him before looking over to Mabui who was smiling at Naruto. She could tell that he was perfect for Yugito which is why she's happy for her.

"She's still inside her hotel room last I checked so you may want to check there. If she's not there then try to find her friend Samui-chan." Mabui told him but Naruto just turned to face Tsunade once more before putting a key down on the desk.

"When Fu-chan gets here make sure you give her that please. And thank you Miss for telling me where she's at." That what made everyone look at him but he begins to just look away from their staring because he didn't like it at all.

"Who is this Fu-chan you are talking about?" Tsunade gave him a questing look only for him to just smirk back to her. "Is she another one of your girlfriends? I wonder if Yugito-chan knows about this."

Mabui is now staring at him and Temari only for him to stare at Tsunade with a red face and looked over at Mabui who doesn't seem be happy after hearing this. "Stop trying to get me killed baa-chan, Fu-chan is the one holds seven tailed Bijuu, she needed place to live so I said she could live with me."

Mabui smiled and watched him leave the office; leaving her to go back to her job only the smile didn't go away. "He's sweet isn't he?" Tsunade nodded her head with a smile showing on her lips as well.

"Yes he is but also cute." That's when a woman with short brown hair that matches her brown eyes spoke while she walks over to the Hokage. "Sorry that I'm late, I'm here to tell you that the leader of Suna Gaara has been kidnapped."

"Naruto already told us but can you send a message to both Sakura and Kakashi to meet him at the gate Yurika-chan?" She nodded to her leader before doing what she has been tasked with a calm face.

When the two of them get to Yugito's hotel door he knocks but when she opened the door he can see that she's only in a pair of black bra and black panties causing him to stare and Temari to glare at her. She then slapped Naruto on the head for staring like that.

"Hello Yugito-chan, I still love how you only wear that when you're not working." He kissed her lips before the two walked in to see Samui sitting on the bed watching TV. "I need talk to you about something."

He closed the door and watched her sit on the bed beside her friend but he can tell by her eyes that she's worried. He moved over to her but his eyes only looked inside her eyes but he just tried to smile to her.

"I need to go to Suna to help Gaara, he's been taken by Akatsuki." She looked even more worried before getting up and walked over to him. She wrapped her arms around him holding him closer to her with her head on his neck.

Yugito looked back at her friend that's still sitting on her bed watching TV; Yugito acting quickly pulled him into the bathroom with her and closed the door behind them. He looked at her with a clueless expression.

"I have been thinking about you and your clan thing. I think you should get more than just me in order to bring your bloodline and clan back." She gave him a kiss when she saw his face turned shocked by her words.

"I know you would treat each one of us nice and kind but also knowing you, you wouldn't go out to do this if I didn't tell you to do it myself like this." She gave a laugh and her lips just claimed his once more before moving her hands to his back while his hands go down to her ass giving it a good grab.

"You touch me down there too much do you know that?" He just spanked her butt playfully earning himself a kiss on the neck. "I guess it's ok for you to touch me there all the time because I am all yours Naru-koi."

"Yes Yugito-hime you are all my, no one can have you." He gave her a kiss filled with the love he has for her. She just closed her eyes enjoying the feeling of their lips against one another like this.

'Let's go back before Samui-chan worries that we may have sex again, poor girl heard it all last night." She smirked at the end of that before taking his hand off her ass and led him outside bathroom to the other women.

"How did you to meet each other?" Samui asked her in her normal tone of voice but Yugito looked over at Naruto with a smile on her face. She could feel his other hand on her ass again causing her to glare at him.

"That would be a funny story." Yugito gave him a deadly glare only for him to smirk. "Now thanks to that glare I'll tell you the story." Yugito paled but looked at her best friend who has a smirk on her face as well.

"I would like know as well but hopefully your team gets ready soon to help my brother." Temari sad, he nodded his head to her and made a clone. He then orders the clone to find out how long it will take his team.

Flashback starts now.

Naruto when walking around after Jiraiya left him to go spy on more women like he always seem to be doing But he then noticed a woman running away from two men. What scared him were the two outfits these men had on because they mark them as members of the Akatsuki.

A group of shinobi's that he hates with all his heart because they job is to take hosts that have Bijuu and in the end kill them. They kill them by removing the Bijuu from the host but he doesn't know why they are doing this.

"These bastards have to be after her because of what inside her just like me?"He made a fist before taking off after them because no way he's going let them have any of the Bijuu's they are after. He knows that he may not be strong enough beat them but he can still help out in his own way.

When he gets inside he noticed so many ways to follow so he began to do what kyuubi trained him to do. He moved chakra to his nose to try and find her scent then begin to follow but he just hopes he gets there in time

This is one of the times he is thankful for training given to him by Kyuubi but he knew it came at a cost. One that he didn't' really mind paying at all but he shook his head and focused on the task at hand.

When he finally caught up to them he stayed in the shadow watching them fight but once she turned full demon and seem to change it which shocked him. "She can go all out like that and still control her demon?"

He has trained with Kyuubi but he had no idea he could do something like that like what she's doing in front of him. To fully release her Bijuu like this and not lose control like how Gaara did back when he first met him.

This is something he wished he could pull off in order to fight against people that try to hurt him or the ones he cared about. If he could only go all out like the woman in front of him then he wouldn't have to worry about anything at all.

He kept on watching the fight but once he can see that she's losing badly he quickly summoned shadow clones to attack the two men before jumping down and grabbing her arm. The two men are surprised by the clones but quickly got to work trying to disperse them.

She looked at him ready to attack but she doesn't see the same outfit so she let him drag her away from the battle. She didn't know why she let him but when she looked into his soft blue eyes it just caused her to follow him.

But when two members can see that she's gone they cursed before running after them trying to find them. Naruto on the other hand just moved his handover her mouth as the two of them ran right passed them.

When two of them get outside the place they look to see if the Akatsuki members were near but they see no one around. "Who are you and why did you risk your own life to save me like that?" Yugito truly was thankful because no one besides a few people have ever helped her before.

"They are after all the ones like us." She was shocked to see another one beside the one from her village. "Also because you needed help and that only reason I need in order to help someone. I can't stay seeing someone in need and not doing anything to help." He gave her a smile causing her to blush tiny bit.

'Which one do you have inside of you and thank you" Naruto just smiled at again her while the two of them walk away from the area and he held hold up nine fingers. "You're the host to the nine tailed fox?"

"Yup the nine tails fox is the one inside of me and I'm also glad to help so you don't need to thank me." He rubbed his head but looked away with a blushing face only for Yugito to smirk at that.

"How should I reward you for saving me?" He looked her with a clueless expression, she laugh and kissed him on the lips causing his to blush increase tenfold. When the kiss ended he could see that several members of Kumo were heading their way "You should go now but come and see me again soon."

"Why did she kiss me? More importantly, why does she want me to visit her again? This truly makes no sense at all, what do you think Kyuubi-chan?"He looked back to see her talking to members of her team which he would later realize are the same two women that came to the village with her.

"I don't know maybe her and Nibi want to ride you all night long? If I remember right Nibi was always horny and I mean horny as a neko can get. Maybe she is no longer like that but I'm just joking she is."Naruto didn't know what to say back to that but he did have a huge blush on his face.

End of flashback.

"That was so cute. He saved you and in the end you gave him a kiss on the lips as a thank you for saving you." Temari told them only for Yugito to blush then glare at her but she stopped when they saw the clone walk back into the room in order to tell them it's time to head to the gate.

Yugito puts pants and shirt on and he just frowned at that because he really didn't want stop seeing her like that. That's because no matter how many times he sees her like this he just wanted to see her over and over with that on or nothing at all.

"Sorry dear Naru-koi can't walk around half naked because only you are allowed to see." He smiled before kissing her one last time before walking out of the hotel room fallowed by the three women.

Once they get to the gate he can see members of Kumo along with teams seven and eight and Tsunade waiting for them. "You finally get here Naruto-baka what in the world were you doing?" Yugito let a growl come out of her mouth causing Sakura to stare back at the older woman.

She didn't like anyone calling her lover any names like that and that someone is his own teammate which just pissed her off even more. She made a fist but Naruto put his hand over her fist calming her down resulted in her fist becoming a hand holding onto his hand.

Tsunade who had seen what just happened caused her to smile and she does looked at the two love birds in front of her. When she looked at her student her smile becomes a frown. "Sakura you need learn how to act to towards teammates or you may just see what happens when you don't act the right way."

"Naruto-kun why are you trying this badly to help someone that's not from our village?" That is when Naruto's aura changed and his KI became thick with red chakra coming off his body. Everyone just stared at Hinata like she was a retard but only one that agreed with her was Sakura.

Samui stared at Naruto's back, she didn't know what will happen but she does have a feeling to why this is happening right now in front of them."Naruto-kun you truly have a big heart but don't let it turn around and cause you too much pain that you can't even handle it anymore."

"That's because he's like a brother to me because of our bonds because of our burden!" The chakra took the form of a nine tailed fox. "That's because we both had to live through hell inside our own villages thanks to closed minded fools!"

"Fools that hate us for something we didn't choice to me! Fools that try to kill us because we are alive with a Bijuu that they had put in us! These are the kinds of foolish people me and Gaara had to live with!" Naruto just was pissed at the girl in front of him. How dare she ask him something like that in that kind of way?

Yugito just moved closer to him and kissed him on the lips in order to calm him down; He slowly wrapped his arms around her resulting in his chakra fading way. 'Please Naru-koi don't let these two fools get to you, now go save Gaara and when you get back and have saved him. I give you a good long reward."

"I thought last night was my reward." Yugito gave him a cat grin before kissing his neck before taking his lips once more all causing a Hyuuga to grow even more pissed off at what was going on in front of her.

"That was me saying hello after months of being apart, you haven't seen anything yet." She smirked but Samui paled when she heard that because she didn't want to go through that again not anytime soon.

"Karui-chan I'm sharing your room when she rewards him, I'm not going be put through hearing these two have hours and hours of endless sex not again." That caused everyone to stare at her and Hinata started to make a fist while staring at Yugito who was currently kissing Naruto before he and his team leave alongside Temari.

The four of them move through the trees at a fast rate of speed but he can feel Sakura's eyes glaring at his back. "What is it now Sakura?" He looked back at her which for once she's shocked he didn't call her name like he used to.

"I was going to ask you if you had any luck with finding Sasuke-kun and trying get him to come back to the village." His eyes closed because he had a feeling that was all she wanted to ask him because that was all she had cared about.

"No I didn't have any luck because last time I seen him he tried killing someone I care about deeply so why don't you understand he's never coming back." Sakura made a fist while she heard him say that to her.

"You failed to bring him back and now you think you can save Gaara? How do you even think you can do that?" Sakura screamed at him with all she had in her lungs but Temari save just turned totally blank when she seen Sakura do that to her own teammate.

He was a teammate that was always there for her when they were younger but also someone that tried to do everything for her. "Naruto..."She can feel a teardrop hit her cheek when she looked at where came from it was Naruto."Naruto Uzumaki."

"Yes I did fail to save Sasuke because his own lust for power is only thing he cares about now! He let himself be dammed and I couldn't help him but after trying hurt someone I care about, I don't want to ever try to bring him back anymore." He made a fist before looking at her still because he really hated the thought of what almost happened that day.

"For Gaara I'll save him because he is worth saving because he hasn't done anything close to what Sasuke has been doing to people. Using them like lab rats just like the asshole that's training him! I will save Gaara no matter what I have to do and no matter what cost I have to pay!" He looked forward while moving ahead of them with some of Kyuubi chakra leaking out of him causing his whiskers to grow darker.

Everyone else was quiet and shocked what just happened because even Kakashi didn't know Naruto had changed this much although he did wonder who Sasuke almost killed. He knows Naruto makes friends fast when comes to ones outside of the village.

Sakura on the other hand was raging inside that this baka had the guts to say that her Sasuke had done evil things to people. That he had used people like lab rats because she knows that can't be true at all.

Temari just stared at Naruto's back without even thinking to herself; she was shocked he's willing to go that far just to save her brother. She had never thought someone could be willing to do so much for someone not only for another village but someone that wasn't their family.

Time skip to the gates of Suna.

"So we are finally here? Let's go help your oldest brother now before he may get any worse than he is right now." Temari nodded her head to him while the group heads to where he is being kept at. Naruto just looked around while they walked noticing so much different than Konoha from the building to the outfits they wear.

When they get inside the hospital and over to where her brother is being kept. When suddenly an old woman attacked Kakashi only for Naruto to block the attack on his sensei then pushing the old woman back. "Get out of my way boy, I need to kill white fang."

"That isn't white fang but did you forget that Hatake Sakumo has been died for many years now?" An old man came beside her but she just glared at him than back at the group from Konoha and then she starts to laugh saying it was just a joke.

"That is true my father has been dead for many years now." Sakura walked in to see how Kankuro is doing. Naruto sits outside the room with a book in his hand which seems to be really old and faded out.

"What book is that Naruto?" I haven't seen you read much books before and never one that looks as old like this one does." He looked up to his sensei and then back to his book finally he closed it before he looked back up to Kakashi.

"It's a book that I found about the man who had my bloodline first, I still can't figure out barely anything from this." Kakashi takes a sit beside him but Naruto just closed his eyes and opened the link to kyuubi up.

"How did he do it Kyuubi-chan? How did he make six bodies like this in this book? It doesn't make any sense at all."Naruto kept his eyes closed waiting for her to talk to him because if she doesn't have any idea then he's lost.

"I may have one or two ideas on how but give me some more time to think on it."He opened his eyes but looked over at his sensei. He didn't know that his sensei's dad was someone people hated like this.

"Kakashi-sensei just who is this white fang? I mean was he someone that was really that strong for people to still want to kill him?" Kakashi smiled under his mask because he it wasn't everyday that someone asked him about his father.

"My father was one of the best shinobi there was but because of his heart it caused him to be hated by our village." Naruto gave him a clueless look but Kakashi just shook his head because he should have known better to think that Naruto had known his father the white fang's story.

"My father had to pick two paths one being to get the mission he was given done or path two to save his teammates lives and fail the mission." Naruto looked even harder now waiting to see what path Kakashi's father had chosen to take.

"He had picked to save his teammates but because of that the village blamed him for the failed mission and soon his own teammates did the same. This caused my father to go into a depression that he had killed himself by hanging his own self in his home." Naruto couldn't believe the village had done something like that to his sensei own father.

"Why did that old woman attack you?" Kakashi looked back over to the window to see Sakura working on Kankuro and he closed his eye. He knows very well just why he was attacked but he does hope Naruto can understand.

"My father killed many Suna people when our villages were at war and because of that many people still hate each other. That is the sad truth of war and when it's over people will still hold on to their hate and revenge." Naruto nodded his head because over last three years he had realized that all too well.

"That why I want to world to finally break these chains of hate and finally move on but I know it's not going be easy at all." Kakashi looked over at Naruto because he truly reminds him of Minato so badly by how he talks and acts.

"That kind of path you are taking is going to be a long and hard path ahead of you, let me ask are you sure this is the one you want to walk down? Also there just maybe no turning back once you go down the path too far." Naruto only opened his eyes to stare at his sensei's eye because he isn't someone to back down no matter what.

"You should know me by now, I don't back down or run away from anything that my shinobi way. No matter how much hate or pain I need to take I will find a way to bring an end to all this hate and pain." He smiled a bright smile and Temari just put a hand on his shoulders.

'That truly in a good goal to hear someone say Naruto-kun, it's not every day you hear someone that wants to help people for no reason like that." She told him but her eyes still were focused on her brother worried about him.

"Don't worry Temari-chan he will be fine and they both will be fine in the end, you just have to believe that they will." She nodded her head but was still worried but thanks to his words only a little bit now.

"If anyone else had told me that I not have believed them but I do believe in you Naruto-kun so please bring him home safely to me." He just gave a nod of his head before going back to reading his book.

They see Sakura walking out after a while of being in there, she gives them a sign that they can come in. The two of them walk in as his sensei just sits there while Sakura takes a sit down next to him.

"Temari you are here? Then you know that I failed to stop them from taking Gaara out of the village?" Kankuro looked down in shame but Temari just hit him on the head causing him to stare back up to her.

"I didn't come here to blame you because you were up against two rank s missing shinobi's for crying out loud. Even Gaara lost to just one let alone both of them. Then you go trying to take on both of them all by yourself like a fool!" She wanted to cry but she wasn't going to let herself cry not now at least.

"Naruto you are here to? I should have guessed that you would be the one that they send to help with Gaara." He smirked to the hurt shinobi but he can tell that Kankuro is staring at his new eyes but he just pointed to his sister.

"If your staring because of my eyes they are changed thanks to my awaken bloodline." He nodded his head but looked at him. "You don't need to worry because no matter what I'm going to save Gaara from them."

"I know you will that's why I'm putting my trust in you. Back when no one tried to help him and that's why he had thought of himself as a killing weapon you had showed him the truth of life. Thank for you saving my brother then and thank you for trying to save him again now." He just bowed his head causing Naruto rub the back of his head.

Temari looked at her brother shocked that he really did just bow his head to Naruto but she does always want to thank him as well. She just never can come up with a way to truly thank him for saving her brother from his own demon like he had done.

"It's time for us to go and find Gaara." The old woman from behind grabbed his arm stopping him from leaving. "What is it old woman? You trying do something crazy again like before? I really don't' want to have to hurt you."

"Don't' call me old you fool and name is Chiyo if you going be fighting my grandson then I'm coming along. I'm only one here that knows how he fights." Kakashi walked over before he could even say anything back to her.

"I can't promise that you will be safe but if you want to come with us then fine you may." Kakashi looked at Naruto who just gave a look of lost to him. "Naruto we can't stop someone from wanting to help their leader when he's in need."

"Meet me at the gates in a little bit, I need get few things." She left but her brother just stared at her because he had a feeling this was going to happen. He knows there is nothing he can do to stop his sister from going.

"Let's get going Naruto." The two of them along with the two women start to head to the gate but Naruto just kept looking around to see people staring at them. "Remember Naruto we aren't shinobi from here so it's normal to get stared at."

"Yea it's not like your famous Naruto-kun." She just smiled to her causing the group of people to stare even hard only to make her blush. She had forgotten that they're also staring at them because she's with them.

"That hurt Temari-chan you don't think I'm famous like that? Here I thought you were my biggest fan?" Temari gave him a glare before her lips turned into a smile from his joke but her eyes just stared into his for a second then looked away.

"Maybe I'll be your fan if you lose the orange outfit." She teased him only for him to just stop and stare at her shocked. "What is it now Naruto-kun?" He just stands there still with a shocked look on his face while staring at her.

"How can you dislike the color orange? What is wrong with you people in this world when comes disliking the best color there is?" The three of them just now stare at him like he's gone crazy in the head.

"Naruto-baka you're a shinobi and wearing orange is just something dumb to do when you need to stay hidden." He just gave a deadly glare to her because she maybe his teammate but lately she's been getting on his last nerves.

When they get to the gate they can see the old woman already there waiting for them with her feet tapping against the ground. "It's about time you got here, let's get going will you?" Naruto just smirked before leaving the village with them.

When they start moving through the sand he can feel the old woman staring deep into his back making him just want turn around at her. "Why are you trying so hard for Gaara? He's not even from your village let alone someone people don't really care about?"

"Don't act like you know him at all! Just because he isn't like doesn't mean you just give up on saving him! People like me and him are the ones that are left for died by people who don't' even gave a damn and blame us for what our villages did to us!" Naruto makes a fist and looked back at the woman with anger in his eyes.

"So you're a host to? I'm the one that sealed the demon inside Gaara and the past two hosts before him." He couldn't believe his eyes that this is the same woman that ruined not just Gaara life but two more before him.

"How can you live with yourself for making that many hosts? How can you ever sleep at night knowing that?" She looked at him with anger in her eyes as well but he didn't care because right now he's pissed off.

"Maybe I do sleep at night or maybe I don't that is something you don't need to know. Just know this in times of war and life of a shinobi we all will do things we will always hate and regret." Naruto stared but kept on walking ahead of them but his hands were still fists.

"That why I'm going change this world into something better, a world where you don't need give up people lives and futures just so you can stay strong. No I'm going to change it so people can live their lives the same." His words just touched Temari heart again but she does know that dream my never come true for him.

She looked at his back but her eyes are now closed. "Naruto-kun I want that dream to come true but it something that's too hard for just one person to do. But if there is a chance it can come true then I'll hope you can do it. "

They keep going till nightfall which they set up camp but Naruto just makes a fist because he can't stand it. "Naruto-kun even you need to rest, I know just how much you want be going out right now to save him."

"I still don't like it at all. I don't want to rest till we find him and bring him back safe." Temari smiled but walked over to him putting a hand softly on his shoulder. She doesn't know why she's acting like this but she couldn't help it.

"Stop forcing yourself like this, even if you did get to where they are without rest you will only fail to help my brother. He would tell you to rest if he was even just like I'm telling you to." He looked at her and nodded his head softly to her but he didn't want tell her that she's right.

"I'll take first watch, 2nd will be Sakura and you'll do last one Naruto." He nodded and head to lie down to rest much to his dislike of it. When he closed his eyes he is now sitting on a floor next to a queen sized bed with crimson sheets.

"It's been a long time since last time you paid me a visit Naru-kun." That's when he can see woman in a long crimson dress with slits at end of each leg showing off her long sexy legs and great view of her chest. She has two crimson slit eyes with long crimson fiery hair that goes down to her nice rounded ass. Her arms are under her large bust that could be same as Tsunade or maybe even bigger.

"Hello good to see you Kyuubi-chan tell me how are you?" She gave him a mad face while walking up closer to him only for him to look around to find place to hide. She just pushes him onto the bed before sitting on his lap still mad.

"I thought had made it clear to you that you call me by my name Kurama when we are face to face or did you forget?" She kissed him on the lips before moving her head onto his neck but she can feel his arm sneaking around her lower back and resting his hands on her ass.

He looked at her to see that the reason he truly loved seeing her in dresses like this because it let him look and touch her areas so much easier. He ran a hand from her neck to her chest to her long legs before he looked into her crimson eyes once more while giving her a kiss.

"I'm sorry Kurama-chan can you forgive me?" He looked at her with a shy face only thing that happen was her anger slowly leaving her face. Her face then becomes a kitsune smirk before moving to his ear nipping at it.

"I guess I can forgive you this time Naru-kun, I wonder what will you do once you free me and Nibi? Have your way with us like you did with Yugito-chan and Nibi-chan last night?" He blushed tenfold but does enjoy the feeling of her mouth on his ear.

"What would you like me to do to you?" She gave a purr before turning into a growl with her mouth going to his neck giving it a good bite from her fangs. She looked up at him as her fangs were still in his neck.

"So many things I would like for you to do to me but also like to do to you as well." She just moved her arms around his neck. "But now it's the time to be fooling around because you may be going against people that are strongest you have ever seen."

"I know but I can't just give up on trying save Gaara, these people are a threat to everyone that's a host but why do they need us? What are they planning on doing with the Bijuu once it's removed from our bodies?" He just looked at her eyes while he talked but she just moved a finger to his lips.

"You over think on everything do you know that? We will find out what they plan are sooner or later but right now you need force on saving your friend. Also Naruto-kun I do believe you can bring peace to this world." She rested her head on his neck before closing her eyes slowly but when she felt her ass being grabbed caused her to smirk.

He moved his hand along her great curves of her body before moving the same hand through her long hair. He kissed her forehead resulted in her eyes become open now but a smile on her smile.

"As much as I'm enjoying this it's time for your watch and don't forget use your eyes to see if anyone is close by your area. Thanks to your Rinnegan you can see chakra now remember?" He nodded his head to her as she fades away and he wakes up thanks to Sakura poking him hard on his arm.

When he gets up he looked over at Sakura who is already sleeping and he moved chakra to his nose and walked on the tree and heads up to the top. He looked around with his eyes to find any chakra signs to follow.

He makes shadow clones to do the same but away from his area to try to increases his chances of finding them. After few hours his clone disappeared once it had found them causing him to look down at his teammates.

"They going wake up soon anyways so not hurt if I go ahead in order to stop them from getting any more ground on us."He dropped down to the ground and write a letter once he was done with it he put it on Temari's chest.

"I bet you like putting that letter there on her chest, for someone her age she does have a good size."Naruto just shakes the images out of his mind that Kyuubi was giving him and he kept on moving to where he found the three lone chakra users.

He knew they are chakra users and not normal people because of just how much chakra these two had inside of them. He knows one of them has to be Gaara but he only hopes that he can get there before it's too late.

When he gets close to them he can tell they heading to a cave and he knows that he found right ones because Gaara is with them. "Gaara don't worry I'm going save you before they can take the Bijuu out of you."

Naruto watches them go inside and looked back to see if any of his teammates are here yet. "How long are they going take? I can't wait forever for them wake up from sleeping all day."After half an hour he heads inside the cave only to see a status and Gaara in pain.

"Not so fast assholes Doton: Koudo Ryu." Stone dragon comes out of the ground slamming into the status causing all members to be surprised and look at where it came from. Naruto looked to see only two of the members are here but fake images of the others above them.

"We need stop the jutsu till he's taken care of." The jutsu stopped and shadow images leave along with the status. The two members that look at him one that seems to be a puppet looking thing while other being a blonde hair dude that almost seem be girl.

"So it's one puppet looking dude and a girl?" The blonde haired guy yelled pointing at him but Naruto just looked at them. The puppet is only one to see to realize Naruto's eyes as he backs up going into the defense.

"Deidara you fool look at his eyes, we aren't dealing with someone we can take lightly here." The blonde member then looked at Naruto's eyes once he was told to and that's what shocked him just like it shocked the other member.

"He's got the same kind of eyes as Leader-sama but how is that even possible?" That made Naruto grow shocked to hear someone has the same eyes as hi because he thought he was the only one that's alive that had these eyes.

'What in the hell you talking about you crazy fools? I'm the only one with these eyes and bloodline you have to be mistaken on that!" Both of them looked at him and let out a laugh which only caused him to make a fist in anger.

"Sorry to make you mad but you're not the only one with that bloodline and one behind all of this has your eyes, how does it feel? Maybe he's even from the same clan as you that hurting the ones you care about?" The blonde hair member taunted Naruto but he just looked over at Gaara who's now on the ground.

"I'm going make you pay for hurting Gaara, do you hear me! I'm going make you pay for this and you aren't getting away with trying to hurt people for your own gain!" Naruto just lets off Kyuubi chakra causing them to stare at each other.

"Is this the one that Itachi told us about? He is wearing headband of Konoha. The one that always rushes in without even thinking at all?" The blonde one asked his partner who just nodded his puppet head back at him.

"Itachi hasn't seen me in three years and trust me I have changed a lot since then, you two are the ones that aren't going be leaving here alive because no matter what I'm going to save Gaara and stop the two of you." The two member let out another laugh, Naruto took a look around see only path in or out is behind him.

"Where are they? Can't believe they still aren't here at all. Are they even awake yet?"He looked back at the two shinobi's in front of him but closed his eyes. "Sorry Yugito-hime but I have to fight these two alone. No other way to help Gaara right now."

"I guess it's time to end this don't you think so?' Naruto only looked at them before trying to think of a plan of attack but he get stopped when he sees them coming at him in order to either kill him or beat him to get Kyuubi out of him.

How will Naruto handle this fight alone?

Will she ever get a chance to thank him and how will she do that if she doesn't know the right way to right now? What way could she come up with in time?

How will Naruto take the news of someone else with his bloodline and that he's the leader of the ones causing him so much pain?