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Chapter 1: The New Kid

Regina Mills woke up at 6 a.m. on the dot. She brushed her short, wavy dark hair as she got ready for school. The young 18 year old senior was a bombshell or at least that is what the boys at Story Brooke High tell her. She heard a honking sound outside and saw a blue sports car and in the driver's side was a young light blonde girl named Mallie (Maleficent from the show) and in the backseat was a cinnamon brown girl named Ginger (Hansel and Gretel Witch). "Come on Regina you know school can't start without us", Mallie called from the car. Regina looked at herself in her portable mirror and then got in the car. They drove to a red brick building with white letters that spelled out Story Brooke High School. The three girls were always the center of attention but Regina Mills was the most popular one of them all. James a tall muscular guy was passing a football to Graham a tall dark handsome kind of guy. They waved at Regina and her friends but they just smiled back. Regina's eyes saw Mary Margret a dark haired beauty and James's girlfriend come up and kiss him.

"Can you believe Miss Goody Two Shoes gets a hunk like that", Ginger said in disbelief.

"Whatever let's get to class", Regina said as she rolled her eyes.

"Hey M&M the three ice queens were staring at you", a sexy red headed girl said to Mary Margret.

"Oh don't worry about them Ruby who cares if they stare we have to get to class", Mary Margret told her. She kissed her boyfriend one more time then followed Ruby inside the building. Regina strutted to class as all eyes fell on her and some boys whistled.

It is so good to be queen, Regina thought smugly as a smile came to her face. Just then Sidney Glass the chief of the school paper approached her with a grin. Sidney was dark well muscular man with a charming smile.

"Hello Regina how about a picture for the school paper?" he asked with a grin.

"Not today Sidney", Regina said as she glided away as she left a shattered Sidney behind.

"Why do you put up with him?" Mallie asked.

"Simply free press", Regina said with a laugh. No one knew that as soon as the bell rang a new car entered the parking lot. It was a small yellow bug and a young blonde stepped out of the parking lot. "Okay Swan new school let's make a good impression", the girl said as she entered the building.

"Alright class take your seats", Mr. Marco (Gepetto) said. Mr. Marco was an elderly man that was a little pudgy around the middle but he was a nice teacher. He taught two classes history and woodshop. "Alright since it is the beginning of the year let's have a pop quiz over what we remembered from last year", Mr. Marco began. Soon there was a knock on the door and Mr. Gold the principal stepped in the classroom. He was a dirty blonde with a sharp haircut, was wearing a dark suit and walked with a cane.

"Sorry to interrupt you Mr. Marco but I have some news for you", Mr. Gold said politely. He whispered something into Mr. Marco's ear and Mr. Marco nodded his head.

Finally Mr. Marco said", Class we have a new student". Just as he said that Regina looked up from her history book with interest because she liked to know everything about everyone and she wanted to see who the new kid was. Mr. Gold led in a young lady that made Regina's heart thump wildly. The girl looked about seventeen with a curvy body. She was maybe a few inches taller than Regina with long curly blonde locks. Her eyes were grayish but very beautiful that Regina couldn't quit staring at her. "Class let me introduce Ms. Emma Swan I am sure you all will make her feel welcomed at Story Brooke High", Mr. Marco said firmly.

"Hello everyone", Emma said with a small smile as Mr. Marco put in a seat between Ruby and Mary Margret. This made Regina frown because she wanted Ms. Swan to sit by her but she knew that this year was going to be very interesting.

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