/-+-+-/Chapter Twelve\+-+-+\

Peeta gently brings me into his apartment, and the walk to meet his family seemed to last a life time. How do I face the woman who used to beat this man I love? How for the love of god do I do that? When I enter into the room, I get a chance to look at his family. His two brother look like Peeta (minus his boyish charm), and his mother is beautiful. How is there so much pretty in the Mellark family.

"Who is that?" asks Mrs. Mellark, her eyes turn into slivers and she eyes me disapprovingly.

"This is Katniss," says Peeta, his hand taking mine, "She's my girlfriend." Both of his brother look at their mother, who looks like a tomato.

"You destroyed an opportunity to get head in life, for her?" asks his mother, her anger becoming more apparent. I feel Peeta tighten his grip on my hand, and when I look at him, I see fear. His mother rises from her seat, "You stupid boy! Dell could offer you money, power, standing in this town! What can she offer you, besides her gash?!" My gash? What the hell is wrong with this woman, how dare she!? I start to open my mouth, but Peeta speaks before I can.

"I love you her!" says Peeta, "She is easily one of my best friends, she listens, she challenges, she doesn't want to go out drinking every night and she doesn't latch on to me like an idiot. She's real." His mother's eyes go big, and she pulls her hand back, before swiping her hand across Peeta's face. I let out a gasp, shocked that she would do this to him in his own home. She moves to me next, her hand pulling back to slap me, but her hand never makes contact. Peeta grab her hand before it can.

"I don't care anymore if you slap me, but you will never raise a hand to her," he says, "Now get out." His mother stares at him, while he drops her hand. He moves out of the way, so that she can leave. She lets out a huff, and looks at her two other sons, motioning them to follow her. They give both Peeta and I small smiles, before following out. I watch as them leave, wondering why they follow that awful woman.

"She's dying," says Peeta, "Wheat is trying to help her with her estate and Rye is playing the dotting son in hopes to get some more money. They're both good guys, I'll properly introduce you to them sometime when she's not around."

"What if she gives them the bakery?" I ask, recalling that it had been a family business.

"Dad left it to solely me when he died; I thought I told you that," teases Peeta. And he might have, but right now I can't think back that far. I can see her hand print on his face. Anger floods me. How dare she do that to him, how dare she ever done that to him! I hate her and I hope she rots in hell. I move into his kitchen, grabbing ice from his fridge and placing it on her hand print. "You don't have to worry about that; it will clear up in a little bit."

"I hate her," I state, "she did that to you, so I hate her." Peeta laughs a little at my statement, before placing a quick kiss on my lip.

"You didn't even really get to meet her," starts Peeta, "And you already know that you hate her."

"I know that I'm in love with you," I say. He looks at me, surprise written on his face. I move closer to him, pulling his face to mine, kissing him. Our kiss turns heated fast. We're both pouring in our emotions to each other. Peeta skillfully moves maneuvers his tongue into my mouth, eliciting a dance between our tongues. I can't stifle the moan that erupts from my throat as I feel his tongue against mine. I've missed him. I cannot believe how long it's been since I've been with him. Peeta's mouth leaves mine, starting a train over my jaw and down my neck, whispering 'I love you' when his mouth isn't on my body. I feel his hand pushing my shirt off, when my own are working on his. We leave a trail of our clothes from his living room and into his bedroom. Gently he pushes me onto the bed, kissing his way down into the valley between my breasts.

My back arches off the bed when he takes one of my nipples into his mouth teasing it skillfully. I can't keep my moans to myself as he does this, and I can see the smile on his face as he continues to tease me nipples. His name easily rolls off my tongue and out of my mouth, as his skillful mouth works on my breasts. He continues to tease me nipples, he kisses and licks the soft flesh that covers my breasts, and I love every moment of it. No wonder I came from just his teasing of my breasts our first night together. God, I already feel like I'm starting to teeter off the edge and into ecstasy. He pulls his mouth away from my breasts, starting a trail of sloppy open mouth kisses from them down to my sex. His finger's message my inner thighs, while his tongue dips into me. He doesn't get a chance to do much; the simple act of his tongue entering into me sends me off that edge and his name tumbles out of my mouth.

"God. You're beautiful when you cum," says Peeta, kissing my stomach after I came back to reality. My cheeks sting red at his words. Peeta continues up from my stomach to my lips, kissing me slowly. He pulls away and looks at me with a devilish smile, "I'm going to have to make you cum every day for the rest of our lives."

"You promise?" I say without thinking. Peeta's smile grows larger, and he kisses me roughly, slipping himself into me quickly. I break my mouth away from his to let out a loud throaty moan. He keeps thrusting in and out of me, while my hips work to meeting his thrusts. Despite the haze I find myself in, I register how beautiful he looks all sweaty and high off the endorphins we're both experiencing. I cum again before he does, and I think he has it wrong.

He is the one who look beautiful when he cums.

"I love you," he whispers after we're both settled back into reality. I lean into him and give him a lazy kiss.

"I love you too," I reply, snuggling into him because he is mine and I'm his, simple as that.

This is our beginning, our start. I don't know what our future holds, what bump we're going to have deal with, what bridges we'll have to cross, but it's ours.

And I wouldn't change any of it for anything.

The End

\+-+-+\Author Note/-+-+-/

So I'm sorry that this final chapter took so long, and I know that I said I was going to do more with this, but I like this as the ending. It seems fitting, since this was all about Katniss and her sex life with Peeta.

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