OC Warning; there is one OC, she is mostly there to give another perspective on things and help the Everlark to happen!

Rated M; language, various different sexual scenes, and other stuff that we'll talk about later…

AU; Set in an unnamed city in the US in a time where we have the Capital's showers.

Katniss POV; I doubt I'll use another POV but if I do you'll be warned, I swear

\+-+-+\The Summery in 255 Character or Less/-+-+-/

AU; It's a single word, one syllable, three letters, and it's a basic human need. Katniss Everdeen wasn't interested in it until she accidently gets far too drunk one night.

/-+-+-/Chapter One\+-+-+\

"Katniss fucking Everdeen! If you aren't in the shower in ten minutes I will though water on you!" calls a distant voice. I recognize it enough to know that it wasn't a bluff.

I groan while sitting up and force myself towards the bathroom. The sleep stays in me until the warm water begins to attack from all angles. I hate and love this shower; I hate how the water seems to always be attacking me, but I love how quickly I can wash myself and my hair in it. My showers only take about five minutes in the morning, giving me more time to sleep. I towel dry my hair and body, before pulling on my under ware, jeans, and a simple white tee. My door is flung open while I'm pulling on my socks by my roommate, Elphaba Anders.

"Didn't you hear the shower?" I ask her, finding it odd that she's barking at me to get ready when her dark brown hair is messy and she's only dressed in her a back button up, which makes her pale skin look paler.

"I wasn't sure," she replied, her jade eyes wondering round, "You should paint your room, or I don't know maybe add some posters… still looks like it did when you 1st moved in." I've been her roommate for almost a year and other then putting my clothes away and putting some family photos up and around, I really haven't done anything to the room, unlike Elphaba's, whose is covered in posters.

"I like it like this," I reply, getting up from where I had been. I push her out of my room, shut the door behind us, and go in the direction of the kitchen "Is there still coffee?"

"Yes but—" Elphaba stops talking when a man dressed only in his boxers walks out of the kitchen. I whip around, thinking of the various ways I could kill Elphaba for this. We had an agreement that she would stop bringing her one-night stands to the apartment, or I thought we did. By the time I've turned around Elphaba has vanished, probably to her room. I let out a groan, before turning back to the man.

"Get all your clothes and get out, before I call security." The man stares at me surprised for a moment, and when he opens his mouth to respond I grab the phone on the wall and punch in the number for security. While he gathers up his things I take a look at him; he looks to be strong, he's muscular, good-looking, and blond. I'll give Elphaba credit for managing to always bring home attractive guys. He pulls on his clothes while he walks out the door. I hear him faintly say something about me being a bitch, but I don't honestly care what he thinks.

"Do you even know his name?" I ask, when Elphaba reemerges, dressed in jeans and a Captain America t-shirt.

"Cato, his name was Cato," she replies, smiling at me.

"I thought we had a deal! No more one-night stands come into the apartment!" I say, hating that she was smiling.

"Never agreed to it!" replied Elphaba, looking at her watch, "If we're going to argue, then it'll have to be in the car, we're going to be late for work." And that's what we do the entire car ride, we argue. It ends with Elphaba agreeing to at least warn me when she brings home her one night stands.

We both work at The Hob, a little dinner in the middle of town. It's owned by Sae, an older bony woman, who pays us a little above minimum wage and mostly works in the kitchen. Other than the two of us, there are two waitresses, Annie Cresta and Johanna Mason, and one Sae has one other person who will help her out in the kitchen, Gale Hawthorne. Gale and I look like we could be siblings, which is why I get asked from time to time if it's fun working with my older brother.

"Aren't you two cutting it pretty close?" asks Johanna when we walk in.

"Not my fault Elphie couldn't keep it in her pants and brought a stranger home," I snap, hurrying to clock in.

"Was it that guy you were dancing with at the club last night?" asked Johanna, earning a nod from Elphaba, as she clocked in too. "He was hot!"

"Yeah, but he was lacking in other areas," replied Elphaba. I hate these two together. Johanna isn't as slutty as Elphaba, but she encourages it far too much! I shake my head and plan to walk away from them, I plan to step away from this conversation, but they had other plans.

"So Katniss freaked out like she normally does?" asked Johanna, pretending that I've fully left the room. I know they want me to hear the conversation; otherwise I would have been fully out of the room before they began talking.

"Yeah, but she does have that right. It is her home too," replies Elphaba, reminding me why I do like her. No matter what she tries to see everyone's point, even if it kills her to be wrong on something.

"You know she just needs to get laid, and then she would stop pestering you," says Johanna, looking over at me.

"Shut up! I don't get why you two want to have sex so much!" I practically scream, before grabbing an apron and heading to the front. Annie is already waiting on the few customers we currently have, and that Gale is in the kitchen cooking with Sae. I tie my apron on and head to the one table that I know Annie hasn't gotten too. It's Finnick Odair, Annie's ex-boyfriend.

"What did you do?" I ask, tired of watching this man pine over Annie. He jumps at my voice and looks at me like I've grown another head.

"She didn't tell you," he says, shifting back to Annie, who's done a very good job at pretending he isn't here.

"Nope, refuses to talk about it, even with Sae," I replay. Sae has been like a confidant that any of us can go to for advice or event just to vent out of problems.

"I messed up royally! I was far too drunk and I slept with someone else," says Finnick, "I didn't know what I was doing, and I haven't had a drink since and I will never have another again if Annie would just listen to me!"

"You're right you did screw up royally, but come in during a rush and sit in her section, she'll have to wait on you and listen to you," I say, "And while I doubt you will ever do this again, if you do I will personally track you down and turn you into a ken doll." I know Finnick truly does love Annie, but I've seen him wasted at parties. Ever girl that has hair like Annie's and is about her build tends to get hit on and flirted with, until someone tells Finnick that they aren't Annie, and then he goes back looking for Annie. I don't understand love.

Love was the down spiral of my family. My father died when I was nine, and it seemed like my mother died with him. She stopped moving, getting out of bed, stopped eating. She was physically there but mentally she had left me and my sister, Primrose, to fend for ourselves. At age nine I managed to get a job mowing lawns and delivering papers, this barely covered a single bill we had to pay. Luckily my mother's sister, Aunt Margret, took us all in. I hadn't wanted to leave out home, but Aunt Margret's home meant that Prim could go to any school she wanted, and that Prim would be treated like a princess, which I know she enjoys.

I decided when I turned 18 that I wanted to try living on my own; I got this job and an apartment in the worst area in town. After I got home to a ransacked apartment I ran to Sae for safety, and the next day at work Elphaba, who is a year older than me and been working at the dinner longer then I had, said that she was going to come with me to get whatever stuff was still in my apartment and that I was moving in with her. I didn't bother to argue, everyone was agreeing with her.

"Don't forget about the building party tonight!" says Elphaba, pulling me out my thoughts. She worked in the kitchen with Sae and Gale, and how did I go from Finnick's table to the order window.

"Not going," I simply say, handing her some order's I'd apparently taken.

"Yes you are, even if I have to drag you," she replies, shaking her head at me.

"Why are you so determined to get me to that party?" I retort, not seeing the point. Once a month our super throws these parties so everyone in the building can know everyone, or some reason along those lines.

"Because you almost never go out, and this is just down on the 1st floor of our building! So please give the party thirty minutes, after that you can completely go back up to the apartment," says Elphaba, giving me her sweetest smile possible. So I give in, because what's the worst that could happen?


My head is pounding like I've got a hangover, but I didn't drink anything alcoholic at the party… did I? I don't remember. Last thing I remember is talking to a man with the most beautiful blue eyes and blond hair that lives on my floor and sipping on the punch. I squeeze me eyes shut tighter and roll over, not expecting it hit a warm mass next to me. Slowly open my eyes, and try not to scream. The man I was talking to is in my bed. And he's not wearing clothes. And neither am I. I quietly and quickly push myself out of the bed, wincing slightly at the slight pain I feel between my thighs... Oh god. Oh god. OH GOD!

What the hell happened last night!

\+-+-+\Author Note/-+-+-/

So this idea came from one of my friends at work; she never got why the rest of us would complain about not get any, until she finally got some, now she understands. She also reminds about like Katniss personality wise so thus this idea was born! So this drunken night she's had with Peeta will be revealed next chapter as Elphaba explains it and brings the memory back to her.

I'd love to hear feedback positive or negative, but if you're going to be pissed at me for having an OC then why did you even bother reading in the 1st place, but please, for the love of whatever you find holy, REVIEW! I do believe that most stories are victims of bystander syndrome. You assume that someone else will, never thinking that maybe no one will. So always REVIEW and I'll love you unconditionally if you do so!