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Her hands were bleeding and she realised with horror that she had clutched onto the jagged rock that had a small rose plant growing out of the side. Its thorns were sharp and were digging into her hands. She was desperately fighting against the urge to remove her hand from the pain that had begun to form in her hand. She continued to scream out for Barnabas; her weight was beginning to pull her down and she could feel the skin of her fingers beginning to tug and tear, her skin was no longer a thick barrier that protected her inner body, but a piece of flimsy fabric that would tear at any given moment. Julia's hands desperately scrambled at the rock edge, her feet scraping against the rocks as she frantically tried to push herself upwards until she had eliminated the pain completely.

"Barnabas! Help me!" Julia wailed as she continued to scramble up the cliff edge. Her feet were slipping against the rocks and she knew that at any moment she could fall to her death. She suddenly heard footsteps above her, Julia looked up expectantly and aw two fully black large eyes peek out from the cliff edge. Julia noticed that the transformation had become more grotesque. Victoria's shoulders were concaved forward the edges of her shoulders formed into sharp edges. Her hands had crept up and had curved over the edge, her finger's seemed longer and her nails were sharp. The cracks in her lips were lined black and her teeth had turned into sharp points. The crack that Julia had thought she'd seen was now more prominent, and had extended further up her face. It was as if the dark power that was inside this mortal body was too much for the outer shell to handle. Her body was straining against the power. Julia knew how to kill her, but she couldn't help Barnabas while she was stuck hanging onto the cliff edge.

"Nobody's going to help you." Angelique said, she accentuated the s sounds, creating a snake like sound that caused a shiver to rise through Julia's spine, her hands had begun to slip from the rock and she watched with a sick swirling in her stomach as she saw the creature above her pull a faint smile onto her lips. She was chuckling as she noticed the desperation that covered Julia's face, she noticed the tension in Julia's fingertips, and the ends of her fingers had turned white due to the pressure she was applying.

Julia looked up as she heard a wail from above, and saw Barnabas colliding with Victoria's body and pushing her away from the edge. Victoria was spun around the strength of Barnabas causing her legs to momentarily leave the ground. She heard a grunt of dissatisfaction as Victoria landed in a heap on the floor. Barnabas leaned over the edge before reaching downto try and clutch Julia's hand. Julia repositioned herself to try and grab his hand. His arms weren't long enough to grab hold of her hand. As much as she tried to push herself up she wasn't able to clutch onto his hand. Tears were beginning to stream down Julia's face, ad she could see the slight trickle of tears falling over Barnabas' cheeks.

"Come on Julia you can do this." Barnabas bellowed as he continued to stretch his arms out to reach her.

"It's no use Barnabas." Julia said, she felt deflated, her vision blurring.

"Jump." Barnabas demanded; Julia looked up at him; a confused look caused her brow to furrow. Her eyes widened and the rain that had begun to patter down much heavier was landing in big splashes onto her hair and the cliff face. Her hands were slowly beginning to slip. "Jump and I'll catch you!" Barnabas' voice seemed to become more urgent.

As Julia's fingers began to slip from the rock face she knew this was her only chance to save her life. Julia pushed her feet into a crack in the cliff, this skin on her toes broke and she could feel warm blood dripping down her feet. Once she was certain she was secure she began to push herself up. Her arms using all the strength she could muster. Julia took a deep intake of breath and pushed herself further up before she dragged her feet out of the crack and let everything come away from the cliff edge. Her hands danced through the air until she felt another hand join hers. She clutched onto the cold flesh and looked up.

Barnabas was clutching onto her hand, desperation covered his face as he urgently tried to pull her up. Julia's feet scraped against the cliff face and with one final push she moved upwards. Barnabas clutched onto her waist and pulled her over the cliff's edge.

Julia's arms flung around Barnabas in a tight embrace, her heart was still pounding against her chest and she was certain that Barnabas could feel it. Julia could feel Barnabas' hands running through Julia's damp hair. His hands run over her shoulders, a ghostly touch over her waist as he began to pull her closer to him. His hand came back up towards her face, which he prised away from his shoulder. He cupped her check in his hand and drew her closer to him. He kissed her letting the desperation spill out, showing her exactly how much he loved her.

"Next time don't fly off the edge of a cliff." Barnabas whispered as he pulled his head away from hers. They were still close their noses touching and she could feel his breath coming out in short gasps. She didn't want to let go of him, her fear was still bubbling even though she was safely on solid ground.

"You can't keep your hands off each other can you?" Angelique snarled, she had picked herself up and was now walking towards them. Victoria's spine seemed to have collapsed over, her spine pulled into a hunch. Julia watched as she continued to move forward, her hands gripping onto Barnabas' jacket.

They watched as Victoria's body tumbled forward, her hands connecting with the damp grass. She started to mutter words and the cracks that had been prominent before, became deeper and they looked as if they would cause her to fall to pieces.

"If I can't just get rid of one of you, I'll get rid of you both." Angelique spat, malice lacing her voice as she continued to mutter words. Barnabas noticed something odd, his eyes flickered to Victoria's arms, the cracks that had begun to appear were now trickling with a black inky substance, as if her blood had turned black. The dark magic that now possessed her was twisting her soul. As the black substance that was falling down her arms did not seem to faze her.

"Farewell my love." Angelique said, as a large crack made its way through the surface of the ground. It shattered and began to crumble, the ground shook and Julia felt her stomach jolt as she felt the ground give way, they were falling backwards as the edge of the cliff fell away.

Both Barnabas and Julia were able to catch a glimpse of a soaked Victoria, the black liquid completely covering her arms, the rain was washing it away as quickly as it was flowing from the cracks in her skin. A malicious smile graced her lips as she watched the two lovers begin to plummet to the ground.

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