The girl standing in front of her had short green hair streaked with red tied into a ponytail with a large yellow bow. Her grey eyes glittered with mischief and she was beaming.

"Well, nice way to make an impression."

"Sorry." A sleepy 15 year old Aki Izayoi lifted her head off the table, brushed her messy fringe out of her eyes.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Aki Izayoi."

The girl laughed. "I know. You introduced yourself to us this morning. Its lunch now. I'm Emmy Greene."

Aki screwed her eyes up in confusion at the non-Japanese name. Emmy noticed and laughed again. Clearly she was a girl prone to laughter attacks.

"This isn't the International Domino School for no reason!At least 40% of all students here are Foreign, and a further 25% are half-foreign. School inspectors have described us as the world in one school. It's been like this for 2 decades AT LEAST…not to mention…"

Aki smiled. "Talk about fact overload!Are you always like this?" She felt at ease with this girl, like she wouldn't ever go back to the way she was. She glanced briefly at the long blazer sleeves covering her skinny arms and gulped. Then she smiled again.

"Am I going to be shown around then, Emmy-Chan?"


And shown around she was .She soon discovered that the school accommodated both middle schoolers and highschoolers, explaining why they called her and Emmy "4th Year" girls. She learned there were over 20 after school/breakfast clubs to attend, and every student had to attend at least one. Art appealed to her. Her therapist, as well as her parents, had said that art could be a good way of helping her. Not to mention she had skill with a paintbrush. She met Emmy's older brother , a calm brown haired 6th year by the name of Charlie , and Emmy's younger sister , a 3rd year called Lily who had the same green hair as her sister , but brown eyes like Charlie. They too made friends easily with her, and took pride in dragging her around the school and pointing out everything from the bathrooms to the music studio. Despite it being her first day there, the sibling group did a brilliant job of making her feel she'd been there forever.

Even so, she found all this social interaction overwhelming. Considering she hadn't talked to anyone in a year, her world having been that of the unconscious. And the hospital, when she was awake. She was glad to get back to class when lunch break ended.

As she sat back down at her desk, she noticed him. A boy with spiky black hair and deep blue eyes, talking to a boy with spiky orange hair and odd face tattoos. Or rather, listening to the redhead talk and then rapidly making signs with his hands to reply.

Emmy noticed her looking.
"Ohh, so mute boy caught your eye then?"

"N-no!Just wondering…"
"That's Yusei Fudo and his friend Connor Hogan. But everyone calls him Crow."

Aki looked blankly at her.
"Blue eyed is Yusei, the other is Crow. They've been friends since forever. Apparently Yusei used to talk, but not since he was childhood trauma…He's smart though, but got held back first year because of his lack of speech. Crow is a repeater as well …..He kept bunking last year."

"Oh. I see." A sad story, she thought. Except she couldn't, since she didn't know the full details.

"Want me to introduce you?"

"No, no, it's fine! I've met too many today, I'll have trouble with the names."

An arched eyebrow."Really now?"

"yeah .See , you are Emmy Greene , your siblings are Charile and Lily girl over there is Eliza Redwood , he's Kazumi Yamamoto , those two are Kiomi and Miori Akazawa, she's Tsukimi 's …Len Dickinson and his friends are Luke Ashe and Minori a lot of names."

"I guess. Oh well, Teach is coming anyway. I'll have to get you acquainted later!"

Aki sighed and mentally facepalmed. That girl was persistent!

Later, at home, Aki stood in front of her mirror, wearing only her underwear and school skirt, regarding her arms in the mirror. Across each wrist was a neat red scar.

Some childhood trauma.

She had spent most of her life trying to hide what she had wrong with her and attempting normal life. Was it possible that in this new school, with new people, that she could reveal herself? Especially to that Yusei boy.

What am I thinking?

She laughed bitterly, and continued getting changed.

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