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Barnabas' shoes squelch against the ground as he enters the bathroom, where he had followed a light trail of blood that had been ground into the carpeted floor of the main room. His feet slide across the floor and he has to grip onto the door to not fall down. His hand skims across the tiled flooring and he feels the familiar feeling of blood grace his hand. But this time is different, he no longer feels the urge to drink the blood and lick his hand clean, free of any red residue. This time he feels the disgust rumble in his stomach as he hastily wipes the blood away on a nearby towel. Barnabas' eyes scan the floor, but he sees nothing more than a patch of blood in the centre of the room. The trail ends next the bath. The shower curtain in pulled around the bath, obscuring whoever is in there from view.

Barnabas' handshakes as he slowly lifts his arm up and grips the edge of the curtain. He pulls it off quickly and lets his eyes dart to the scene in front of him. His fiancé is lying with her face up in a half filled bath. She is fully dressed, her clothes sticking to her skin. Her neck is trailed with blood, and Barnabas can see no movement from her chest. Julia floats carelessly on the water, her body showing signs of bruising. Barnabas stares at his fiancé, his eyes trailing along the water which is now stained with blood. Barnabas' eyes find a foot, submerged in the water. It is by Julia's head, and clearly doesn't belong to the ginger alcoholic.

Barnabas moves his eyes up the person body. His eyes connect with two female ones, her eyes are wide and she is letting out ragged breath. Her hand clutches a knife, and she is leaning against the wall desperately.

"Barnabas I can explain."

"You? You did this." Barnabas replies, tears prick at his eyes.

"I didn't mean for this, I thought I was helping her."

"Helping her! You've killed her." Barnabas screams. His arms scoop Julia up and he clutches her limp body to him. "Why?"


"Why would you do this Carolyn?" Barnabas says, his hand clutching Julia's head.

"I didn't do it. I found her like this. She was still breathing and all I could see was blood, and the knife next to her. I couldn't see where she was bleeding from so I wanted to wash away the blood to see where she'd been cut." Carolyn says, her hair falling into her face. She is clutching the knife and looks terrified.

"Who did this?" Barnabas asks

"I think it was Victoria." Barnabas' blood freezes at the mention of her name " I saw her walking away before I saw Julia. She looked happy."

"That sick, twisted vixen." Barnabas yells. His arms are still holding Julia. Barnabas manages to pull her head away from his body and looks at her closed eyes. Her face is pale and he can't see any movement of her chest. Barnabas hand quickly snatches the knife away from Carolyn's hand. He rinses the blood away and dries the blade on his clothing. Barnabas carefully places the blade underneath Julia's nose. He watches the shining metal in anticipation. Waiting for something that will probably not come. He lets out a loud yelp as he sees the light edges of air hitting the blade, leaving a clouded steam over the silver blade. She's alive.

Barnabas pulls Julia's body out of the bath, his hands find her chest, and he begins to beat at her heart. Bringing his mouth down occasionally to push air into her body. He counts the minutes while he does this. He is waiting for her to start breathing again. He wants to see her eyes flicker open, he wants to see her eyes connect with his. He wants to feel her warm lips against his, rather than her cold lips. He wants to see her full of life, he wants her to be with her.

"Come one Julia, don't you dare leave me. I love you." Barnabas yells. The minutes pass and nothing happens. Carolyn looks on in horror, tights soaked in blood. Carolyn watches as the man who she always viewed as strong and willing to fight to the end, begin to crumble. Tears fall down his face, as nothing happens. Barnabas' hands come to a stop and he brings his head down. His sobbing making him bend forward. He lets the sound of his sobs escape his body as his sorrow washes over him. Barnabas' head rests on Julia's chest.

He stays in this position for what seems like an age, his tears still falling. Carolyn still watches in silence, when she sees his head begin to rise. Barnabas' head whips up as he watches Julia's chest rise and fall. Her eyes opening suddenly.

"Barnabas?" Julia croaks.

"Yes my love." Barnabas replies, bringing his lips down to hers and wrapping his hand around her neck. Julia breaks away and looks at him.

"We really need to stop this." Julia said "We both need to stop dying all the time."

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