Lorenzo has been pacing the living room, his brother's request playing through his mind. Her DNA. What the hell did he need that for? As hard as he has racked his brain, Lorenzo just couldn't fathom what his brother could possibly want with her DNA.

Glancing over at the door to the bedroom, Elizabeth long since having gone to bed, Lorenzo continues to try and figure out what his brother could possibly need her DNA for and what exactly was he up to. A couple hours later, the door opens up and in its wake stands his brother.

"Brother, dear." Luis smirks, walking into the safe house before closing the door. "Don't look so sad to see me."

"What do you want with it, Luis?" Lorenzo counters, needing to know.

"Just need to settle an epiphany of sorts." Luis says simply, folding his arms across his chest. "Either you give it to me or I can get it myself...your choice."

"Not until you tell me why you need it."

"Look, little brother, if I'm right, I'll tell you." Luis concedes. "But if not, no harm no foul. Don't make me cause the girl harm to get what I want."

"Dammit." Lorenzo mutters, walking over to the kitchen to pull out a bag with a needle in it. "From her IV line."

"Smart." Luis smiles slightly. "As always, its been interesting to see you, little brother."

"Whether you're right or wrong, I want to know why you needed it." Lorenzo says sternly, standing in the door way as Luis walks out of the house.

"If you say so, little brother." Luis executes a mock salute before getting in his vehicle before speeding away.

Closing the door, Lorenzo makes a small prayer that his brother doesn't do anything stupid to cause harm to Elizabeth. Even if he'd rather die than harm his brother, Lorenzo will kills his brother before he lets him do anything to hurt Elizabeth.

Settling in for the night, he picks up a magazine and relaxes into the couch. Thanks to his brother, Lorenzo doubts he'll be getting any kind of sleep tonight, his mind running through all the possibilities in regard to his brother, hating that he's even considering killing his own twin brother.

"That had to be the most pointless meeting ever!" Johnny groans, flopping down on his bed, seriously needing sleep.

"No meeting is pointless as long as it keeps the peace." Francis counters, kicking off his shoes. "Now shut your trap so I can get to sleep."

"Whatever you say." Johnny turns his head, eyeing his cellphone, a thought running through his mind. "Ah, hell."

Pulling himself out of bed, Johnny grabs his cellphone before walking out of the room, knowing that Francis would kick his ass if he made his call inside their room. Leaning against the wall, Johnny dials Emily's number, hoping she's awake to talk to him.

"Yeah?" her sleepy voice greets him over the phone.

"Hey." he says softly. "I miss you."

"I miss you, too." Emily sits up in bed, rubbing at her eyes. "You heading back to Lizzie yet?"

"Not just yet." Johnny says sadly. "We're leaving first thing in the morning."

"Oh...how did the meeting go?"

"It went smoothly." he admits, running a weary hand down his face. "I'm sorry."

"For what?" she says with confusion.

"I'm sorry that I can't give you what you want right now." Johnny sighs, slumping down until he's sitting on the floor. "I want what you want...I really do, Em...I'm just afraid that something like this can happen to us and...I couldn't handle it if anything happened to you. What more when we have kids?"

"Oh, Johnny." Emily slides her hand over her heart, wishing he were there so she could wrap him up in her arms. "I know its scary...I'm scared, too. Just because we're scared, it doesn't mean that we should let fear rule our life and tell us how to live it."

"Watching Jason go through this...I'm amazed that he hasn't completely fallen apart." Johnny says on a hushed tone. "I know we found Elizabeth...but it was merely luck...I don't think I'd ever be strong enough to go through something like this."

"People get kidnapped all the time, its sad, but its true." Emily says seriously. "Its a miracle if families get their loved ones back."

"Is this supposed to make me feel better?" Johnny counters. "Because it doesn't."

"What I'm trying to say is that those people work within the limits of the law." Emily explains. "If Jason left it up to the cops, do you really think they would have found Elizabeth? They would have stopped after the explosion, but you guys kept going. You kept going until you found her and you did, Johnny, you found her. I have no doubt in my mind that you'd be strong enough to find me, god forbid it ever happens, but you will be strong enough. I know it."

"What did I ever do to deserve you?" he whispers, fighting off the tears in his eyes.

"That's easy...you deserved me by being you." Emily says simply. "I love you, Johnny O'Brien! Whether we get married in a year or ten years...I'm always going to love you! There's no getting rid of me...not now, not ever."

"I love with my whole being, beautiful!" Johnny says wholeheartedly. "Do me a favor?"

"Name it." she says without hesitation.

"Wait...first, are you wearing my jacket?"

"What do you think?" she says, teasingly.

"Okay..." he smiles slightly, imagining her in it. "Open the small pocket on the inner part of the left side...reach inside and tell me what's there."

Confused, but not wanting to question him, Emily does as he asks and nearly goes shell-shocked from what she finds.

"I will do this the right way...I promise you that, but this will have to do, for now." Johnny closes his eyes, taking a deep breath. "Emily Bowen Quartermaine, will you throw away any form of common sense and marry me?"

"You crazy boy, of course I'll marry you!" she says through her tears. "I love you, so much! You better come home soon so I can show you just how much!"

"As fast as I can, you can count on that." Johnny says with conviction. "I'm sorry I did it like this, you deserve so much more..."

"And you'll give me it once you get back to me." Emily cuts him off. "For right now, this is perfect. Besides, we were never ones for the traditional styles anyway."

"Yeah...I guess we never were." he admits. "Can you do me another favor?"

"Sure." Emily says softly.

"Don't put it on your finger yet...I want to be the one to do it."

"I have a chain I can use to make it a necklace." she replies with understanding. "Thank you, Johnny...I know how hard this is for you...just, thank you."

"I want what you want...I'm just a little nervous, that's all."

"I know." she lays back down in bed. "You're my whole world...I understand what its like to be scared...but I won't give you up for anything."

"Same here." Johnny smiles slightly. "Go back to sleep, beautiful girl. I'll call again when I can."

"I love you, Johnny O'Brien!"

"I love you, Emily Quartermaine." he says on a hushed tone. "God, how I love you."

Walking into his own personal lab, Luis plops down in front of his equipment, it pays to do stuff yourself. A quote he lives by: "If you want something done right, be smart enough to do it your damn self or suffer the consequences.

"Now, dear little Elizabeth Webber." Luis mutters, pulling out the needle. "Lets see if I'm right. If I am...well...someone's gonna have hell to pay."

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