Yay! So I got this idea from watching a bunch of "mermaids are real!" videos on the internet, as well as professional "mermaids". I BELIEVE, DO YOU BELIEVE?

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy! This is just the prologue... we're just getting started, peeps.

Ever wanna just stop?

Do you wanna surrender-

Or fight for victory?

Here we are at the start

I can feel the beating of our hearts

Here we are at the start

Darkness falls

Here comes the rain

To wash away the past and the names

Darkness falls

Here comes the rain

To end it all, the blood and the game

Far, far away

In a land that time can't change

Long, long ago

In a place of hearts and ghosts

Far, far away

In a land that time can't change

Long, long ago

In a place of hearts and ghosts

This is a call to arms

Gather soldiers

Time to go to war

This is a battle song

Brothers and sisters

Time to go to war

This is a call to arms

We own the night

This is a battle song

We own the night

(Here we are at the start...)

~"Vox Populi", 30 Seconds to Mars

Amaris sped through the waters, flipping her tail constantly and holding her arms to her sides for more streamlining. She was looking back periodically, checking for the Siren who was tailing her. Knowing that coward, though, she'd probably fight dirty and resort to tricks.

She'd been attacked by the Sirens' leader before. Namera saw her as an easy target, since she was young, naive, and took some risks. It was like a shark playing with its food, even though the food wasn't guaranteed. She'd never let Namera catch her for good, and she didn't see why she ought to start now.

"Come out, come out, little fishy~" the Siren's demonic but hypnotic voice called out, echoing through the waterways and surrounding Amaris from everywhere. "Not afraid, are you? We've done this before. No reason to be scared, you little guppy! You know what's coming!"

Amaris propelled herself faster, flapping her tailfin and corkscrewing through the infinite blueness. Once she straightened herself out, she spotted what looked like the remains of an Earthling shipwreck and darted inside a hole in the rotting ship.

She could peek out and see what Namera was up to. The Siren had sprouted her legs in place of her tail and was wildly looking around, half naked, her blonde hair floating around her and wanting to go up as her wide, evil eyes looked for the Mermaid she'd lost. "Come on, you little baby!" she shrieked, true to her nature, though it wasn't sweet or seductive at the moment. "I know you're here somewhere! I can smell you, and you smell like fear!"

After a few tense seconds, with Namera's hands tightened into fists and Amaris's heart beating against her ribcage, the Siren snarled and screeched, sending sonar waves only her pet could hear. And indeed, after not five more seconds, a fearsome great white shark, native to Earth and quick to pledge its allegiance - and teeth - to the greater evil, swam up beside its mistress.

Namera grasped its dorsal fin with both hands and pressed her body close to the rough sharkskin, eyes narrowing as she bared her sharp teeth. "Let's circle around, Razor. We're going to find that little guppy this time."

With an apparent smirk from the intimidating animal, they were off, buzzing slowly about the wreck, as a sentry would about a bridge he was guarding.

Amaris pressed herself to the wood in the hull of the broken ship, taking deep breaths to try and calm herself back down. She closed her eyes and let out a few shuddery breaths, trying to relax. If she could slip through while Namera and Razor the brainless killing machine were on the other side, she could get back to the heart of the Mermaid Kingdom and tell Rikki about her latest escape from the Siren queen's clutches.

"Hey! Who are we hidin' from?"

"Aaagh!" Amaris spun around to see the dark-auburn-haired princess she'd just been thinking about sitting atop an obviously empty treasure chest. "W-What are you doing here, Rikki?"

As usual, she wasn't even wearing her tiara. "Oh, nothing. This is my secret hideout. For when I need to get away from the court."

The blonde rolled her eyes. The court - Rikki was always complaining about the court. Sure, they'd been kind enough to take her in when her parents were swept away in the tide - they'd even taught her to be a princess, though she didn't always take it to heart. But according to said princess, they were stifling and bossy. "This far out?"

Rikki winked. "This way they can't find me."

Amaris shook her head. "Well, be quiet, will you? There's going to be someone else finding us if we don't keep our mouths shut."

Rikki groaned. "Don't tell me Namera's out there? With that dumb shark whose only purpose in life is to eat anything that moves?"

"Shhh!" Amaris swam over to the opening in the hull, peeping out into the waters to see any sign of Namera. "Can you call some fish?"

"Sure." Rikki casually lolled her head back, and opened her mouth. She held out one note, somewhere between low and high, a steady vibration that traveled fast through the water. Not very long after, a school of fish came drifting toward the ship, close to Amaris. One of them got close to the young soldier's face and blew out a couple of bubbles.

Amaris nodded. "Yes! I just need to blend in and hide with you guys so I can fool Namera and get away."

"What about me?" Rikki pouted, jetting over and swirling the water around her tailfin in an annoyed manner.

"You just stay here till I come back and tell you the coast is clear."


"Or would you rather summon the court and have them come pick you up?"

Rikki shut her mouth and sunk back down onto the treasure chest. "Fine. But I'm watching."

"Ugh, just don't let Namera see you. She'll figure it out and debone both of us."

"She'll have us for dinner with her tea. Cannibal."

"Exactly. So shut up, and stay hidden till I come back." Amaris reached up toward the one fish, poking her top half out and looking from side to side to make sure Namera hadn't come back. She was nowhere in sight; she'd moved to the back already. She really WAS going slower than normal. She nodded to the fish, then wriggled herself out of the hull and darted in between them. Their color was the same as the main scales of her tail, but they had to move fast; her skin was a different color than her tail, and she wouldn't be able to blend in for long.

"Go, go, go, go, go, go, go," she whispered, gently flapping her fin up and down while carefully holding her arms to her sides, trying to move as little as possible to keep the illusion.

They were moving at a steady pace, until something glinted and caught Amaris's eye. She turned toward it, and sent a few thrusts in that direction, trying to get closer. She knew she had to get away from Namera, but there was something strange about this thing, almost... alien. Almost like them - just a bit too different from human.

As she did get closer, she could see that it was some kind of metal, and black, but it reflected what little light reached down here. She could see that what looked like its face was covered with seaweed, algae, coral-forming polyps and discarded shells. To her, it looked almost like... a citizen of that robot planet, the one Rikki had told her about visiting a long time ago. It had been far away from their planet - of course, that was back when they had a planet. So... years ago.

"This way," she muttered to the fish, swimming a little closer to it. "I just wanna have a look," she added when a couple of them appeared to protest.

Just when she was about to get closer and examine it fully, a splash startled her and she quickly backflipped away, the fish clustering heavily around her. She parted a few, a spot big enough for only her eyes. The splash had clearly been made by more of the robotic beings, some smaller ones. One of them crawled off of another, and onto the one she'd been looking at before - the obviously dead one.

After a moment of musing, the one on top of the dead robot looked back at "his" troupe. "We need parts," he commanded. "Kill ze little one!"

Amaris tried to turn away or close her eyes, but she couldn't look from the sight as the robots tore apart the littlest one in the group. Then the one who'd said that produced a large sliver of... something. From where, she didn't know, but he was scurrying up to what looked like the dead robot's chest. The smaller one's large eyes focused, and he held up whatever it was. "Ze shard make energon!" And plunged it into the dead one's chest.

Amaris blinked fast, her mind not able to comprehend any of this. Shard? Shard of what, exactly? And what the kelp was energon?

Regardless, what seemed like a blue shock passed through the black one's body, and to her amazement it stood up, rocking forward and grasping the sea floor for balance. This one was male too, it was clear from his face. He nodded to the others, and they all shot up, spiraling toward the surface.

Amaris made a stupid move. She was curious, so she left the fish and propelled herself upward, staring at the shadow above her to follow it. If she hurried, she could catch up to him... maybe he knew of Marinia, and if anything was left of what used to be their home.

"There you are, guppy!" All of a sudden, sharp nails dug into her tail and she was pulled downward. "Did you really think you could get away?" Namera's voice, currently grating and imperious, filled her ears, blocking out anything she may have been able to get from anywhere else.

Rikki saw what was happening, and swam out to try and help. "Amaris!"

Before either Rikki could reach the pair or Namera could pull Amaris down to the depths, suddenly a wide net was dropped around the two Mariners. They were tangled in each other, and tangled in the rope webbing of the net. "Let go of me!" Namera shouted, swimming up to the top of the net and attempting to cut through it with her claws.

Amaris was struggling to get free, as some of the rope had wrapped tightly around her tail. "Rikki, help!" she cried. "I'm stuck!"

Rikki hurried over, but she could see there wasn't anything she could do. She shook her head and swam backward. "I'll summon the court!" Jetting away, she began to emit a loud, high note.

Amaris couldn't think. All she could do was twist and turn, and none of it was helping her, and the humans were pulling the net up.

Namera figured her only chance of survival was to trick the humans who'd caught them. She didn't care what happened to the brat, but if those beings she'd seen were what she thought they were, she had to escape and catch up to them. An alliance with them would all but ensure a Siren victory.

She closed her eyes, let her body go limp, and pretended to be unconscious as one of the humans lifted her up into the ship. Judging by the noise, she wasn't on any ordinary, dinky little ship. This was a human military vessel.

"What should I do with this one, sir?" Her hair was being pushed from her face, the idiot humans must have truly wanted to see her features. "She's not awake like the other one."

"She's got legs," another voice answered. "She might just be some random diver, she might not be like the other one."

Well, if they wanted to see her true form, who was she to deny?

She made an awful gasping sound that would hopefully disturb the humans - make them think she would die without the water. It worked, and she shot her eyes open, exposing her teeth as the human picked her up. She catapulted off his arms, and jumped over the side of the ship, grabbing his leg as she went.

She dragged him under for a minute, and considered returning him. But no, that wouldn't be enough of a warning. She got close to his face, sucked out any of his ability to swim, and pushed him down, then swam the other way. She didn't care if he died from the pressure, or from lack of air, or from inhaling water, or if he hit his head on a rock. After about five minutes, the rest of those imbeciles on the ship would understand that he wasn't coming up - she just needed to show them what happened when humans meddled in the affairs of the Sirens.

After traveling some distance, fast like a bullet through the water, she surfaced. Yes, she was far away from the stupid humans now. She spread her arms and shot herself out of the water, sprouting her wings. Flapping upward, she didn't even need to move her legs. This was the direction they'd gone in.

She passed through Earth's atmosphere, up to the empty vacuum of space. There wasn't even any air here, but luckily her specialized lungs could go hours without. Maybe not days, but this wouldn't take long.

The remains of a spacecraft, the one recognizable as the Cybertronian Nemesis, was obviously where they made the base. It was a ship for the more... intelligent, should she call it, of the race. An opening was visible, and at the moment quite a bit of yelling was audible through it.

She darted inside and did a few flips, landing behind the one she'd seen. He was holding another up against a wall of what looked like egg cases, but smaller versions of these mechs were crawling out of the broken ones.

Almost immediately the room was silenced, and the two mechs looked back at her. She returned the stare, and stood up, taking a few steps toward them. "I'm sorry, am I interrupting something?"

The larger mech dropped the winged one, who fell to the ground but quickly got up. "Just his daily punishment," the large one growled. "I've got a lot to catch up on - isn't that right, Starscream?" He eyed the other.

"Ah, yes, well-"

"Who are you?" the large one took over before this Starscream could finish whatever he'd been trying to say.

She drew her wings back into her skin, and flicked her wet hair. "I am Namera Sting, leader of the Sirens. You must have heard of us. We are Mariners."

"Of the planet Marinia, my lord," Starscream added, though it just earned him another glare.

"Marinia." After giving said glare, the large one scanned Namera with his red optics. "Wasn't that planet destroyed eons ago?"

Namera bore her teeth in a haughty smirk. "Ah, so I've made history then, if you know of it. Your planet was practically on the edge of the two Great Galaxies... so far from us."

He raised an eye ridge, but continued to look at her. "Then you must know, Namera, that I am Megatron, and I lead the Decepticons." His optics flickered to the other, and he vented. "My Air Commander, Starscream, but I don't know where the rest of his useless trine is."

"A Seeker?" Namera snickered. "Aren't they rare nowadays? How did you come across one?"

Megatron ignored her query. "So you've been living on Earth."

"For millennia," she hissed. "The Earth's ancient Greeks, and the Romans, they told stories of the wicked bird woman who sat on rocks in the sea, calling sailors to their deaths with her irresistible voice. And that? That was me. If I told you how many irritating young men' deaths I've truly caused, it would disturb you and make you incapable of sleep."

Starscream looked a bit unnerved by that, but Megatron didn't seem impressed. "So, then - why are you here?"

A new voice joined the conversation. "Namera... you are truly ridiculous."

She spun to see an old friend-or-enemy, known as the Fallen, in what appeared to be some sort of system. "Well, look at you," she sneered, walking closer. "What is this nonsense? Life support?"

"Have you grown weak over the ages?" he snapped, not bothering to answer her question. "You were the most powerful Mariner. Why are you here asking for our help?"

Namera snarled. "You old fool. There are more Mermaids than Sirens. If you-" She looked at Megatron instead of the Fallen. "If you help us, this will be over with quickly and all those troublesome Mermaids will either be killed or transformed into Sirens."

Megatron crossed his arms over his chestplates. "This sounds more like us working for you. We obey no one."

She shook her head. "Listen to you. You're in the middle of a war too, aren't you? I doubt all that political unrest on Cybertron however long ago was resolved peacefully. It never is. And you've fled to Earth as a battleground. So have we. You do this for us... we will be in your service as well. We'll treat it like one big war. You demolish the Mermaids, and we'll drive your enemies insane."

"Forgive my saying so, but you look like a human. You're just as tiny and just as ugly. What could you do to the Autobots?"

Again came her teeth. "Did you not listen to anything I've said? I sing, and there are a few things that can happen. One, my voice drives them insane and shuts down their processors. Two, they follow my voice and I lure them into a trap. Or three, the vibrations from my voice crack their spark chambers and... well, you know what would happen then, hmm?"

Now he looked interested. "I see. How very... fascinating." He smirked. "I'd have three options to offline Optimus." He reached down and picked her up, bringing her close to his face. "My pet, it seems we have a deal. Have you any way of making it official, so to speak?"

"Yes. But I shall not seal it with you." Her wings jutted from her arms, and she soared over to Starscream, landing on his shoulder. "I seal it with Starscream. Come, mech of the air, to the seas." She produced a shrieking note, and all of a sudden the Seeker was in dark-haired holoform.

In seconds they had plunged into Earth's oceans, and a splash confirmed their presence. Starscream was clearly confused, looking around to try and figure out what was happening, but Namera was totally in control of the situation. She did a few strokes with her arms and legs, floating over to the Decepticon's holoform. She reached over and grasped his cheek with her hand, her long nails piercing into his milky flesh but not drawing blood, and pressed her lips to his.

The trust is sealed.

Together, we kill the Mermaids... and the Autobots.

Let it begin.


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