Jade's POV

After spending the last week between preparing for the premiere and looking after Scarlett I felt by Friday afternoon that I had run out of energy. I'd been running around after everyone, having very little time to myself. I'd spent the morning down at the studio sorting out last minute bits and bobs for the venue, but finally I was done and I could start to get excited about my first ever movie premiere tomorrow. I'd worked my ass off for this, and I wasn't going to let anyone or anything ruin it.

I was finally living my dream, with Tori and my children by my side.

"Lilia, put that down!" I'd taken my eyes off her for a second to clear away dinner and already she'd found my shoes for tomorrow.

Her eye's glanced at mine, she knew exactly what she was doing was naughty, but she was my daughter, so a cheeky smile slid across her face as she pushed my heels onto her tiny feet and clambered around the hallway in them, stumbling and almost falling over several times.

"Lilia put them back before I smack your little butt." I said, slamming the dishwasher shut with my hip. Turning to grab Lilia I bumped right into my wife, who was cleverly holding two glasses of red wine in her hands which were both spilt over me. "Oh for fucks sake, Tori! Watch where you're going!"

"You bumped into me!" She replied, her eyes fell onto my shirt as the wine began to soak in. "And you are not going to smack our daughter!"

"Why were you stood right behind me? It's like you were asking for it!" I pushed past her, grabbing a towel and dabbing at my shirt. "Oh screw it." I threw the wet fabric over my head and threw it towards the laundry room, standing in only my dark green bra and my black leggings. "As if I was going to smack her Tori! What kind of Mom do you take me for? I was just scaring her."

"Well don't threaten her, she's not even two yet. We don't want to scare her!" She began to raise her voice at me, still holding onto the glasses. "I thought you could use a drink before tomorrow, you seemed stressed. Next time I won't bother being nice!" Tori slammed the glasses down on the counter.

"Fine!" I shouted back. "Why the hell is she still awake anyway? I thought Scarlett was putting her to bed an hour ago? It's going to be so much fun to wake her up tomorrow!" I pointed to the toddler who was still messing about with my shoes as I groaned loudly.

"She's in the bath. I didn't want to stress her out before tomorrow so I said I'd do it, but I've been busy too. I'll put her down now." Tori picked Lilia up, placing my shoes back in their original spot, her voice calmer than before.

I moved over to them both, kissing Lilia's forehead as Tori started to take her up the stairs. "Night rugrat." I called up as Lilia placed her head gently on Tori's shoulder, a yawn finally escaping her mouth.

After tidying the majority of the house and double checking I had everything ready for tomorrow, I could finally relax.

Tori entered our bedroom after putting Lilia to sleep, her eyes heavy and her hair a mess. "Apparently that music box we got her works on adults too. I fell asleep before she did."

"But she's asleep now right?" I rolled my eyes at her, changing into my pyjamas.

"Yes. Would you just relax? Even Scarlett isn't this stressed out, and she's the star of the movie."

"This is my movie Tori. I wrote it, I directed it, I helped with editing. What people will see tomorrow is all my doing, and I'm sorry that I'm stressed out about that!" I threw her pyjama top across the bed at her.

"Will you keep your voice down? Lilia, Scarlett and Blade are all fast asleep!" Tori placed her fingers in front of her pursed lips as she hushed me. "I get it babe, I know it's a big deal for you. But there's no need to be such a bitch to the rest of us."

"You think I'm being a bitch now?" I cocked my eyebrow at her, stepping towards her slowly, our eyes locked. "Seriously?"

She gulped hard, her eyes glancing to the floor, then back onto my eyes several times as I moved closer to her. "Yes." She mumbled.

"What was that?" I was so close to her I could feel the heat radiating off her.

"I said, you're a bitch Jade West." She said, her eyes staying locked on mine, a smug look on her face.

There was something about her when she was mad that drove me wild. I pulled at her waist, forcing her body against mine as I pushed my lips onto hers. Our lips moved in perfect unison, her fingers quickly became tangled in my thick hair. Warm breath caressed my lips as she leaned closer towards me, her nose brushing against mine as the kiss grew more intense. There was an edge of urgency about Tori's kiss, a hunger that might suddenly rage out of control. A tingle ran through my body as Tori's kisses moved from my lips and onto my neck, her hot breath moving across me like a hurricane.

My hands slipped up Tori's bed shirt, being able to remove it easily, revealing her bare chest. With one hand, Tori lifted my shirt off, throwing it to the floor, barely breaking the contact between us. Her lips brushed gently over my neck, her tongue just about touching my skin, forcing me to bite my lower lip hard to stop a moan escaping. I had to be in control here.

Spinning us both around, I lowered us onto our bed, my warm hands sliding up and down Tori's nude back. Her eyes opened as we hit the bed, lust and anger filling them as she wrapped her arms around my neck again, her lips crashing against mine. I was still mad at her, but all I could care about was how good Tori made me feel when she kissed me.

I sat up, straddling my wife as I let her take a good look at me. My fingers trailed down her stomach, feeling her tense beneath my fingertips. She ran her fingers through her hair, biting on her lips as she moaned slightly. I lent down, my lips skimming over her chest, teasing her as I left butterfly kisses over her breasts. I kissed lower and lower until I was at her underwear.

Her moans crept louder as I kissed along the waistline, to the point where she was almost begging me to take them off. "Fuck, Jade.."

Pulling her underwear off her slowly, my lips connected to her thighs, sending heavy kisses towards her centre. In-between a moan, I placed my lips hard onto her clit, my tongue moving over it in a circular motion as her moans grew even louder.

"Oh, fuck." She gripped onto the bed sheets as I added two fingers, my tongue still moving fast on her centre. "Kiss me." She moaned, pulling me back on top of her, my fingers still working hard on her.

Our wet lips pressed together, earning another moan from her as she could taste herself on my lips. She reached into our bedside table, trying her best not to break the kiss as she grabbed our dark blue bullet. I smirked into the kiss as she placed the vibrating bullet against my wet clit. My knees felt weak as it began to work harder on me, my fingers still pumping hard into Tori. All the anger we'd felt towards each other earlier, we were now taking out on one another, and god did it feel good.

I forced another finger into Tori, pushing harder and rougher than before. I felt her moan into my mouth as she began to tense, her whole, sweaty body pushing against mine. Swear words were pushed into the kiss as her walls closed in around my fingers, her body tensing hard against mine as her hips bucked. Feeling her orgasm against me sent me wild, I took the bullet from her, still holding it against my clit as I forced her fingers deep into me.

"Ah, shit." I moaned against her neck. "Harder." I whispered, nibbling against her ear.

She obeyed, moving her fingers faster and deeper as I climaxed, collapsing against Tori and pushing my lips against hers again, kissing her hard and passionately.

"I hate you." I smirked as I moved off her, and lay beside her, our eyes still connected, our naked bodies touching gently beneath the bed sheets.

"I love you too." She smiled, kissing my lips gently before cuddling into my chest.


"Mom, I can't find my shirt." Blade pushed open our bedroom door, letting in the early sunlight.

"It's in the laundry room." I mumbled, pulling the duvet over my face as he slammed the door shut.

Tori yawned, stretching her arms above her head and turning to face me. "I never get bored of waking up next to you." She kissed me gently before getting out of bed and rushing straight into the en-suite.

"Mom, we only have an hour until the make-up artists get here and I'm no where near ready!" Scarlett pushed our door open again, letting in more sunlight.

"She's in the shower." I groaned, rubbing my sleepy eyes and moving the sheets to cover my naked body.

"Why aren't you up yet!" Scarlett panicked, pulling at the bed sheets at the bottom of the bed.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." I laughed, my eyebrow raised at her.

She dropped the sheets, a disgusted look on her face. "Eww, gross. I did not need to know that Jade!" She backed away towards the door. "Just start getting ready!" She said, shutting the door loudly.

After an hour of rushing around, waking up a tired Lilia, getting everyone to eat breakfast and shower, the make-up artists finally arrived.

"Make her look age appropriate please." Tori said to the artists who were carefully working on the fifteen year old.

I laughed. "Stop worrying and get yours done." We all sat in a line in our kitchen, various people working on our hair and make-up.

"Who did you even invite today, Jade?" Tori mumbled whilst getting her make up done.

"Everyone." I replied, pouting my lips for my lipstick.

"Everyone?" She said back.

"Yes." I laughed. "Cat, Robbie, Andre, Trina, Sinjin and Beck. Everyone we used to hang out with."

"It'll be like a reunion." Tori smiled.

"Yeah, something like that. I only invited them all so I could show off." I admitted. Finally I had something I was proud of, and I wanted everyone to witness it.

"Mom, Lilia won't stop running around. She's going to ruin her dress." Blade stood with his arms crossed around his younger sister as she kicked her legs trying to break free.

"Lilia, quit messing around or else you won't get a cool birthday party next month." I smiled sweetly at her as she stopped kicking her legs so hard, a grumpy look on her face.

"Give her some strawberries, that'll keep her quiet for a while." Tori pointed to the fridge.

Another hour passed before we were finally ready. Scarlett was dressed in a Scarlett red dress. It fit flawlessly, the dress molded to her torso beautifully, complimenting her young, yet feminine figure. Her long, caramel hair had been curled and was placed in a half up do, showing off her stunning face. She looked amazing, she looked like a star.

"Oh Scarlett, you look beautiful. I can't believe you're my little baby." Tears formed in Tori's eyes as she saw her daughter for the first time.

"Wow, you guys looks great!" Scarlett stared at us, her red lips curling into a big smile.

Tori's gown draped past her toes, slightly drifting from her legs. It was the color of a tan opal. It's strapless style revealed her precious collarbones wrapped in smooth, tanned, skin. It fit her perfectly, showing off everything I loved about her lovely figure.

I'd gone for a little black dress, it flowed like a river in an hour glass shape and the one strap gave it a sexy yet elegant look. I'd even got a spray tan so I didn't look like a complete ghost next to my wife and children.

"We all look fierce." I smirked, bending down to pull Lilia onto my hip. Like her sister, she was in a red dress, although no where near as detailed as the rest of ours, she still looked beautiful. Her tiny curls had been neatened and a black bow had been pinned to her hair. She looked darling.

Blade coughed as he entered the hallway. "I look, dashing?" He laughed, pulling at his suit in a joking manner.

"You look like a proper man." I pinched at his cheek. "That doesn't mean you get to act like one." I smiled, hugging him tight. "Ok, are we ready to go? The Limo's been waiting for ten minutes already."

Scarlett held back as we all headed for the door. She watched herself in the mirror, practicing her smile for the red carpet. "I'm scared." She whispered.

"Since when have I ever known you to be scared?" I handed Lilia to Tori and walked back towards her, my heels clipping the floor loudly.

She shrugged her shoulders. "I bet Aubrey's gonna look amazing."

"Are you scared about seeing her?" I watched as she nodded shyly. "I can bet you look ten times better than that evil witch."

She laughed slightly, holding her hands across her tiny stomach. "What if I trip?"

It was my turn to laugh. "If you trip, I'll push Tori over. Deal?"

She chuckled, wrapping her arms around my waist. "Thank you so much Jade."

"For what?" I winked at her, taking her hand and heading towards the limo outside our house.


"Tori, Jadey! You guys look amazing!" Cat greeted us at the bottom of the red carpet. She wore a cute pink and white dress, her almost three year old daughter stood beside her in an identical, smaller dress.

"Don't call me that." I said, a fake smile on my face.

"Thanks Cat. So do you! Where is everyone else?" Tori hugged her best friend, bending down and kissing Daisy's cheeks.

"They are all waiting at the top, none of them get to walk the red carpet, it's just the cast and the other celebrities that are here." Cat grinned, pointing down the carpet and towards the cinema.

"I'm gonna puke." Scarlett lent against her Mom, her face turning green.

"No, you're not." I grabbed hold of her arm, pulling her aside. "You want this. I know you do. So don't you dare fuck this up now. This is the start of your big career Scarlett. No matter how scared you are, you smile and you own that red carpet. We've worked too hard for this."

She nodded her head. "Aubrey can kiss me fabulous ass when she see's me work that carpet." She replied, heading back over the beginning of it.

We all began the walk, starting with Tori, myself and Lilia, followed by Cat and other celebrities and to finish the walk, the main stars Scarlett and Aubrey were walking together. I took a look around as I walked, trying to take it all in. Everywhere I turned names were being called, flashes were going off and screams were echoing around the streets. It was everything I'd ever dreamed of. Fangirls held posters and pens to be signed by us all. My name was being yelled by everyone. It was the best feeling in the world. I held Tori's hand as we reached the top of the carpet, both of us being able to watch the rest of the stars walk towards us.

"Scarlett, look here. Aubrey look over your left shoulder. Scarlett turn back. Big eyes, Aubrey. Smile Scarlett." Echoed around the walkway as the main stars walked up it.

They both look flawless, both of them working the cameras and signing autographs like professionals. As they hit the end of the runway, the two young girls looked at each other, devious grins on their faces as they faced the audience, linking their hands tight together and finishing the walk hand in hand.

"What the hell is she doing?" Tori squeezed my hand tight as she watched them.

"Leave them." I whispered. The press had got word of Scarlett's overdose and for the past week it had been top news, to our surprise, everyone was nothing but kind about it. She received flowers daily from fans and letters of support. It shocked us all, and all of it helped Scarlett recover.

The fans went wild as we all finally entered the cinema, all of us taking a deep breath and heading towards our seats.

"Good luck." Tori whispered as I headed to the front of the large cinema.

I waited until everyone was sat and as quiet as possible to begin talking. My eyes scanned across the room, finding everyone. Beck and his pregnant girlfriend sat beside Andre. Robbie, Cat and their two children sat beside Lilia, Tori and Trina's family and Scarlett and Aubrey sat at the front of the room besides the other cast members. "I firstly want to thank you all for being here today to witness the first screening of this movie. I want to thank the amazing crew and the talented cast who helped me make my dream a reality. I want to thank my beautiful wife, who believed in me since day one, and who broke my heart, giving me the inspiration to write this." I caught Tori's eyes as the audience laughed. "I hope you all enjoy this movie, a lot of hard work has gone into it." I held my thumb up to the back of the cinema as the room went black. I found my seat next to Tori, our hands entwined as the movie started. Everyone watched in silence as the movie played, all until the end, where you could hear sniffs and sobs echoing around the movie theatre.


"Jade, it was so amazing." Tori was still drying her eyes hours later at the after party.

The movie had been a roaring success, so far all good reviews and not a dry eye in the house.

"Scarlett, I had no idea you could act like that. You are certainly your Momma's girl." Andre high fived the young actress. "Awesome movie Jade, and nice pipes Tori." We watched as she blushed. "I know that sweet voice anyday." He hugged his best friend. "Well done guys."

"Thank you Andre." I smiled, shaking his hand.

"So it was based on you and Tori?" Cat pointed at us two, her make up smeared from crying.

I nodded. "Yep."

"But Tori didn't really die, did she?" Cat looked worried as she turned to Tori, everyone laughing at Cat.

"I didn't die, Cat. Only in the movie." Tori hugged her, still laughing.

"Oh, that's good!" She smiled again. "It's the best movie I've ever seen!"

"Thanks Cat." I hugged her briefly as my eyes found Blade, walking towards me with his Dad.

"Jade." Beck spoke.

"Beck." I replied just as blunt.

"I can't believe you wrote that, it was flawless. The acting was exquisite, the soundtrack flowed so well, the entire movie was perfect. Well done, Jade." Beck placed his hand on my shoulder, a real smile on his lips.

I laughed in shock at how nice he was being. "Thanks." I wrapped my arms around him, hugging him gently.

"It was good, but it would have been better if I'd been in it." Trina dragged her husband and twins towards us, ruining the nice moment.

"Trina!" Tori shouted, whacking her around the arm.

"Just saying!" Trina hit Tori back gently, a smile on her. "It was awesome Jade. Well done Little S."

From behind Scarlett, Aubrey stood shyly. She tapped Scarlett gently on her shoulder, finally getting her attention. "We did good." She smiled sweetly. "You were amazing."

"So were you." Scarlett smiled back, her cheeks turning a dark shade of pink.

"What did I tell you! I didn't want you anywhere near her!" Aubrey's Mom stormed over, her cheeks red from fury.

"Get off me!" Aubrey snatched her hand away from her Mom. "Stop telling me what to do. I'm not a kid anymore. This is my big day, don't ruin it for me!"

Tammy stood in shock, her face as though Aubrey had just slapped her. "How dare you. I told you this was our day. I worked so hard to get you this and this is how you repay me? By going back to that, that dyke!"

Before I could say anything, Aubrey stepped closer to her Mom, anger thick in her eyes. "I'm gay." She spoke loudly and confidently. "I'm gay, Mom. I've known for ages. And you can't change that, whether you like it or not. I love girls." She turned to face Scarlett. "I love Scarlett."

Scarlett stood in shock as Aubrey placed her hand in hers. "Say something." Aubrey spoke, worry in her voice.

Scarlett scanned us all as she panicked, her eyes landed on Blade, whos face was confused. He'd never fully understood that Scarlett liked both boys and girls. Tammy turned, storming off quickly. Both myself and Tori were grinning like idiots at the two girls in front of us. Finally, someone had stood up for what was right.

"I love you too Aubrey." She paused. "But not like that, not anymore. I'm so sorry."

Aubrey stood still for a few moments before moving towards Scarlett and pushing their lips together. It took a while, but Scarlett placed her arms around Aubrey's neck, kissing her back.

"Yay Letty!" Lilia cheered, clapping her hands together as everyone laughed.

"How about now?" Aubrey smirked, as she held Scarlett in a hug.

"Ok, maybe I do love you." She laughed.


The rest of the evening continued at our house, consisting of everyone getting along perfectly, laughing, joking and acting as though no time had passed between us friends. Robbie held Rex on his arm still cracking his awful jokes that none of us laughed at, Andre played piano live for everyone, Tori and him singing 'Make It Shine' together, Cat sang solo to us and Beck hosted a toast at myself and Tori. All was right in the world. It was the bliss that should have been there fifteen years ago when this all started.

As the sun set over the Hollywood sign the six of us (seven if you included Rex) sat in our backyard, our toes all dipping into the pool as our children play in the back yard in front of us.

"I kinda always knew this would be how it is." Cat spoke, flicking the water over her tiny toes. "You and Tori were meant to be, from the day you met everyone could tell."

Tori took my hand, kissing it gently as she smiled at Cat. "You're right."

"You two have an unbreakable passion, a burning love that will never go out." Andre grinned, splashing Beck slightly.

"I don't know how I didn't see it sooner." Beck joked.

"I'm so proud of us all. We all did what we wanted to do with our lives." Tori ran her fingers across the cool water.

"With some bumps along the way." I added.

"I never got to sleep with Tori." Rex admitted, everyone's eyes glaring at him.

"Rex! Don't ruin the moment." Robbie swatted the puppet.

When we were growing up and attending Hollywood Arts, we all had so many big dreams, so many hopes and wishes for our futures. Everyone seemed to had achieved their dreams before mine, so much that I'd began to give up, fear overtook and I gave in. I gave up on everything other than one thing my heart was sure of, Tori. She was the missing piece to the puzzel, without her, I wouldn't have completed my dream. My dream wasn't to make it big in Hollywood like I'd always said, it was to marry the love of my life, Tori and to raise my kids with her. She made my crazy dream come true.

We started where we'd ended off fifteen years ago. The six of us, not always getting on, but being there for one another. Many people had come and gone in my life, but these six stayed around, leaving footprints over my heart. And since then, I've never been the same.

There comes a point in everyones lives where you realise who really matters to you, and us six sat around my pool, with our feet in the clear blue water, my hand linked with Tori's as we laughed together and watched our children play was that moment. And that's when I realised, everything was going to be okay in the end, and if it wasn't okay, then it wasn't the end.

A/N - The end :) I'm thinking of doing an epilogue set a few years in the future, what do you guys think? Or should I just end it here? Thank you so much for all your favs, reviews and follows on this story. I really enjoyed writing it, and I hope you enjoyed reading it :)