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When they landed on the island, Lucy watched as they all found their own ways to the island. She followed the little blue haired girl as they walked over to where Markrov was sitting, and watching his children on the lacrima.

After a few minutes of watching the mages fight the first ones went down."Wendy why don't go tend to Bixlow and Frieds wounds, Cana did a nice job taking them out like that." Lucy nodded "She shows good skills with strategy, the combination of the water and lightning worked well."

The master looked at Lucy and his eyes saddened "Lucy?" She looked over at him with a blank expression "Yes, what is it." Master signed and shook his head at the blond.

"What happened to you Lucy, 50 years ago I remember you being so happy all the time you were like a ray of sunshine, but now you feel so cold and distant. Please tell me what happened to the worrier who trained night and day to protect her friends."

Lucy looked at the ground her bangs covering her chocolate brown eyes, making her expression unreadable. "She died a long time ago Markrov, after the first battle with Acnologia." She sighed "It was 30 years ago, the kings forces were sent to stop the dragon of the apocalypse from destroying a village. I was so sure that it would be nothing, but I was wrong…"


"General!" A young boy with blue hair ran up to the tall blond woman. "Hello Rayu, what are you doing here. The little boy from the village looked at the beautiful blond and smiled "General Lucy, my dad said I can give this to you as a thank you for protecting us."

He placed a gold chain with a locket attached to it "He said it was his during the first war." She smiled and patted the young boys head "Thank you Rayu, I will treasure it. Now run back to your home you don't want your parents to worry about you now do you?

Rayu nodded a left the worrier and ran back "General!" "What is it soldier?" "Our scout just flew back he says that the black dragon is not alone he has allied himself with dragon of shadow and the dragon of the void and are on the way here now."

"Gather all the squadrons and tell the to be prepared for attacked and tell Grandine to be ready to take the injured. ALRIGHT EVERYONE IT IS TIME TO PREPARE FOR WAR!"

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