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A/N: A silly bit of fluff set at an unestablished point in the future. I'm working on the next chapter of Life Out of Order as we speak, but it will probably be a while before it's up.

Trig (adjective: Neat/smart/trim/stylish/well-groomed.)

"You certainly look sharp, Tony," Ziva purrs, eyeing her fellow agent. "Big date tonight?"

"As a matter of fact –" Tony begins importantly.

Tim, watching their interplay with his usual amused nonchalance, doesn't notice the approaching silver-haired man until it is too late.


Tony winces, but continues smoothly, "– this is a topic of conversation not suited for the office." Grinning cheekily, he adds, "Right, Boss?"

Gibbs merely responds, "A dead sailor washed up along the Potomac. Grab your gear."

When Gibbs' head is turned in the opposite direction, Ziva mouths 'suck-out' at her fellow Special Agent.

"Actually, the phrase that you're looking for is 'suck-up' or 'sell-out,'" Tony whispers with an infuriatingly smug smile.

She lets out a barely audible growl.

"Hey, Ziver?" Gibbs says, a faint smile visible in his eyes. "Try not to kill DiNozzo until after your date tonight, will you?"