Carla had been having some trouble, again, with her drinking and the only person she had been going to for help was Peter as he had experience with drink himself. Carla, being very seductive, had tried to get Peter into bed by offering him as much drink as she could. That was her plan, she didn't really want help she just wanted him. She knew he loved Leanne, his wife, and Simon, his son, but she also knew that he had a soft spot for her. Leanne knew that Carla loved Peter as Carla had told her, whilst she was a bit tipsy, a few days before so Leanne and Carla had now fallen out. Big time.

"Hi Peter, it's Carla. Listen um can you come over again?"

"Oh...Carla, it's Leanne. Peter's out, why do ya want him to come over eh?"

"...Um nothing, it don't matter. I'll catch him later yea?" Carla quickly spat the sentence out and hung up the phone.

Leanne was a very curious when she heard Carla say 'come over again'. She now guessed that Peter had been going round to Carla's flat a number of times as Peter had been telling Leanne he had been going to extra AA meetings to help his drinking but she now knew he was actually going round to Carla's. What she didn't know was that he was going to help Carla and not for a flirty little fumble, like Leanne thought as she knew how seductive Carla can be and how easy Peter gets.

Leanne heard Peter walk up the flat stairs. She was going to confront him there and then but she remembered he told her that he was going to an extra AA meeting tonight at 8 so she thought she would go round to Carla's flat and catch him in the act. She made the dinner and the 3 of them sat round the table and ate it together and Leanne said:

"You know what, I love our little family. Just the three of us eh?"

Peter just smiled and carried on eating his pasta whereas Simon jumped up and said:

"Yes! I love having a mum again, especially it being you Leanne."

This brought a tear to Leanne's eye and Peter could see how much he meant to her but he just couldn't get Carla out of his head, even though he had been fighting her off every time she tried to seduce him.

It was now 8pm and Peter was off to 'his extra AA meetings'. Leanne dropped Si off at Ken and Deirdre's while she went round to Carla's to confront the two of them...To be continued