Thought I'd take a crack at writing a fic with Misao and Kagami. I made a few edits from the original, thanks to some suggestions from Smusher and Drake Nolsa, so I hope they are an improvement. I hope this turns out OK, and I already have chapter two in the works as well as a general idea for chapter three, so as long as I can stay away from Diablo 3, they should come up relatively quick. Reviews are most welcome. If you like it, let me know what you like. If you don't like it, let me know what you don't like. If there's something that needs fixing, again, please let me know. ENJOY!

Unexpected Help

Chapter 1: What's in it for you?

Misao sat her desk, twirling her pen in fingers, staring at a blank notebook, her teacher's lecture going in one ear and right out the other. Her mind often wandered while in class, mostly about upcoming sporting events and competitions, but over the past few months, her mind always ended up on one particular person. That person just so happened to be sitting right next to her.

Looking over to the adjacent desk, she watched as the other girl diligently took notes and paid attention to the lecture. Misao couldn't help the small frown that tugged at the corners of her mouth. She'd been trying to figure out a good way to confess her feelings, but so far, she hadn't been able to work up the courage to do so.

Everything about her is just so awesome. She's smart, determined, and man is she ever pretty. I really need to just suck it up and tell her how I feel. But what if she rejects me? Misao was yanked from her daydreaming as the school bell rang throughout the class, announcing it was time for lunch. The students quickly got up and began pulling out their lunches, or making their way towards the cafeteria, while others were getting ready to head to another class to join their friends.

"See you guys later," said Kagami, as she got up from her desk with her lunch in hand.

"See you later," Ayano replied happily.

"Later Hiragi," Misao said with a wide smile, but as Kagami turned her back to exit the room, Misao's smile quickly faded. Why does she always have to go eat with them? It's not fair. Letting out a sigh, Misao slumped back down to her chair, thumping her forehead on to her desk.

"Sorry Misa-chan," Ayaon said, placing a hand on her friends back. "I wish she'd have lunch with us every once and a while too."

"Yea but I REALLY wanna have lunch with her," Misao whined.

"I know, I know. We've been through this before." Ayano sat silently for a moment, lightly rubbing Misao's back in an attempt to comfort her lovesick friend. "Hey I know, why don't we go over there and have lunch with her. Her friends are pretty nice, I doubt they'd mind if we joined them."

Misao sat up quickly, "hey that's a good idea," she said, lightly bouncing in her seat.

Grabbing their lunches, the two girls made their way to room 3-B. Upon entering the classroom, Misao paused at the sight before her. Konata was currently glomped on to Kagami rubbing her face into the girl's shoulder. Kagami was blushing furiously and attempting to pry the small girl off with little success. Misao watched Konata with a look of jealousy, as she and Ayano approached the group. Hope she doesn't keep this up. It's OK, I can do this, game face, game face.

Konata, still glued to Kagami, was the first to notice the approaching duo, easily recognizing the jealous look on Misao's face, and flashed her a sly smile, which only Misao noticed. Miyuki, however, was the first to speak up, "ah, Minegishi-san, Kusakabe-san, it is a pleasure to see you. Are you here to join us for lunch?" she asked in a sweet voice, tilting her head slightly to the side.

"If that's OK with all of you, we thought it might be nice to join you," Ayano stated politely.

"Of course you can join us!" Konata shouted, finally letting go of Kagami. "The more the better."

Ayano turned to Misao and gave her a reassuring smile as she pulled up another desk to join the others. Fallowing suite with her best friend, Misao also grabbed a near by desk and pulled it up. Taking a seat, she looked to group and said, "Sup Hiiragis! Takara-san…Shorty."

"It's nice to have you guys here," Kagami said with a smile, causing Misao's cheeks to flush slightly, another action which didn't go unnoticed by Konata.

"Excellent, with five of us here, we have officially achieved orgy status!" Konata shouted enthusiastically while pumping a fist in the air, causing everyone at the table to blush, minus Tsukasa, who just looked confused.

"Wh-What the hell!" Kagami shouted, clearly embarrassed. "Why on earth would you say something like that?"

"Well," Konata began as if nothing was out of the ordinary, "two is a couple, three would make a threesome, four is foursome, and after that it's just an orgy. Come on Kagami, you should know all about that."

"Why the fu-!" Kagami began to shout, but was interrupted by Tsukasa.

"Kona-chan, what's an orgy?" She asked innocently. Misao and Ayano, just watched in silence. Neither of them expecting the conversation to take such an odd turn.

"Please don't answer that Konata," Kagami grumbled.

To Kagami's surprise, however, Miyuki leaned in close to Tsukasa, taking the innocent girls hand in hers, she whispered something into her ear. Tsukasa instantly blushed a bright red, and looked to Konata, "bu-but we're not actually doing THAT" she squeaked.

"Exactly!" Kagami exclaimed, then let out a dejected sigh and put her palm to her face, "can we please just change the subject?"

"Sure, sure, what ever you want Kagamin~" Konata cooed, grabbing onto Kagami's arm and nuzzling into her shoulder. Kagami bore an angry expression, but decided against attempting to fight off her tiny friend, and instead went to eating her lunch.

What gives? She's doing it again. Knock that off short stuff, she obviously doesn't want you glompin all over her! Misao mentally shouted. Once again, Konata looked right at her, her signature cat like smile on her face, and this time she gave a small wink. What. The. Hell. She's doing it on purpose?

Misao couldn't take it anymore. She quickly stood up, startling the rest of the girls, "That's it! I don't have to put up with this. I'm outta here," she said. Before anyone was able to respond, Misao stormed out of the class room, everyone just staring at the door with looks of utter confusion.

"What just happened?" Kagami asked, looking over to Ayano. "I don't think I've ever seen her that angry before."

Ayano was just as equally confused. She'd seen Misao loose her temper before, but never out of nowhere like this. With a worried look on her face, she shrugged, "I honestly have no idea what just happened. I guess I should go check on her."

As Ayano got up from her seat, and exchanged polite goodbyes with the rest of the group, she was stopped by a small hand grabbing her wrist just before she was able to make her way out of the class. She turned to see that the hand belonged to Konata. "Go sit back down Minegishi, I'll talk to her," she said in a surprisingly serious tone.

Ayano raised an eyebrow, of all people, she didn't think that Konata was best suited for calming some one down, she'd more likely make an awkward joke and possibly make things worse. "I don't think that would be the best idea Izumi-san," she tried to say as politely as possible, Kagami nodding in agreement.

Konata simply shrugged, "Come on! I bet I can cheer her up. Just give me chance," she finished with a confident smile, already making her way towards the door.

"She's gonna get herself killed," Kagami muttered, while the rest of the table exchanged nervous glances.

As Konata entered class 3-C, she immediately found who she was looking for as the brunette was sitting face down at her desk. Donning her signature smile, she walked up to the obviously very upset girl, and took a seat at an adjacent desk. "Hey Kusakabe, we should talk," she said in a cheery tone.

Misao turned to face Konata, still keeping her head on her desk, "you've got a lot of nerve coming in here midget. I really don't feel like putting up with any of your jokes right now, so scram," she growled.

Leaning back in her seat casually, Konata regarded Misao with a mischievous look in her eye, "oh there's no need to be angry. I actually came here to help you out."

"And just what do you think I need help with?" Misao said, her anger rising.

Konata leaned in close to Misao, receiving an angry scowl in the process, and said in a quiet voice, "hooking up with Kagami of course."

Misao instantly sat up straight in her desk, her eyes shot wide open as if some one had just thrown a bucket of ice water down her back. How does she know? I've only told Ayano, and there's no way she would have told anyone else. Just play it cool, maybe she's just screwing with me again. She tried to reply, and instead was only able to stare at Konata in stunned silence.

Konata chuckled lightly at the shocked look on Misao's face, "you're pretty obvious Kusakabe, at least to anyone who pays attention. Factor in my epic yuri senses, and you may as well be walking around with the words 'I want to have my way with Kagami' written on your head."

Misao was still unable to respond to what the small girl was saying. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. Konata, of all people, had just ever so casually revealed her darkest secret. Locking eyes with Konata, she swallowed hard, and tried to say something, but was only able to move her mouth up and down.

Letting out a small sigh of frustration, Konata decided to take a chance by putting a hand on the other girl's shoulder. When Misao continued to stare at her, Konata continued, "look, I said I wanted to help you, and I meant it. But first you're going to need to actually talk to me here."

Misao's look of shock vanished, and was now replaced by a skeptically raised eyebrow. She had a hard time watching the tiny otaku rubbing all over the girl she'd had a major crush on over the past few months, and often saw Konata as potential competition. "So, you don't want hook up with Kagami?" she asked.


"And you want to help ME get together with her?"


"Why?" Misao still couldn't believe what she was hearing. She has to be up to something. I don't trust her far as I could throw her. Wait, I could probably throw her pretty far, alright I just don't trust her. "What's in it for you?"

"Kagami is my friend, and believe it or not, I actually want to see her happy. If you can make her happy, then it's a win win for everyone." Konata paused for a moment, noting the still skeptical look on the brunette's face. "Also she really needs to get laid. She's wound so tight that if you were stick a lump of coal up her butt, you'd get a diamond a month later." Konata laughed as Misao's face flushed a bright crimson and continued, "I see you like the idea of sticking something up-"

"Hey! Hey! Hey!" Misao began, waving frantically in an attempt to shut Konata up. "Alright I get it, but I still don't trust you. Why are you so willing to help me when you're all over her yourself? You really don't want to get together with Kagami?"

"Man, you're still hung up on that? Alright if it'll make you happy I'll tell you a little secret of mine." Leaning in close to Misao, she said quietly, "I already have a girlfriend, but I have to keep it on the down low because she's not ready to come out yet."

Misao was once again shocked, "re-really? Who?"

Konata laughed, "she's a hot little piece of American tail that I work with," she said with a pride filled smile plastered across her face. "So in order to keep things a secret, I have to act as if nothing has changed. Which means that I need keep messing with Kagami. She's pretty funny when she's flustered. Come to think of it, your rage face is pretty cute too."

"So you've been screwing with me this whole time because you think it's cute?" Misao stated in a slightly angry tone as Konata nodded in response. On the inside, however, Misao was jumping for joy. As strange as all this news was, she was excited to find out that Konata wasn't after Kagami, but she still had a few more questions before she officially agreed to this madness. "So what makes you think that you can help me? I was planning on telling her how I feel sometime soon anyways."

"No, no, no, you can't just confess, you have to work up to it first dummy. Just trust me on this, after all, I AM the dating sim master." Konata donned a small smile and said in a smug tone, "besides, who do think set Tsukasa and Miyuki up," lightly thumping her tiny chest for emphasis. "With my help you'll hit all the right flags, and together we can score the best cut scene. RL dating sims are so much more fun," Konata finished with a chuckle.

Misao's face scrunched in confusion, "wait, flags? Cut scene? RL dating sim? What are you talking about?

"Don't worry about it, don't worry about it. Just trust me on this," Konata said, holding out her hand for Misao to shake

Misao thought it over for a minute, nodding her head as a small smile began to tug at the corners of her mouth. "I'll agree under one condition. You have to stop molesting Kagami. It kinda make's me wanna beat you."

"My, my, so possessive," Konata said mockingly. Putting a finger to chin in thought, she mumbled quietly to herself, "it'll cause suspicion, but that's fine. Maybe a little suspicion well help Patty come out."

"Help who come out?" Misao asked, causing Konata to jump slightly.

"Deal!" Konata shouted, ignoring Misao's question, and shaking her hand vigorously. "Just give me a few days to get a game plan together. First order of business, though, you have to start joining us for lunch."

"Deal!" Misoa shouted happily as the bell rang loudly informing the school that lunch was now over.