Chapter 9: A Checkered Past

Regina kept staring at the empty seat with intense eyes. She thought if she just kept staring at the chair that Emma would magically appear in it. Regina closed her eyes and visualized Emma in her chair. The way she chewed on her eraser when she got nervous. When her hair fell back how she would tuck it behind her ear and continue writing down notes. Remembering how she would always stretch her arms after taking notes or the way she smiled at Regina from across the room Regina visualized every detail and when she opened her eyes Emma was still not in her chair. All throughout the day Regina was in a fog and nothing could break her from it. A person could have walked right to her and called her a psychopathic egotistical cold hearted bitch and Regina wouldn't even bat an eyelid. "Hey Regina after school let's go shopping", Mallie said excitedly.

"Ooh I heard there is a shoe sale going on", Ginger stated happily.

"No thanks I don't feel like it", Regina said flatly.

"Okay how about we go check out the football team for their tryouts", Ginger suggested.

"No thanks", Regina replied.

"Okay Regina we know you miss Emma and what Sidney did was so uncool but you need to quit being so mopey. Emma will come back alright", Mallie replied firmly.

"How do you know?" Regina demanded. "Did you see the way her face looked during that whole slideshow?" Regina questioned. "She broke into tears and ran off and Ruby tells me Emma won't even talk to her", Regina stated. "So what makes you think Emma will ever come back?" Regina asked. Both Mallie and Ginger were speechless for neither one of them knew what to say. "That is what I thought", Regina said as she walked off. After school Regina was in her car dialing Emma's number but once again all she got was the answering machine. "Emma it's me again please call me", Regina said as a tear fell from her face. Emma was in her room crying again as a knock came from her door.

"Em it's Ruby can I come in", Ruby asked from the hallway. Emma remained silent as Ruby opened the door. "I brought you some food in case you were hungry", Ruby said as she placed a plate of food on Emma's table. "Look Emma we are all worried about you whatever it is that you are facing let us help you", Ruby said. She placed a hand on Emma's shoulder and said", if you ever want to talk I am just down the hall". Then she silently left and closed the door behind her. Emma just stared at the food and rolled over ignoring it completely. Ruby heard a knock from downstairs and went to answer it. Standing in the doorway was Mary Margret and James.

"Ruby how is she?" Mary Margret asked as James held her tight.

"Not good she hasn't had anything to eat all day I am about ready to go back in their tie her to a chair and force feed her", Ruby said firmly.

"Oh dear", Mary Margret said in a worried tone.

"I wish I could do something to help", James said. Just then there was another knock from the door and this time standing in the doorway was Regina Mills.

"Where is she?" Regina asked. Ruby pointed up the stairs and Regina went up to Emma's room. She turned the knob and saw Emma lying on the bed wearing a pair of pajama bottoms a white spaghetti strap shirt. Her hair was a mess and her eyes looked red and puffy. Regina sat on the bed and gently stroked her hair as she whispered softly", Emma it's me Regina".

Emma tensed up as she slowly turned around and replied", What are you doing here?"

"I was worried about you. You didn't answer my calls and you weren't in school." Regina replied softly.

"I'm okay you can go now", Emma said flatly as she turned away avoiding Regina's eyes. Regina grabbed her by the shoulders and made Emma face her again.

"You listen to me Emma Swan I am not leaving until you tell me what's going on?" Regina said firmly.

Emma let out a sigh and said", Guess I can't hide forever". "Okay all those things were true I grew up in foster homes. When I turned 13 me and my "sister" stole some makeup. I got into fights because some boys tried to rape me until finally I put them in the hospital. The joy riding and drinking I did was to impress a boy I liked. All that stuff I did was just to fit in".

"Why didn't you tell me this before?" Regina asked.

"I was so ashamed I just wanted this year to be different no more fights or anything just a low profile", Emma replied. "I didn't want you to think less of me", Emma admitted.

"Emma I would never do that", Regina said.

"Come on Regina you and I are from two different worlds I just didn't want you to look at me the way everybody else did at my old school", Emma said softly.

"What way is that?" Regina asked.

"Like trash", Emma said as tears fell from her face.

"You are not trash Emma you understand me. You are a loyally friend with a fighting spirit and I love you with all my heart", Regina said as she held Emma in a tight embrace.

"I love you too Regina and I am so sorry if I scared you", Emma said as she kissed Regina's lips.

"Just promise me that whatever happens we will face it together okay", Regina said.

"I promise", Emma said with a smile. Then they kissed each other again.


As the school year continued Regina and Emma became even closer. After graduation they both went to college and stayed in touch. Regina became the Mayor of Story Brooke and Emma became the sheriff. Soon the two women got married after two years and they both had a son named Henry. Ruby soon owned Granny's Diner and still works there as a waitress. Graham became the deputy and married Ruby after three years of dating. Mary Margret became a school teacher and married James who became a vet. Mallie became a fashion designer and Ginger opened up her own bakery. And they all lived happily ever after.

The End

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