So GOT is over again. I really enjoyed this season, though I think it was the heart breaking scene with my beloved Genrya that did it for me. And even though I knew the Red Wedding was coming, I was still really affected by it. Arya watching the Frey men sing 'Here he comes, the King in the North' almost had me in tears at the start of the last episode. So horrible. I don't want to say anymore about that in case some haven't seen it yet or read the books.

I really don't have any great twists left in this story. I am only writing it now for fun, so it is just mostly smut from now on and my updates probably won't be that regular. Please don't expect great writing, cos' I can't do it! I would still like to hear from you though, as reviews are much appreciated and I love each and every one, so thanks so much to all of you for taking to time to write I hope you enjoy!

He began to stir beside her at around 11am. His hand was on her thigh, seemingly refusing to move from the spot of smooth flesh between her stocking and skirt. She moaned in memory of the glorious rushes and spasms that filled her body all night. They were back to normal now, the uniform leaving him no choice but to take her and fuck her with his fingers and tongue like he used too. She got up and stretched, her skirt rising up over her ass as she did.

"Get back here." He groaned, propping himself up on the pillow. "I'm not finished with you yet, Miss Stark."

She giggled, looking back over her shoulder at her man's blue eyes, studying her intensely. Her pussy contracted when he sat up and said.

"I never told you that you could get up... I will have to punish you for that."

She turned back to him, her eyes growing dark as she played with the hem of her skirt.

"I was going to shower for you sir." She said, tilting her head. "I thought you might like to join me."

He moved to the edge of the bed, before grabbing her by the hips and dragging her to him. She could see his cock was already rock hard and his eyes, black.

"If you shower, you'll have to get undressed... and I want to play again." He groaned as he pushed her skirt up, revealing her mound.

She opened her legs automatically as her fingers entwined in his thick, black hair. He moaned quietly as her pussy came into view, only a few inches from his face. She took the fingers of her right hand from his hair, placed them in her mouth and sucked on them loudly. His eyes never left her sex, his finger digging into her hips, holding her skirt up. She removed her fingers from her mouth and slided them between her legs, gliding them over her slit. He squeezed her hips, keeping her skirt raised so he could watch.

"Play with your clit." He demanded angrily.

She did as he told her.

"Show me how you make yourself wet." He growled.

She continued stroking her clit, up and down, then around. The intensity of him watching her made her sex inflamed. She knew she would have the first waves of orgasm soon, so she moved her fingers down and slipped one insider herself. She was slick and ready. Moving her sopping finger back to her clit, she began the dance again. Her head fell back as the sensations consumed her. She was getting close. Suddenly her grabbed her hand and tore it away from her throbbing clit. She gasped and looked down at him.

"You very naughty Miss Stark." He growled. "I think it's time you were punished."

"No... please..." she moaned. "Just let me..." she begged, needing relief.

But he stood up, moving behind her.

"Bend over now." He demanded. "I'll decide when you come."

She looked back at him, anger rising in her belly, as she seen the smug look on his face, her sex aching.

"Asshole." She whispered harshly.

He grabbed her hips, grinding his cock against her ass.

"What did you just call me, Miss stark?" he asked amused, his breath tickling her ear.

She swallowed hard, realising she had just fuck up in their little game. He was in charge, she was meant to be nice, do as he say's, not argue.

"Nothing sir." She whispered, as the hairs on the back of her neck stood up in anticipation.

"And now you're lying to me too... very bad Miss Stark." His lips touching her ear. "You're going to be sorry you were rude to me."

He ran his hands up the back of her thighs until he reached her ass, and squeezed hard. Suddenly he slapped her ass, making her jump a little. She was still surprised how much she enjoyed the slight stinging sensation his spanking left on her skin. It always amazed her that she was turned on by being dominated by him, even though she would never be told what to do by a man outside of sex. Now it seemed she loves to be spanked. The sensations sending a shiver of pain to her sex, making her ache in more ways than one. He slapped her harder the next time. She couldn't help but moan loudly, her hands reaching behind her and finding his body to cling to as she tried to stay upright.

She heard him chuckle smugly in her ear.

"You like it when I spank you..." he whispered.

She was getting pissed off with him now. He was going to make her beg again and she knew she would be powerless until he allowed her come.

"Get on all fours on the bed, now." He said harshly.

She turned her head back and glared at him.

"Just fucking make me come, you asshole!" she spat.

He smiled at her before licking his lips.

"I want to make you squeal... that noise you make when you can't take anymore. I fucking love that sound." He spanked her ass hard again as he cupped her face with one hand. "And I fucking love you." He growled before kissing her deeply, sucking on her bottom lip for a few seconds when he was finished.

"All fours... now." He smiled when he let go of her face.

She could only whimper after the passion of the kiss. Her body was jelly and she knew he was going to make her squeal. She crawled onto the bed, barely able to hold herself up with her weak arms. She felt his hand on her lower back, pressing down on her, forcing her to tilt her ass upwards, exposing herself to him shamelessly.

"Open your legs wider." He demanded, as he lifted her skirt and let it fall on her back.

She gasped as he spanked her again, moaning as his fingers slided into her soaking sex, arching her back as he wiggled them inside her. Her breathing was hitched as she basked in the sensations created by the way he watched her so closely. She was fully exposed, he stood over her, watching her every whimper and moan. She never thought herself an exhibitionist, but as he played with her pussy, his other hand holding her hair, she revelled in his stare.

"You're so fucking wet..." he whispered in a harsh tone. "You like it when I play with your wet pussy, Miss Stark?"

She could only moan as he stood over her, asking his questions and pulling lightly on her hair. She began to bite her lip, knowing he was watching her and loving how he was making her squirm. Her exhibitionist side came out fully as she open her mouth wide and sighed, biting her lip and then smiling as she panted and pushed back on his fingers. She was getting close again, and the heat in her sex was beginning to get unbearable. She needed to finish.

"Can I play with my clit sir?" she whispered.

He felt a shock of pleasure hit his cock as she turned her head to look at him, biting her lip.

"Please..." she whimpered.

He moaned before taking his fingers out and spanking her again. He could tell she was getting angry, and need to come soon. He spanked her again, just to annoy her, smiling as he did. She was about to say something, her face not attempting to hide her frustration, but he grabbed her shoulder and pulled her back, so she was kneeling on the bed.

"Stand up." He commanded.

She pouted and stood up quickly, anger clearly boiling within her. He sat on the bed and pulled her in between his legs.

"Play with yourself for me." He whispered as he lifted her skirt with one hand.

She began to rub her clit roughly, unable to fight the need to come any longer. He slipped two fingers inside her again and watched as she pleasured herself. Suddenly, he grabbed her leg and lifted it, making her reach for his shoulders to steady herself. He guided her leg to his shoulder and she hooked it over him, her body tilting down to his head as she did, her sex right in front of his waiting lips. When she was steady, she bought her fingers back to her clit and began stroking herself again. He groaned as he watched her and played with her, listening to her laboured breaths which seemed to stop and start as she rubbed her nub. Knowing she was close, he puckered his lips and began kissing her soaking folds, grinning to himself as she made noises he never heard before. She moved her fingers to allow his tongue to reach her clit, grabbing a fist full of his hair and grinding into his face.

"Oh... oh..."

His tongue danced on her nub and his fingers danced inside her slick pussy as she clawed at her neck, barely able to handle the intensity of what was happening to her body.

"Oh god... Gen... oh..." she whimpered as he flicked her clit with his tongue, over and over.

She ran her hand over her breasts, sending fresh waves of electric tingling through her body.

"Ummm... oh god ... oh god..."

Finally she came; digging her nails into his skull and scratching her chest with her other hand. She didn't squeal. Instead, these sounds were new, but Gendry was far from disappointed. He was rock hard, but more importantly to him in that moment, he had made her come like never before and the satisfaction of hearing her whimper and seeing her collapse on the bed, unable to speak, barely able to move, gave him such a satisfied feeling, it was almost as good as coming himself. Almost...

He lay down beside her exhausted body and kissed her forehead. She just lay there for a few minutes, trying to catch her breath, her eyes closed and her chest heaving. He kissed her small shoulders lightly; moving to her cheek and nose as he gently stroked her arm and leg. When she stopped panting, he lay his head in front of hers and whispered.

"I love you Arya."

She smiled, her eyes still closed.

"Good... but I'm still going to make you pay for that... very bold Waters..."she smiled again.

He chuckled.

"Sorry, but that uniform has a strange effect on me."

She laughed lightly and opened her eyes.

"I don't want to wait till my birthday Gen... I don't want to wait anymore."

He sighed, knowing he was going to have to have the conversation he had dreading for months.

"Arya, I don't want to have sex with you when you're underage... it's only a few more months."

"But after everything that's happened, I don't want to wait any longer..." she said, her brow furrowed.

Gendry took a deep breath and looked her in the eye.

"I lied to you Arya." he said seriously.

She stiffened at his sudden change in demeanour, a little wave of fear washing over her as he looked at her intensely.

"I have to tell you the truth before we sleep together... I need you to know the truth about me."

She could feel tears prickling her eyes. She was so blissfully happy with the man of her dreams just a few moment before and now he was threatening to ruin it all and she didn't have a clue why. She couldn't speak, just looked at him with large, wet, grey eyes.

"When you asked me how many women I slept with, I told you five, but that was a lie." He looked at his fingers, which were resting on her thigh.

"I was scared if I told you the truth you would... I don't know; think I'm a loser... I mean, I was a complete loser..."

Finally able to speak she said, "Just fucking explain Gendry!" in a low, but determined tone.

Unable to look at her he, kept his eyes on her hip and continued.

"When I was twelve and living in the home, there was a group of us who used to hang out. We would spend all day in the parks, sniffing glue, smoking spliffs, aerosols; drinking... anything we could get our hands on really... we would break windows, tag shops, go into housing estates and dump peoples bins all over the street. Childish shit like that."

He looked up at her thinking she would be disgusted with his confession, but she looked confused rather than angry. So he looked away and continued.

"When I was thirteen I started having sex... we all did. We would be wasted most days and the girls would give us head... sometimes we'd have sex. It was just another thing to do really. It never meant anything."

He cleared his throat.

"We had no one who gave a shit about us Arya, no family. I really believed that I had no future... that I was going to end up a junkie or in jail. That's how everyone else turned out. Everyone I knew was fucked up and I was certain that I was going to be too. Doing drugs, petty crime, having sex... it was all just a distraction. I thought I may as well have some fun as I was not going to have much of a life anyway."

"Why didn't you tell me sooner." She whispered.

"I'm ashamed of how was Arya. You see those kids now, hanging around shopping centres, annoying people, causing trouble and acting like little shitheads... everyone hates them... well, I as one of them for years and I'm embarrassed about it."

He was startled when he felt her hand cup his cheek and tilt his face towards hers.

"You never have to be ashamed to tell me anything... I love you." She said, her expression still confused.

He blinked, surprise covering his face.

"You're not mad?"

"Oh, I'm mad Gendry." She said. "You lied to me, but I'll get over it."

He sighed in relief and kissed her nose.

"It won't happen again."

She bit her lip. "How many?" it wasn't really important to her, but she couldn't help but ask.

He shook his head. "Honestly Ar, I don't know... I was wasted for years and didn't keep count."

She could see a blush rising over his skin as he looked down at the bed.

"What changed?" she asked softly, hoping the tale was a happier one.

"The Motts." He answered simply. "When they fostered me I was fifteen. They lived on the other side of the city to my old friends and it was hard for me to hang out with them. But really, they were just brilliant parents. Mr Mott had this banged up car in the garage and he asked me to help him fix it. He never tried to talk to me about my lifestyle or shrink my head... he just told me what he doing to the car and I handed him tools and helped him like that. It was nice... seeing some old pile of rust turn into a cool, shiny motor, knowing I helped change it."

Arya couldn't help but smile as Gendry expression changed. She had never seen him like this before, almost venerable.

"I spent my evenings and weekends helping him, so I never seen my friends... I didn't do drugs, or meet girls or anything. That was all just something I did with the lads cos' we had nothing better to do. The best part was, Mrs Mott was always baking. She would make these amazing desserts and always keep some for us when we were finished for the day."

He had a huge grin on his face, like a child. He looked at her.

"I know that probably seems stupid to you. Your mom always makes roast dinners and desserts... and she makes great sandwiches and snacks... but I hadn't had good food in years and there was never snacks." He rolled his eyes. "You ate whatever slop was given to you and then starved if that wasn't enough. I don't know... having someone worry about you having enough food and warm clothes... it was great."

Arya felt a tear roll down her cheek. She knew Gendry had it hard, but watching him get so excited over a home cooked meal was heartbreaking. She knew her family was blessed, but she had no idea lucky she was until that moment. Not being allowed to do martial arts for so many years seemed like such a stupid complaint now.

"I grew a few feet in the first year with the Motts and started to get fat. I started boxing when I wasn't able to close my jeans... Mrs Mott was always feeding me!" he laughed. "Mr Mott got one of his friends to give me an apprenticeship at his shop."

"I meet Jon at boxing class... we kinda became inseparable right away. I never seen anyone from old life after that. I started to enjoy staying in and watching Wheel of Fortune with the Motts more than hanging out with my friends... although the fact that Mrs Mott always made apple pie with cream and strawberries didn't hurt when I stayed in on Saturday night."

The both laughed. When he looked at her, he seen she had tears in her eyes.

"Why are you crying?" he asked.

"I'm just thinking how lucky I am... I've had a pretty great life."

He stroked her cheek, wiping the tears with his thumb.

"It's not over yet Milady." He smirked. "I would like to make the rest of it even better... if you'll still have me?"

The look on his face was trying to convey humour, but she could see that part of him was still worried she wouldn't want him.

"I suppose I'm stuck with you now, Waters... what with being in love with you and all... not much I do about it now." She sighed dramatically before smiling.

He chuckled, running his hand down her side and over her hip.

"Well if you're going to be like that about, I want my payback for that mind-blowing orgasm I gave you earlier." He smirked boldly. "I never heard you make that noise before." He wiggled his eyebrows, obviously very happy with himself.

"I don't know... I don't give head to big, fat liars." She said, poking his belly when she said 'fat'.

His brow furrowed.

"I'm not fat anymore." He stood up and pulled her off the bed. "And I will have what's owed." He smirked. "But first, you have to take this off." He said as his fingers played with the hem of her skirt. "Or I'll never leave this room."

She giggled and punched his arm lightly, rolling her eyes.

"Blow job in the shower then, fatty?" she laughed, poking him in the belly again.

He growled before picking her up and throwing her over his shoulder. He spanked her as she giggled and struggled against his strength.

"You bet you're going to give me head in the shower... twice, if you don't stop calling me fatty!" he spanked her again as he carried her to the shower.