/-+-+-/Chapter Three\+-+-+\

His hands are magic, he knows how to touch me to make me shatter and reach that peak where I feel like I'm floating and falling. I never want him to stop touching me…

"Peeta," I gasp, pulling myself out of my dream. It's been almost a week since the incident, and every night I have a different dream about him doing things to me. I hate how good it feels, and I hate the state my underwear seems to be in every morning. Worst of all I hate that I can't hate him, because if I so much as think about him then I start to feel tingly and hot all over. Jack-ass.

I wonder if I'm another notch in his bed post, or how ever that saying goes. If I was then he's normally good at protecting himself, since I'm clean of any and all STDs, well at least according to the free clinic down the street. I wonder if any of those other girls were wondering the dame thing I was about him… Jack-ass.

"Kat! Wake up, we have to get going! Gran just called to make sure we were both up, so come on!" calls Elphaba, knocking on my door. Who needs an alarm when your roommate does its job?

"I'm up, let me just take a quick shower!" I call, and I can hear the giggle coming from Elphaba's mouth. She knows what's been going on, because apparently I'm a screamer sometimes. It's so embarrassing, I hate Peeta so much for whatever it is that he did to me! My shower seems to short, but after I've dried myself off and pulled on a nice shirt and a skirt, I find a note from Elphaba:

You took too long in the shower so I went to start the car. I won't leave without you, so just hurry your ass up and get down here. Gran will kill us, namely me, if we're late for this! Also make sure the door is locked when you leave. Kay thanks!

I guess how my brain sees time has gotten fucked up, maybe I can blame that on Peeta too. I do as she instructed and make sure that the door is securely locked. I wait alone for the elevator, but I keep my head on a swivel, I want to be ready run if I see him. The elevator makes a ding sound as it opens and I enter, giving a friendly smile to the other rider, who is kind enough to hit the button for the parking garage level for me.

"Hold the elevator!" calls a familiar voice. By the time I realize that its Peeta's, he's already thanking the other rider for holding the elevator. I quickly turn my head so that maybe he won't notice it's me. "Katniss?" Fuck, he sees me, and there is nowhere to run.

"Peeta?" I question back, unsure of what else to do. I've never been in this situation before. His hair is wet, like he's just gotten out of the shower. Great now I have that to push out of my mind. His blue eyes seem brighter, like he's extremely happy. Is he happy to see me?

"About the other night, I'm sorry," He says, his voice low, "We were both pretty drunk and I took advantage of that." This I wasn't expecting, maybe something like what I've seen Elphaba deal with, where the guy tries to see if he can get with her again.

"It's okay, you don't have anything to apologize for, not like I wasn't the one pushing too," I respond, giving him a slight smile.

"Let's just forget it happened and be friendly neighbors?" he asks, extending a hand out to me.

"Sure," I say as I shake his hand, and I try to ignore the tingling sensation that runs down my spine when he touches me. The rest of the ride is pretend comfortable silence, but really my body is humming at the faint thoughts of that drunken night. I ignore it, because he is nothing other than a neighbor who I will be exchanging pleasantries with. I'm not going to be sleeping with him again.

I can hear Elphaba's stereo as soon as I enter the parking garage. Some over played pop song is busting through them. As soon I'm in the car, Elphaba is speeding out of her spot and though town. We're at Sae's house on the other side of town in record time, and we're not even the last ones to arrive for once. I recognize my aunt's car and Gale's. Elphaba turns the car off, before sliding out to grab something from the back seat. We've just started up the steps when the front door is thrown open and Nessarose, Sae's youngest granddaughter and Elphaba's younger sister, comes flying out her arms open to wrap around her sister.

"Happy Birthday, Nessa!" sings Elphaba, returning the hug. "You are getting so big! You need to come visit me and gran more often!"

"No! You need to come visit me, you guys are the ones with the jobs," retorts the little girl. I only ever hear her talk when she's with Elphaba or Sae, she's a little weird. She goes to a special academy for gifted kids. Nessarose's condition is complicated, Elphaba once tried to explain it all to me but I don't think she even knew what she was saying. It was a lot of medical jargon that she had probably been told as a child to explain why her sister won't ever be normal by society's standards. Lucky for Nessarose, none of us are. I give her a smile when she looks at me, which she returns before cuddling up to Elphaba.

The inside of Sae's house is decorated with pink streamers and roses. It's clearly meant for a little girl's birthday. Everyone seems to have something to do; Sae is talking with my aunt about something, Prim and Rory, both probably tagged along hoping the other would too, are talking off to the side, Nessarose is no longer hanging off of Elphaba but is now silently playing with Posy, and Gale has already started an argument with Elphaba about the food. I, on the other hand, am still standing over by the door observing, debating if I want to get into Gale and Elphaba's argument or if I want to join Sae and Aunt Margret. I chose Gale and Elphaba.

"My sister is ten. TEN! She can't eat this!" says Elphaba, waving her hand over some dish I can't see yet. I'm barely even a foot away, just seeing that this conversation is about wings that Gale made, when Elphaba turns to me "Would you have given ten year old Prim wings with some kind of ghost pepper rub?"

"Ghost peppers?" I ask, as I reach for one of the wings and take a bite while Gale talks.

"World's second hottest–"

"No. I would have killed someone if they tried to give this to Prim at ten. Her mouth would be on fire, because mine is!" Elphaba has been holding water out to me since I started for the wing. Times like these I'm glad she's my friend. I down the water as fast as I can to put this fire in my mouth out.

"They aren't that hot!" replies Gale, probably thinking I'm being over dramatic.

"You're taste buds are shot to hell because of all of your bad habits, my sister's aren't," and with that Elphaba picks the platter that held all the wings, wraps them up, and places them in the highest shelf in the refrigerator. I see the look on Gale's face, and I know it's time to disengage. They're about to start yelling quietly and that's something we all know to stay clear of, luckily now is when Johanna and Annie join the party. Sae shoots booth a disapproving look and Nessarose gives them a slight wave before quickly going to back to playing, and Annie joins her immediately.

"Looks like the two love-birds are fighting," says Johanna, eying the silent argument between Gale and Elphaba. I think she's trying to be ironic when she calls them that, since they are as close to hating each other as two people who have to see each other almost daily can be.

"Over extremely hot wings," I supply, as if it really mattered. The only time those two don't fight is when they're cooking in The Hob. The rest of the night isn't too eventful, Nessarose brakes up Gale and Elphaba's fight up by asking her sister to cut the cake with her. After that the night goes calmly and smoothly.

"Since I'm staying here tonight, you can take the car back to the apartment. Please be careful with her!" says Elphaba, when she gives me her keys at the end of the party. I give her a glare; I dented the car once when I was driving it, so now she thinks I'm a horrible driver. I take her keys and stalk out to the car.

Nothing happens to her car while I'm driving, which is so surprising since apparently I'm a horrible driver. I hit the button for the elevator and wait. I'm alone when I enter the elevator, something that is rare, but appreciated. These rides are when I can think and even scream if need be, the later doesn't happen as often as it used to. I hum quietly as my mind drifts to Peeta and soon my body is humming a little with me at the thought of what he was able to do me. I hear a ding of the elevator stopping at a floor, not mine though, it's far too soon.

"Oh hey," says Peeta, as he joins me in the elevator and I ignore how my body suddenly feels very hot. I push that out of my mind, and we exchange some meaningless pleasantries.

We're between the 11th and 12th floor when the elevator jolts to a sudden stop, throwing my balance off and I fall into Peeta's arms. I look at him, our faces so close that our noses are touching. I tell myself to pull away, disengage, but I never seem to be listening to my own advice. I lean forward slowly until our lips meet, which feels better than the alcohol blurred kisses we had last shared. His hands cautiously explore my stomach under my shirt, setting fire to each area the touch. I moan into his mouth, giving his tongue unintentional access, when his hand gently brushes one of my breasts. He cups it through my bra, causing me to moan again. How the hell are these things so sensitive when he touches them?

We're both so lost in each other's kisses and touches that neither of us notice how or when we ended up on the floor, me on the bottom with Peeta between my legs. Why did I choose to wear a skirt today! Peeta shifts closer, causing him rubbing up against my center.

"You did that on purpose," I moan, my hands quickly working on his pants. He opens his mouth to say something, but I don't let him. I cash my lips back on to his and use my feet to fully free himself of his pants and underwear. He traces a pattern up the inside of my thigh, until he's at my underwear. He moves away from me so he can pull them off, far too slowly for my opinion, but once they've been thrown into a corner he's back between my legs.

Faintly I recall Elphaba's talk about condoms, when I feel him enter me. It's not uncomfortable like I remember, but it's a lot more pleasurable. The alcohol must have numbed me to this, because this isn't something you forget. I never want these feelings to end. I'm so caught up in how he's making me feel that almost don't notice how much he's lost himself in all of this, or how beautiful he looks right now. I hear him loudly groan, before I feel him spilling into me, sending me off the brink too.

We don't say anything as I pull my panties back on, and he pulls his pants and underwear back on. Ten minutes later the elevator comes to a sudden start, we don't say anything as we both walk to our separate apartments. I miss him though, once I'm back in my empty apartment. Elphaba won't be back tonight, to busy spending time with the family she has. Part of me wishes I'd spoke up to him and asked him to come home with me again, but we are supposed to be friends.

Friends don't do what we just did.

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