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"I need to start at the beginning where it all had started with Yugito-chan then I'll tell you how it ended badly. The both of us had no luck when it came to dating a man and that was because they just all wanted sex from us nothing more." Samui paused for a moment with her eyes closed only to lean into Naruto's chest while still sitting on his lap. She still didn't just know why Yugito had made him take her on a date like this at all.

Naruto on the other hand couldn't understand why they would have hard time finding someone that wasn't a pervert. In his eyes they were both two beautiful women who had much to give the world without needing to give into sex like that.

"Then she started to go into heat because of Nibi being inside of her and because of that cat things changed for the better at first. I watched her handle it well at first and only at the start of all of it. Then I could see het suffering from it and she didn't want to have sex with a man she didn't even know just to end the pain from the heat." Samui had stopped speaking once again to catch her breath while coming up with words to use next.

Samui didn't even know how to say the words to him about how things had happened because she did know the next part will shock him, she just didn't know how much. She never talked about this to anyone before and he was the first person she had openly talked about anything and everything to, it scared her that he could get into her heart so fast and deep.

"I had asked Yugito after seeing her suffering too long if she wanted me to help her with her heat and she had told me yes quickly. That did surprise me but we had kept it hidden from everyone and enjoyed being together like that only all that had changed and I wish it didn't." Naruto started to rub her back trying to comfort her only for her to kiss him on the lips slowly. She may not know why Yugito had made him date her but she was happy that he did date her even if he didn't plan on it himself.

Naruto was bit taken back that Yugito had dated a woman but it wasn't something he had minded because you don't choice who you have feelings for. When you have feelings for someone you need take that chance to be with them no matter who they are.

"What had caused everything to change like it did and the pain that came along with it? It sounded like you both enjoy being together." Naruto didn't want to rush her and yet he wanted to know badly about what she had to say. He couldn't believe his kitty could do anything truly bad no matter what and never to do something like this to someone she had cared about.

Naruto never once seen or heard of Yugito doing something that would hurt a person she had cared about deeply. He never once seen her do anything wrong to people even against her enemy she had watched her show mercy and even felt bad for killing someone. He watched Samui trying to come up with a how or just an idea to what happened between them.

"One night had changed everything for the two of us and that something I don't think can be taken back no matter what. She let Nibi come out and never told me she had planned on letting that thing come out like that. She claimed me by biting my right ass cheek hard causing it to bleed leaving a tattoo in the place of her mouth." She told him and looked away from his eyes trying her best to look down at the ground.

Samui had tried to move off his lap only for his arms to stop her from leaving his lap right now by moving around her body. He had held her in place with his strong arms while still being gently with her body. Naruto didn't want her to leave because he wasn't going let her walk away without him talking to her because sometimes it's better to talk about the things that hurt you then to keep it all inside.

"There is more to this isn't there? If you don't want to talk about it then I understand because it is painful for you to even talk about this much. You just met me and I know this is too painful to talk about to anyone much less something you barely know." Naruto had tried to comfort her with his words only for her to look back into his eyes.

"It's painful but I want you to hear every single part to what had happened next and no trying to stop me. I know we just met and yet I do feel like I can trust you no matter what and with anything and everything." Samui's voice sounded so soft and held no lie in it while her mouth moved to his. She gave him a weak smile once the kiss had ended with tears still in her tears from talking about the past.

"Nibi had started giving me orders to fallow and kept telling me that I had become hers forever no matter what. She had made me hers and once Yugito did come back in control it was too late and I had already been hurt. I asked her why she had even let that damn thing out in the first place and she told me she didn't know." Naruto couldn't believe that the Nibi he cared about could have done something like this because yes he did know demon like to dominate their partners but this was something new.

He didn't even know Nibi would do something like that but at the same time he did see Yugito go crazy at times while in heat, could Nibi act even crazier? Could that be the cause or was it something more? He had to talk to Nibi about this and soon because he wanted to know damn well why she would claim Samui with that tattoo like that.

"The thing is part of me wanted her to have her way with me because it felt new to me and it wasn't that it felt badly but it just feel weird to me. It just caused me to wonder if Yugito also had that kind of side to her or if it was just how Nibi had sex with anyone, I never did understand just why I felt that way when we had sex together." Samui sounded so confused by it only for Naruto to just move his hand against her cheek and rubbed it slowly and softly only for her to lean once again into his chest.

"I guess I was just scared that part of me wanted to be her pet and let her have all the power over me while other part hated it. I do know that I did feel great pleasure from Nibi and her moves she used on me but yet at the same time it just didn't feel right to me, I still don't get it at all. I never once told her to stop only to do more to me." She told him only to move her hands against his hands before closing her eyes trying to understand if that was the kind of sex partner she was or if it was something she had hated. She never once realized it after years of thinking on the matter.

"Sometimes you don't understand things and when you do you will realize just why and there's nothing wrong if that is kind of sex you like. People have many different kinds of things that get them turned on and being ordered around isn't something that too crazy, so don't worry ok?" He rubbed her cheek once more only for her to stare at him wondering if it was truly ok to let herself try something new and to enjoy it.

"I do know the Nibi shouldn't have done that to you without even asking if you wanted her to do it. Now I know you are sleepy just by how your eyes look from lack of sleep and tiredness so you are going to rest right now." Naruto said before he kissed her softly and wiped her tears away from her eyes with his finger. Naruto placed her down on the bed then put the covers over her. "Goodnight and sleep good Samui-chan."

He walked out of the bedroom and went to the living room to think on everything. How could something like that have happened? Nibi never seemed to be the kind of person that would do something crazy without asking or even talking about it beforehand. She always seemed to be a well-mannered horny crazy kitty in his mind.

Naruto just didn't understand how Nibi could have acted like that before he met her because this was something he couldn't have seen coming. He couldn't have though that someone like Nibi would act the way she did to Samui in the past.

Two hours had passed and Naruto just sat there the whole time thinking only to move once he heard the window open and close. He went to the kitchen only to see Yugito was sitting at the kitchen table. She just looked him without a smile on her face holding one of the photos of Samui together with her only this photo had smiles on their faces.

"Let me guess Samui-chan had gone and told you what had happened in the past about us? Let me guess that's why you haven't been home yet? I wonder why she did trust you that much to tell you it because she normally doesn't trust anyone let alone trust someone that fast but we are talking about you." Yugito's voice had sounded hurt but it was more like she felt hurt by herself than anyone else. They both hear the bedroom door open and could see Samui walking over to the both of them.

"Yugito, I just want you to know that I have told him everything that had happened and nothing was left out." Samui stared over at Yugito with her eyes. She moved to sit down at the table followed by Naruto only for his eyes to start studying them.

"Yugito-hime please let Nibi come out because I need to talk to her right now. I want to hear why she did it from her own mouth and then I want to know just how this could have happened because it's unlike the both of you to do this." Naruto asked her and Yugito had nodded sadly over to her lover before doing what he had asked her to do. Once Nibi came out that's when Yugito eyes became slits and she let out one long growl to him.

"Why should I even talk to you? I'm not force to in any way to even be here at all right now, so don't you dare think I am!" Nibi's voice was harsh which Naruto had never heard her voice like that. He moved out of his chair and walked around the table to her only for her to once again growl only to sound so low this time around.

"This isn't the Nibi-hime I know and stop acting like this please I just want to talk to you. I want to know why you did what you had done to Samui-chan because it's unlike you to do something to hurt someone you care about." Moved his hand to Nibi's cheek and rubbed it softly. He could hear her softly purring only to cause a smile to come to his lips.

"I did what I did because I had believed back then that I could do what I wanted no matter what and anymore was my play toy in my mind. I also wanted to see how she could handle things and try find out what she liked because she didn't seem to show Yugito-chan any of her likes when came to sex acts." Naruto watched Nibi talk closely only for her to look at Samui and away from his eyes.

"Naruto-kun had showed me that doing things like that was wrong even if in a way I was trying to help you and I changed myself because of him. I had changed myself for the better because of this man in this room right now." Nibi's voice held no lie and showed regretful for her act and her eyes were turned to look into Naruto's blue eyes. She then stood up and walked over to Samui who just stared back at the neko.

Nibi could still feel Naruto's eyes still on her back watching every move she had made only to stop in front of Samui with her slit eyes staring down at Samui's eyes. Samui herself didn't know if she could believe that Nibi just wanted to try to find her hidden like when came sex or if she was just trying to use that to cover her what she had done, Samui just didn't know what to think anymore.

"Don't hate Yugito-chan for something I had done because she had no part in it at all, please I thought I could have you made into my toy. The reasons were because I wanted to see what kind of things you had hidden from Yugito-chan but also because you were one damn sexy woman with huge breasts in my eyes." Nibi stared at Samui's naked body save for the tiny thong that she still had on her body.

"You still are one hot woman but I'm sorry that I had claimed you like that without even asking if you wanted me to. That's just how my kind marks each other and to show them they are theirs to love and mate with." Samui used her arms to cover up her breasts form Niib's eyes. She didn't know if what she was saying was truly real if it was all lies.

Samui did miss being close with Yugito and yet her heart was still sore from what had happened even if more she though on it the more she came to realize she did enjoy it. Her heart still cared for Yugito deeply more ways than one and the same one that felt so much pain. Could she learn to forgive her best friend but also Nibi for just trying to teach her something new and also because she thought she could claim her?

Samui had heard Nibi's voice and words they do seem regretful and show that she didn't mean to hurt her. Samui also could tell that Nibi did realize that she should have talked to her beforehand or even asked her before doing what she had in mind. Samui she didn't know if she could forgive them yet still she remembered Naruto forgiving Kumo for trying to hurt his own mother.

"I do know that Yugito-chan has been trying her best to make it up to you ever since that night had happened. We had hoped that dating Naruto-koi would have helped heal your wounded heart, so you could move on from what had happened." Nibi voice sounded so calm yet at the same time sorrowful still from what she had done and remembering it only caused her to sound sadder.

"I need time to think on things before I could even think of forgiving you for what you had done to me Nibi, I don't know if you helped me or not. All I know is yes part of me enjoyed you having control of over me but at the same time, part of me hated it because felt weird and somewhat wrong." Nibi Nodded understanding that she had rushed the poor girl when came to things like that and didn't want to push the matter anymore right now.

Nibi let Yugito come back out only for her to hug Samui close and hard. Samui looked over at Naruto before she let herself turn the hug from Yugito. She didn't know what to feel at this point yet she missed being this close to her best friend while her eyes still stared back at the man that did heal her heart. Naruto had showed her since the first day she met him that you can let yourself forgive and move on no matter what had happened in the past.

Samui started to believe maybe she could learn from Naruto by watching how he lived his life and then just maybe she could forgive Nibi and Yugito. She did know that most of the blame fell on Nibi and forgiving Yugito will be much easier only for her to wish that it never had happened in the first place.

"It does look like you two can start to fix what had happened in the past without needing to worry about things. I know I wasn't there and when it had happened or ended with the both of you. But I do know that living with hate and regret is never a good thing and maybe it's time to make up with each other before it's too late." Naruto stood while Yugito had smirk that turned into a smile when she looked back over at Samui.

She hoped so badly that Samui would forgive her because she had and still does care for Samui deeply and nothing in this world would change that. Nothing in this world could stop her from caring about Samui with all her heart.

"I'm going to leave you two alone to talk and head home because it's late after all and I don't want be a bother to you." Naruto said while he started to leave the kitchen only to feel a hand grab the lower part of the back of his shirt. He looked back to see Samui staring at his eyes only to move her arm around his body slowly.

Samui wanted him to stay because she didn't think she could face Yugito and forgive her without him being around her. He had given her strength that no one else ever had because he could understand pain. He didn't just know pain but at the same time he had moved on without letting the pain hold him back to ruin his life. He learned how to forgive people that some people would have thought were unforgiveable and shouldn't ever be allowed to be forgiven.

"I want you to stay here with us please, please don't leave right now." Naruto could hear the soft plea in her soften voice. He felt her breasts against his chest only to cause him to move his arms around her, holding her close to him.

Yugito moved up behind Naruto and slowly moved to hug him from behind with a smile showing on her face. She was glad that both she and Samui were this close to the man that she loved with all of her heart.

"I was right about you being a good thing for Samui-chan and I love you deeply Naruto-koi no matter what. Never forget that I love you with all of my heart because nothing will ever change how I feel about you." Samui started to lead him back to the bedroom fallowed by the happy kitty. Once inside the three of them lay down on the bed yet Yugito had took the longest to crawl into the bed with them.

The reason for her lateness was because she had to strip out of her clothes she had on. She just left her clothes on the ground beside her before she crawled into the bed with them to lay down on Naruto's right side. Samui had already put herself lying on his left side with her head on his chest. Yugito just put her head there on his chest only for Samui to smile to herself before going to sleep.

Naruto didn't know if Samui had forgiven Nibi but it was a staring step at least. He closed his eyes only to find himself unable to sleep because his mind still was in his restless mode. He didn't know why and he felt something wasn't right. He couldn't figure out what wasn't wrong and yet the feeling didn't go away no matter what he tried to do.

Once he had finally fallen into a deep sleep he could hear something or someone in the room that only caused him to wake up fast. He opened his eyes quickly to see a root anbu in the room with something in his hands. Naruto rushed at the anbu catching him off guard. He didn't know why the hell this man was in Samui's place but he wasn't going let him leave alive.

Naruto also had just then realized the thing in the man's hand was a bag and he was panting things inside of it around the room. That only caused Naruto to grow pissed off only to see seals going off by the glow only to cause shock to right through his eyes.

Naruto had jumped back in front of the bed to block any incoming attack or anything that came out of the seals. Only thing he that came out of the seals on the grounds were clouds of dark smoke. Once the smoke had cleared Naruto could see that the rot anbu had got away from him. Naruto made a fist and hit the wall hard leaving a red mark on his fist and ripped skin.

"What's going on Naruto-koi?" Naruto looked back to the bed to see both women now awake yet his eyes just stared at them. He moved to sit down on the bed slowly while he still was pissed off at the max. He couldn't get a break when it came to this damn village at all. He had looked once more over to the two blonde haired women that were still on the bed.

'Root Anbu that used to be a group that had been disbanded by the 3rd Hokage and lead by a man named Danzo Shimura, the one that was here was trying to plant things around Samui's place to either fame her or blackmail her into something. This bastard Danzo is also the same one that wanted to turn me into a living emotionless weapon to be used by the village." Naruto's voice showed how pissed he was right now and yet

Yugito had growled pissed at what she had just heard and what had happened. Yugito was more pissed that this bastard tried to turn her lover into a weapon like that. Samui on the other hand was just scared right now and her eyes had showed that.

Naruto still remembered all the times that Danzo had tried his best to get the village to turn him into a weapon and yet old man refused. Naruto would always be thankful for the old man when it came to his stubbornness because of that stubbornness he still has his heart and freedom from being control like a weapon. He would feel sorry for anyone that was under Danzo's control.

Naruto looked around and didn't think this place was safe for Samui anymore and yet he didn't know where would be safe for her to stay at. Then he realized just one place that would be the safest in the whole village to stay at.

"Tell me Samui-chan why don't you stay with us at my place? I mean it is big enough and we would be happy for you to live with us. You will be safe there from this ever happening again as well which and that's a good thing to." He said only Samui had blinked her eyes few times before jumping right on him knocking him off the bed onto the floor with her on top of him.

"I had forgotten to tell you something like this happened before when someone had broken into her home. Ever since then she becomes very scared when someone comes into her home without her knowing about it." Naruto listened to Yugito's voices and rubbed Samui's back slowly. Samui started to calm down at the touch and slowly kissed him hard on the lips.

"I'll be glad to stay with the both of you, just help me pack up everything here." Samui's voice sounded happy once more and no longer sad from all the talking before they went to sleep. Naruto just smiled while he kept on rubbing her back slowly and gently trying his best to comfort her in any way he could.

He had moved his lips to Samui's right ear then whispered smoothing words to keep on comforting her. Naruto's words did put Samui's mind at peace while Yugito came over and gave Samui a nice and hard spank to her ass only causing her to jump up then back down on Naruto.

`"It's time to pack up and fun time is later, so get up and start working that ass of yours." Yugito playfully teased Samui only to watch Samui smile and move off of Naruto's body slowly. He watched her breasts just bounced in front of his face while she moved off him.

Naruto moved back to his own feet and started to help pack only for both women to throw him out of the bedroom. He just stood outside the now closed door confused trying to figure out why they had just done that to him without any kind of warning.

"He may be a great shinobi but clueless when it comes to women and their bedroom. Too think he would be allowed to help pack up things in your bedroom which maybe he just a pervert like his sensei not that I mind at all." Yugito stated before starting to pack up Samui's underwear and toys away in one of the boxes she still had in the bedroom.

Yugito then had let Naruto back inside the bedroom with a clueless look still on his face. Both women just let out a long laugh only to cause him to let out a pout much too both women's enjoyment.

"What was that all about? I don't see a reason for being kicked out like that and you know that was mean to do to me." Naruto just asked only for Yugito to giggle a bit while still packing while Samui watched. She watched how the two of them had acted together and found it cute and cool that they could behave like that without a single worry.

Samui moved over to her dresser to get clothes to put on and she then moved over to the take pair of panties from the box Yugito had put them in. she just looked over to Naruto with a worried face only for Yugito to catch on.

"It's a girl thing and you won't know it because you are a male, no trying to think or understand it." Yugito told him then covered his eyes while she watched Samui take her thong off. Naruto covered Yugito eyes before the thong fully came off Samui's body. "No fair I wanted to watch her take her thong off." She pouted before Samui told them she was done changing.

"It's time to pack up the other room and go to your new place." Naruto told Samui then walked out to start packing things up in the boxes in the kitchen which he was glad she kept the boxes that she had bring with her. He didn't know how these boxes or things got here but he was gone for a while so he figured she had it done then.

He wondered if leaving both women alone was the right thing to do right now only for him to just stare at the box in front of him. Naruto did figure that they would need some alone time right now in order to talk things out once in for all before things got worse.

"Yugito I don't know what will happen in the future but I have missed being your friend." Yugito smiled before putting one of Samui's robe's on her body which was a long crimson colored silk robe. Samui had let herself watch Yugito only for her eyes to wander for a bit. She had stopped herself and just sat down at the desk while starting at the mirror in front of her eyes.

"I'm glad we both have met Naruto-koi, I hated that you were mad at me. I never meant for you to be hurt like that and I just wanted you to know that from my own mouth." Both women just sat back down on the bed together before smiling to each.

"I was shocked he handle finding out everything well and that you used to date women." Yugito grinned only to lie down on the bed with her eyes closed. She never did tell him that part of her before today. She didn't know how he would do if she had told him about it and now she felt foolish to have doubted him.

"He has been through hell on more than one time in his life that had become hell. He can handle anything that comes his way no matter what and I know nothing can bring him down because he's too damn stubborn to give up. I never needed to hide anything at all when it came to anything and everything because he's someone I can trust no matter what. "Samui had lied down and still was smiling over to Yugito while listening to her talk about Naruto.

"I'm all done out here." Naruto walked in on a surprising moment of both women in the middle of a deep long kiss. They had broken away fast when they could see him while heat started racing to their faces. "Maybe I'll go back to the living room." He was about to walk out only for Yugito to move over to him quickly to stop him from leaving the bedroom.

"No, stay because we have nothing to hide at all. I hope you don't get mad that I kissed her like that just now." Naruto kissed Yugito when she finished talking only to look at Samui waving her over to them. Samui was unsure if she should go over to them right now but she looked down at the ground then back over to them with mixed feelings.

She didn't even know why she had let Yugito kiss her like that and yet she enjoyed it like she used to. It had reminded her of how they used to be back then in the past before that night had happened. She slowly walked over to the, still unsure feelings inside her heart. When she got over to them Naruto gave her a long kiss on the lips then moved his hand to her arm rubbing it slowly.

"I'm not mad and I wasn't even mad when you had kissed Ryuzetsu, you have nothing to worry about. She's dating me so in a way it's like she's also dating you to if you think about it." Yugito smiled at his words then picked up the boxes in the bedroom and walked out of the room leaving Samui alone with her lover.

"Are you really ok with all of this? I mean you do love each other deeply and I don't want to do anything to ruin what you two have." Samui said while looking away from him only for him to go to the bedroom door to pop his head out.

"Yugito-hime you go ahead and pick a room out for Samui because I need to have a long talk with her. Also nothing bad is going to happen, so no need to worry and we'll meet you at the house." Naruto told Yugito and watched his lover nod her head and he closed the door behind him. He moved over to sit on the bed only for Samui to stand there staring at him, studying him with her eyes. Her eyes filled with mixed feeling about everything that has happened in a single day.

"Truth is I'm worried about dying when I fight the ones I need to kill and leaving Yugito all alone like that. That's only if that does happen to me then she'll still have the woman she cares deeply about in her life. I don't have to worry about her being all alone then which is a good thing." Naruto voice had showed fear only to cause Samui's body to move over to him on its own because she couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"I know that I'm walking to my own death by the risks I take and I'll face death if it is my time to go. But I'll be going down fighting to keep the ones I love safe no matter what the cost, these people after me will not live to see the day they hurt them. I'll take them down even if I have to give my own life." Naruto just shook his head because he didn't know if he was a fool by talking like that. Naruto had felt her sitting on his lap with her arms around his neck now only for his eyes to stare down at her eyes.

"Even when everything going against you, you still think of the needs of others before your own needs. I don't understand you at all because no one is that damn kind." Samui just told him while wanting hit him on the head. He just smiled at her only to pull her into a long kiss while his hands wandered over her body.

"Thank you for not stopping her and me, I mean it. I know you won't die and I'm going to be happy being with you in your crazy filled life." She smiled then moved off his lap and started for the door followed by him.

Naruto's right hand had moved to her ass only for her to shake her hips while opening the bedroom door. "Besides keeping Yugito-hime from someone she loves wouldn't be the right thing to have done." He took the boxes that Yugito didn't take with her and headed out of the place. Naruto was followed by an awe and happy Samui who just smiled even more bright.

Once inside his home Naruto had made a shadow clone and ordered it go to find Tsunade right now. "She's going to hate being waken up but no way around it right now. "They could see Yugito walking over to them with a smile on her face.

"Samui-chan is going to be sharing a room with me and its going be fun sharing a room with her." Samui just stared at her only to cause Yugito to take her hand. "Now follow me, you can come too Naruto-koi if you want." Both Naruto and Samui shook their heads while fallowing the crazy kitty back to her room.

Once inside Samui couldn't believe the size of the room and walked around to check it out. She had noticed the room could handle three people living in it and bed could even fit three to it without much trouble. The bed had purple blankets and pillows yet the room had one huge dresser in it.

There was a night stand beside the bed on each side of the bed and a desk close to the dresser. This room was far better than her place in Kumo. She sat down on the bed only for Yugito to giggle at her Samui's awe face.

"I take it that you like your new place now?" Yugito asked and Samui nodded her head slowly. Naruto sat down beside her only to cause Yugito to pout. Yugito walked over to the bed and sat down on Samui's other side. "I'm just glad you agreed to this. I'm still sorry for what Nibi had done and always will be no matter what," She hugged Samui and rubbed her back just like Naruto had done.

"I care deeply about the both of you and I'll never stop no matter what do you hear me? I want us to truly be a family no matter what will come our way." Yugito words had touched both of them and Samui along with Naruto just stared at Yugito only they can see her smiling face.

"I'll find a way for this to all work out no matter what and I hope that I can make you both happy women." Naruto told them only for both of them to take turns kissing him while Yugito moved on his lap. She moved up against his chest in a cat manner while she let out what sounded like a purr.

"I know you will find a way for everything to work out in the end and I'll be by yourself side no matter what, I belong to you Naruto-koi." Yugito said while her eyes just close and only reopen when they see Tsunade staring at them anger that she had to be up at this time of night.

"What was so big that you had to call me here in the middle of the damn night gaki?" Tsunade whined about being up and away from her soft bed. She didn't know what was going on and when she walked in to see him making out with two women she just rolled her eyes.

"A root anbu had broken into Samui's place and it seems that Danzo is back to plotting things again because that anbu tried to plant things in her place. My guess is to black mail me by using Samui in order to get to me.' Naruto told Tsunade only for the Hokage to have a vain showing in her forehead from the anger she was in now that she had heard Danzo's name.

"Nothing we can do without having something and tons of proof if we want to go against Danzo, I'll tell your pervert sensei to keep an eye out for him. Right now I'm going back to bed because we have a meeting about what will happen to Hyuga clan and what they have been doing against the village lately."

"You have something planned to handle the clan?" Tsunade just grinned before leaving Naruto only to pout that she didn't tell him what she had planned. Yugito got off his lap and walked to the door to close it then lock it. She took her robe off showing her naked body only for her to move onto the bed and under the covers.

Naruto smirk and looked over to Samui which he moved his hands to her shirt taking it off which she allowed him to. He took her pants off then her panties which she just blushed then looked away before he tossed her panties to the ground before moving her on the bed where she went under the covers followed by him.

"You have two naked women in bed with you? You have to be the luckiest man alive right now but we need all our strength for tomorrow." Yugito teased only to move her head once again to his chest which Samui had done the same. Naruto moved his hands to both of their rears and let his body fall asleep.

In the morning Naruto woke up without waking either women and headed for the kitchen once he unlocked the door. When he got to the kitchen he started to make everyone breakfast and was glad that the dinner room table could fit a whole clan at once. When he got done cooking the eggs and bacon he placed the food down on plates around the table.

He made clones to go and wake up everyone only to watch them walk over one by one all looking tired. Pakura was the only one of the women to seem to be awake only to glare at him then look down at the food. "What's with the glaring? Don't like eggs and bacon?"

"No, your clone just should have knocked." Pakura said while looking away with blush on her face because she was fully naked sleeping when the clone had walked in. she didn't even have covers over her body only when the shadow clone disappeared him just now Naruto could only smirk at the memory of her being naked.

When he done eating he stood up only that caused everyone to stare at him. "What? I'm done eating and need to change my clothes for a council meeting. You girls just enjoy yourself here and don't worry about things." He told them and went to his bedroom only for Tayuya to stare at him then went back to eating.

When Naruto moved inside the bedroom he started to look around the room to find something. "Ero-sennin did that that it was in this room but where" Then he found what looked to be a safe with a blood seal on it, he moved his finger to his mouth and bite down hard. He moved the blood over the blood seal and opened the safe only to see few scrolls and a tiny black box.

He took the box and changed into new clothes which was orange and black pants and shirt with his normal jacket on. He moved the box inside his jacket's side pocket before walking out of the bedroom to find Yugito who was helping with washing the dishes.

Naruto took Yugito's hand and started leading her to the garden only for her to give him a questionable look. When outside they could see the garden was huge with many different kinds of flowers all around the garden.

"I wonder who kept this garden in good shape because my kaa was said to love gardening and I guess someone took over taking care of it when she had died." Naruto walked to the center of the garden followed by Yugito who still was confused by why he had moved her out here.

"The reason I had come here with you is because I need to tell you something." Naruto said with a bit of nervousness in his voice which she never once seen him sound like this. "I want to tell you just how much I love you and just how much you have made me happy since I met you." He walked to her and kissed her hard before moving his arms around her.

"When I was broken inside you had took all the pieces and fixed me no matter how much pain I put you through." She smirked only to keep listening to him talk. "I just need to ask you something now before I really lose all my strength to." She stared at the last part only for him to get on his knee in front of her and pulled the box from his pocket. "Will you marry me?"

When he opened the box she could see the ring which was gold with what looked to be a blue diamond which only came from Uzushiogkure. The land of whirlpools were only ones to have blue diamonds but also they diamonds had a look to them as if they had water inside them moving around while you stared at them.

"How did you get this…?" Yugito asked him only for him to just stand up and kissed her lips slowly at first then just looked into her eyes.

"It had belonged to my mother and say yes please." Naruto said only to cause her to jump on him with her arms around his neck which caused both of them to fall on the ground. Once his back in the ground he just stared at her. 'Ow that hurt you know."

"Yes I'll marry you and you got bad luck because if it wasn't for council meeting I would be having my way with you right now." Naruto just shook his head before smiling back to her, moving the ring onto her finger only for her to kiss him. The two stay like that for a while before getting off the ground with smiles on their faces.

They headed inside where Yugito had told them the good news and talked with the rest of the women only for him to stand outside the house. When he noticed Samui along with Ryuzetsu and Yugito come over to him he started to walk to the council meet not before giving each of the women a kiss.

Inside the council room he took his sit as clan head only to notice the Raikage was still here yet Tsunade had sat down. "This meeting is about the Hyuga and their plot to cause the mission to save the Kazekage." That's when Hiashi tried his best to look away from everyone's glare because he had been found out.

"As you ordered Hokage-same the cage seal has been removed from our members and I'm taking over as clan head with my husband no longer being in power." A woman said while she walked to where Hiashi was staying.

"I had ordered that both seals from the members of the Hyuga be removed along with Hiashi stepping down from clan head. These changes were a punishment for his crime of trying to get a shinobi of this village killed and the leader of our ally village killed." Tsunade stated only for her eyes to go to Naruto.

Hiashi on the other hand was pissed beyond his limit because he had lost not only the cage seal but also his power as clan head. He lost his power to his own mother which only caused him to be even more pissed that his own wife now had more power than him.

"Baa-chan I need your help setting up something for me." He said only for Tsunade to raise an eyebrow at him. He just moved his hand to Yugito's hand then lifted their hands up to show the ring to the Hokage only for her to smirk before laugh.

"When did you ask her to marry you and what is the big day?" Tsunade walked over to Naruto before taking him into a hug only for the Raikage to just stare at Yugito blankly.

"I asked her this morning and for the day? That's all up to when Yugito-hime wants to have it done." Yugito just smiled only for her to kiss him on lips which he returned then looked back at Tsunade.

"I think two months from now on your birthday will be a great idea and we have tons of planning to do." Yugito told him while A walked over to the three of them only Yugito had worried something was going to happen.

"So you are marrying my daughter without asking me? You got some guts do you know that? You better take good care of her or I'll have to kill you slowly and painfully." A told him only for Yugito to hit him on the head for threating her lover.

"No threating Naruto-koi because only I can do that and if he does hurt me trust me he won't ever have the tool to pleasure another woman ever again." Naruto paled at Yugito's words only for all women in the room to start laughing hard.

"With the punishment of the Hyuga clan out of the way now it's time to show you the people that will be training you." Tsunade moved her hand for the hidden anbu to bring in the ones that would be training him.

Kurenai with her team walked in with Anko beside her yet there was one man he didn't know beside the two women. "I'll like you to meet Yamato, Kurenai and Anko which these three will be training you along with Kakashi and the pervert." Tsunade had then walked back to her chair to sit down.

Yugito moved her hand to Naruto's shoulder which caused the new people that walked in to see the ring. "Damn gaki you move fast don't you? Already getting married at this age before you know what it's like be an adult?" Anko teased him only for Naruto to roll his eyes over to her.

"Once you become a shinobi in the eyes of the world you are an adult already. Old enough to kill, drink and fuck as much as you want." Yugito laughed at Naruto for saying the last part only for Anko to pout before cutting his cheek then licking his blood in front of everyone.

"You know both women but Yamato will be training you to use your wood jutsu better while under events he had gained it when he was younger." Naruto didn't know this person but if Tsunade told him to trust him then he will because he never had worry about what Tsunade plots.

"I would like bring up the matter that Naruto's three lovers are all from parts outside of this village, even if Ryuzetsu had joined the village. The laws are made clear that he needs at least one wife from this village and that the woman from this village most bear children with him." Danzo started to talk only for Naruto just to grow pissed with a fist being made.

He didn't think Danzo would talk about this like that because the only way he found out about Samui being with him was because of that root anbu. Now everyone in the room had found out right this minute and that had pissed him off that this bastard though he could get away with the things he had pulled.

He didn't even know how he found out about Ryuzetsu being with him but he was going to find out just how Danzo was finding about his life like this. If he had been spied on this whole time without realizing it then that would only piss him off even more.

"Why do I have feeling you are trying force him into something he doesn't want to be in? Maybe he doesn't want to date people that didn't give damn about him all of his life?" Tsunade said pissed only for Danzo to smirk back at her.

"I'm just following rules that your family had placed in this village or do you want us to go against your own families laws? I don't see why he doesn't date someone he knows from the village and I bet I can think of few of them." Naruto eyes just became slits only for Danzo to stare at Naruto.

"I won't marry anything I don't love or like and you can't force me to and only laws say I have to find someone on my own. Now who's the say it won't be Anko-chan or Tsume-chan." Both women in question just laugh while he joins them in a long laugh only to cause Danzo to grow pissed at how they act towards him.

"I need talk with my new teachers, time for me to take my leave." Naruto walked away with his three lovers out of the place but Hinata look away from Yugito. She couldn't believe that a Kumo shinobi was marrying Naruto like that.

Hinata walked over to her mother and started to talk with her because it has been long time since she was allowed to even talk to her own mother. That was one of things her father ban her from doing because she didn't want her to be soft and kind like her mother was.

Shino and Kiba went to their dad/mom while Kurenai along with Yamato and Anko follow after Naruto. Naruto turned around to face them only for his eyes to study each one of them because he did know Kurenai from being team eight's sensei and Anko from the chuunin tests. This new person is the one he took the most time studying only him to realize that Yamato was also studying him back.

They also noticed A and Mabui walking over to them only for Mabui to smile over to Naruto before they finally stopped in front of the group. "It's time for me to take my leave and Mabui along with team Samui will be staying in the village."

"Naruto-kun is it ok if my team and Mabui stay at your place?" Samui asked while the Raikage had walked away to meet up with his two bodyguards only Mabui stared at Naruto. Naruto only looked at Mabui then back at Yugito who just nodded her head.

"Yea they can stay but there's only two rooms ready for people to live in the other half of the house is still needs to be worked on first. Mabui-chan would have to stay in my room till we can get a 3rd room up and running." Yugito just grinned because she always could get Naruto to do something for her like this.

"I don't mind sharing a room with you but how come Yugito isn't sharing your room? You two are getting married to each other soon." Mabui asked only for Yugito to pout before poking Samui only for her to be playful slapped on the head.3

"I want to share a room with Samui-chan before I move into his room and I'll do that once I'm married to him. He doesn't mind it at all anyways." Yugito told Mabui while Naruto just stared at her because her to just grin again.

"We're going to set up the rooms for my two teammates and bring Mabui's stuff to your room now then." Samui told Naruto before walking off followed by Yugito and Mabui leaving Naruto along with the three jounins.

"I'll break things down for you Naruto-kun; Kurenai-chan will be teaching you genjutsu. We all know you suck at genjutsu big time and no way of saying you don't. I'll be teaching you more of hand to hand while jutsu training with this person here will be training you use your bloodline." Yamato only nodded his head to agree with Anko's words only for him to pout.

"I'm not that bad at genjutsu you know." This only caused Kurenai to giggle before he looked over to her.

"Naruto-kun you really are that bad at genjutsu and that's why I was called in to help you with it." She told him with a smile on her face because she had always thought of him as a silly shinobi and somewhat funny.

"We'll see you tomorrow at training grounds sixteen at eight in the morning." With that said Yamato started to leave then Anko only leaving Kurenai alone with Naruto only for her hand rub her shoulders.

"Tel me are your shoulders hurting you Kurenai-chan?" Naruto asked only for Kurenai to nod her head over to him. "You want me to give you backrub or something to help with it?" Kurenai though it over before giving him another nod of her head.

"Let's do that at my place and I'll show you where it is now." Kurenai started to walk away and he followed after her. She didn't know why she would allow him to give her a backrub but her body has been sore for long time now thanks to all the stress in her life.

From training her team to Asuma breaking up with her, she hasn't had a single break yet from things. Kurenai looked behind her time to time to see if he was still following her and when they got to her house she opened the door once she unlocked it.

They walked into the living room before she stopped him with her hand. "I'm going to get ready and when I am then I'll tell you to come in." Naruto nodded his head and watched her walk into her bedroom only to close the door once she got inside.

Naruto quickly turned around to the window because he had swear he just heard someone there, he only could see a note against the now opened window. He went and picked it up only to open the note to begin reading it.

"I have watched you all your life Naruto from start to the end. Soon it will be our time to meet each to each. I will be looking forward to that day, the day you die." Naruto just ripped the note and throw it out the window which he then heard Kurenai yell out for him to come in.

He didn't know who had made that note or who was at the window just then but he wasn't going let anyone kill him. Like he had told Samui if he was walking to his death then so be it, he'll face anyone if it means keeping the ones he loved safe.

He started to walk to the bedroom door to give Kurenai her backrub and when he opened the odor he just stared at what he was looking at.

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