What if Lucy didn't come from a rich family and nobody knows who she really is. What if she is the only reason Natsu is still alive today and will her secret be reviled at Fairy Tail's holy island?

It is a normal day at Fairy Tail, Natsu and Gray are fighting, Gajeel is eating metal, and everyone is having a good time when the guild doors open to a tall lean built girl with blonde hair and brown eyes. "Hello Fairy Tail, my name is Lucy and I was hoping I could join your guild." The master recognized her "But of course if you will join me in my office." The two walked up stairs and into the office "What are you doing here, the king agreed to leave Natsu in my care until the time comes. Is there a problem to send you here there must be something bad coming." Lucy looked at him with a serious face. "The black dragon of the apocalypse has escaped then realm of the dragons and we fear he may attack. I'm here to make sure nothing happens to you him." "T-the black dragon do they know where he is has the king sent more to look for him?" the master said panicked "Of course but my job is to make sure no harm comes to him and if it is of my ability your guild as well." She said with a blank face, the master was enraged "What do you mean you let him escape you should try and protect everyone there are children's lives to worry about here." "Do not speak down to me human my only objective is his safety you should be grateful I'm trying to protect your guild as well." The master sighed "Fine. Do you have a place to stay" she nodded "but I must warn you he gets into a lot fights and we will be leaving soon to go to the guilds holy land." "As long as I'm coming and he receives no serious injuries I don't care." "Very well, try to act as a human while you're here it will be very hard to tell him the truth about the dragons." As you wish, good day Markove."