Here is the epilogue, as promised. Its kinda short, and is from a completely different viewpoint- Please enjoy it.

Epilogue: Some years later

Wounds and scars. Some are inflicted by others; some are gained accidentally, others self-inflicted. Sometimes we are conscious when they happen; sometimes we only realize when it is too late.

I have many wounds. But out of all of them, the one that hurt the most was the fact my son had to watch me die. The realisation that I would not get to watch him grow up.

But I guess I got lucky. Because my death was anything but peaceful and resolved, so I'm stuck on earth, floating around until justice is delivered, but in the meantime-I got to be a father to Yusei on the side-lines.

And today, I get to be at his wedding.

I didn't like that girl, Aki at first. From the moment I saw those scars on her arms I knew that she was really, really vulnerable and needy. I didn't think that the relationship would be fair.

Then again, I hadn't expected that Yusei would be mute for so long.

But since I couldn't do anything about it, I watched. And saw something amazing. Both my son and Aki were wounded people, literally and metaphorically. And they healed each other. Truth be told, it almost felt like watching my young self with Rikka.

Today also feels like designed that red and gold wedding dress with help from Rikka, you know. It's not conventional, but as far as I'm concerned, it's beautiful like the wearer. Look at her smiling. I'm so proud to have her as a daughter-in-law. And as for Yusei…he's so grown up! I know it's the mum's job to cry over how the kid will always be little to her, but since all I've done these past years is simply be witness…I think I can do so too.

I can't exactly join in all the dancing with them, but if you want to go, please feel free.

I'm happy just watching.


I'm surprised I managed to get this up in a reasonably quick time.
The references in the last chapter were from TV show NCIS ( 18 ways of killing someone with a paperclip , slap to the back of the head , rule 7: always be specific when you lie) and the book was Paper Towns by John Green(The fish on the doorstep)

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