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Chapter One


So its simple, the curse lifted, Gran safe, me and Fabian, Jerome and Mara, Amber and Al fie, Rufus gone, and another side of Victor exists. Who knew? But one thing: its not simple! Eddie is the Oirian. When Victor Senoir said protector, I instantly thought of Fabian. Safe, dependable Fabian. But no, Eddie busts through the door, and changes some things. But he saves the day nonetheless.

And Joy...I'll never get that sight out of my head of her laying there close to dead, because my attempt at heroics. She was barely alive.

Rufus is gone and that sight as haunted my nightmares the entire break. It was like he was being sucked into hell. I cringe at the thought, as it enters my head once more.

Today's the day, I see Fabian again. And maybe we get to talk about last term. Maybe, if we don't get consumed with other more important things. If you know what I mean.

Gran squeezes my knee and smiles. This year I'm keeping her close to me. She's moving into an assisted leaving center within walking distance of the school. I smile back at her.
"This term, I'll try not to have any accidents, but you know me", she smiles once more at the end of her statement.
"Tough as nails, but nails still rust and bend", I say quoting her words. Then the car stops. "Looks like this is my stop", she says, wrapping me in one final hug.
"I can come with you for a while", I say, hoping she'll decline, I want to see the school more than anything.
"No, no. Your already late dear, I'll see you in a few days, or weeks", she smiles before leaving, the car and walking into the building.
"Are you okay?", asks the cab driver from the front of the car.
"Yes, fine. Lets just get to Anubis", I say smiling.
"Straight away", he says taking off with the cab.

It feels like minutes until we pull up in front of the familiar building, I smile to myself before getting out and paying the cab driver. I stand in front of the house, just taking it in for a moment. The fond, and not so grand memories flood through my mind. I take a final breath and enter the house.

The first image I get is Joy, and Mick, in a tight embrace in the hallway. They're mouths extremely to preoccupied, to say a word to me I try to sneak by.

"Hey er um Nina.", Joy catches her breath while speaking.
"I Joy, Mick", reply with a shy smile.
"Nina", Mick says with a shy wave, as red flushes his cheek.
"So, you two are together now?", I ask, thinking through my words carefully. Joy nods shyly.
"Good for you", I reply smiling.
"Everyone else's in the living room you should go there", Joy says. I laugh a little.
"Yeah sorry for uh interrupting", I say before hiding out in the living room.
"It's Nina!", Amber yells. She runs up to hug me, before dragging me down to sit next to her.

"Eddie was just about to tell us what he found out about everything last year, but he wanted to wait, for you", she said gesturing the room in the process.

I took this moment to survey the people we call Sibuna: Amber, Alfie, Patricia, Fabian, and the newest addition Eddie. Joy and Mick were in the hallway, to consumed, for us to have any fear of them overhearing. And Jerome, and Mara, probably pretty similar situation to Joy and Mick.

"So, my dad basically told me this, The Osirion, is what I am. I'm a descendent of the Egyptians. Nina is the chosen one, because of her birthday and ancestors, and I'm her protector.", he says slowly.
"We already knew all of that", I say, and he frowns.
"You know what else he told me? The chosen one is very impatient. Now as I was saying...it's my destiny to protect you, that's how I knew what to do last term, it was just in my blood. There's more, but its not important, and honestly I don't remember it.", he says placing a nervous hand on the back of his neck sighing, before looking at me. Almost trying to send me a private message: "we should talk later", the look said to me. I briefly nodded and turned my attention to Amber.

"I say we forget the mystery. Rufus is gone and everything", Amber says, brushing her hair behind her shoulder, reminding me of a movie star as she did it.
"I hate to say it, but I'm with blondey. Forgetting is best", Patricia said. I couldn't help but notice the distance in her and Eddie. No one has told her yet, that they are dating, I guess.
"I don't", I say, " I vote we just let it play out, you know? Wait and see if the house pulls us into another mystery", I finish. I can't help but notice Fabian being a little to quiet.
"Nina, you don't even know what the house could throw at us", Eddie says.

"The house, isn't alive. I don't care what any of you say. It was a spirit, and a cup. I'm done with the mystery", Fabian says, getting up and exiting the room. I try to make out the brief exchange between him, Mick, and Joy. Something, about drama, and then he storms away.
"Anyone else confused?", I asked, and of course Amber is the first to raise her hand.
"Let him blow off stem", Eddie says, as we all disperse. Amber takes my hand and pulls me upstairs.
"I bought you some things to spice up your wardrobe a little", she says continuing to drag me up the stairs. I roll my eyes, and laugh at the same time. I'm back, with the same old Amber.


So many lies about what I just said, first of all. That's not everything. Not even close, but part of is still wishing to deny the untold part of my destiny. And if I don't say it out loud, I feel I can deny it. I can deny it, it will not come true.
I take this time to notice Patricia's distance.

"Patricia", I say taking her hand before she goes upstairs, shock crosses her vision before emotion is once again wiped clean from her features,
"What did I do?", I ask. She shakes my hand lose.
"Why don't you jut go protect somebody", she says, crossing her arms over he chest. That's her tell, she's mad, and really fighting the urge to run.
"Patricia, you have to know that the Osirion stuff means nothing to you and me", I say not being entirely honest.
"Really you can't tell me, that whenever Nina calls, you won't come running. Its in your DNA or whatever", she says coldly, but her eyes beg me to deny it. I don't. I turn and escape the moment and attempt to run and hide. Yes very protector like of you Eddie. But then again shes not Nina.

I enter my room and find Fabian unpacking.
"So, Protector?", his words are laced with anger, "What you come running for no reason?"
"This is my room", I state, regretting it, he's mad, I've never seen him mad.
"Yeah that's the reason".
"Whats your problem", I ask, angry.
"Mine is... I don't know", and with that he's gone.

Talk about drama. The protector, not only protects matters of life, but matters of the heart. I not only am responsible for helping Nina through in other Egyptian crap, but help her with Fabian too? Why do I feel like my life as just been signed away.

I take the first thing my hands find and throw against the wall, watching a picture frame crack and break against it. I watch the faces inside, unchanging holding a memory for ever. The day my father left. My mother pregnant, swollen stomach, and my father's guilt ridden eyes, as he prepares to leave, a woman who suspects nothing.

They did this to me, signed away my fate. I yearn to leave the room, but I know in any other room of the house I am un welcomed, so I stay and think. Damn me, for developing emotions, with this Osirion thing.
Fabian re-enters the room.
"What's your problem?", I ask not rudely, or accusingly, really wanting to know.
"The Chosen One and Osirion are linked in fate, therefore are destined to be together, but you know that don't you?", he asks. I nod. I knew that, I kept that hidden from all of them. My own burden.
"Did you tell Nina?", I ask. I hoped to keep her blind from that, so that if we are "destined", its not forced, its found, or pushed. He shakes his head.
"You think I want Nina to leave me. I want to try to keep her", he says. And then Mick walks in and we fall silent. I look at him and see the mess of gloss, or something around his neck. It causes me to laugh.
"Hey Mick, having a makeup party?", I ask, breaking the new found tension. He laughs and messes it further. Man to have passion like that with somebody.
"No, No. I was with Joy", he says, a silly grin on his face. I nod. Thinking just how Joy, tore everybody up last year, but shes okay I guess. Mick missed a lot of that.
"So, I need to go talk to Patricia", I say awkwardly.
"I wouldn't, she came in when I was with Joy, she seemed so Angry", Mick says. I believe it. But I go anyway. I knock on her door. Patricia opens it, calmly, surprising.
"Hi", I say flashing what my mom used to call, "the million dollar smile".
"Hi", she says plainly.
"So, your mad? And I'm sorry for just walking away", I say lamely.
"I'm not mad. And you should be", she crosses her arms over her chest, not mad, but weak.
"Your not mad?", I ask, eyebrows raised.
"No, I understand the whole thing is out of your hands. And its better that we end everything now, so neither of us develops real feelings. And don't worry, I won't tell her, she deserves a choice", relief, and pain fight to win over my emotions. Yeah, no real feeling developed. Yeah Right! There was emotion between us at that first dance.
"Thanks I guess", I shift awkwardly.

"Well, if that's it, then", she reaches to shut the door, and I fight the urge to stop it, and let the door close in my face. I stand there for a moment, before turning to walk somewhere anywhere. The bathroom door opens, and I slam into somebody. I look into the eyes and freeze, at what I see. Mesmerized.

Meanwhile Somewhere In the Clearing

A black mist surrounds a person, what looks to be a person. The person itself dressed in a black suit, very classy. And a black mask to hid his identity. But this is not a real person. Closely resembling a ghost, but looks kinder.

Joining him now, is the most angelic picture. A woman dressed in all white, as if it where a wedding gown. A white mask to match. The woman reaches her hand out to the man in black. And sighs as there ghostly hands cannot touch one another's. A disappointed frown touches her lips. The only visible part from what the mask is covering.

"Give it time my dear, we will have human forms once again. The Osirion has found his Chosen One. Now all that's left is calling them.", the man says proudly. The woman smiles.

"I just wish there was another way", she says sadly.

"You know there is not, and nor there shall be. They don't miss each others touch, they take it for granted. It will be fine, it is our turn to live", he tells her. Kissing air where he should feel her lips.

" A matter of days", he sighs, as the figures dissappear into the night.

So this is my try at a Mytsery Story, what do you think?