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Growing up, I never considered myself straight, exactly. I had never been interested in a boy romantically, but that didn't mean I never would. I just so happened to like girls my whole life, but in about seventh grade when I witnessed a poor boy getting beat up for being gay, I decided that if I ever did find that I liked a boy, I would be chill about it. Today, being a senior in high school, I still go by that standard. (I have actually lived by that standard for half a year now.) I figure that no matter how hard anyone tries, they can't change the way they feel if they love someone. It's not just something you can transform just because you don't like it, there has to be a real reason, and I think it takes a long time for some people to grasp the concept.

So when I woke up on April 6th my junior year, went to school, saw the guy who had been my best friend for years, it hit me. Hard. Everyone had always know that Robbie Shapiro was in the closet; the way he wore women's jeans and held many lingering glances in the gym locker rooms with a more than noticeable erection gave it away. He tried to hide it by asking several girls out, but he always got rejected. Although, he never seemed to be too heartbroken by getting turned down over and over. Anyway, that glorious, beautiful day when I saw him sitting on the staircase going over Pre Calculus notes is one I will never forget.

I had always thought Robbie was a pretty attractive guy in that nerdy, big glasses, Andy Samberg kind of way, but that particular day I happened to notice every detail of his appearance. Out of nowhere, I thought that everything about him was absolutely beautiful. I stayed where I was for a minute or two, thinking and admiring him. Where had this come from? The day before Rob had just been my best friend, and not even twenty four hours later, I was seeing him in a totally different light. I had known him since freshman year when he literally ran into me the first day of school. I fell and hit my head, which knocked me unconscious. I woke up in the nurse's office with Robbie standing there uncomfortably. He had came to make sure I was okay, and to apologize seventeen billion four hundred fifty-five million nine thousand and forty-two times. I decided right then and there that he would make a great best friend, and the giant ass bruise that I got on my head was totally worth it.

So there I was, out of the blue, seeing Robbie Shapiro romantically for the first time in my life. Even though I was confused and scared, I couldn't help but be happy. Because if I ever had to fall in love with a guy, why shouldn't it have been my best friend, who knew everything about me anyway? I made a decision to confront him about it, but standing there for a few more moments gawking at him didn't hurt. I made note of how his eyebrows scrunched together when he was concentrating and how he tapped his foot to a random beat. I also noticed that Rex, his horrible puppet, was nowhere to be found, either. Which was definitely odd, considering Robbie never left the house without his hand shoved up the annoying thing.

I started thinking about every great quality Robbie had, and there were many. For example, there were many days when I would call him up after a fight with Jade. In five minutes flat he would show up with the Stepfather movies and a bag of Neaties – my favorite candy – weighing at least a pound and a half. He would sit and sit listening to me bitch about my girlfriend and would not complain even once. He was so complimentary all the time, building me up with high praise of my acting and singing skills as well as how great of a friend he thought I was.

Rob was also ridiculously smart. If it weren't for him I honestly don't know how I would've passed any math class without him by my side. He never would just give me the answers either, which I truly liked. In life there isn't going to be someone smarter feeding the answers to you. Robbie showed me that. Anyway, there was no problem he couldn't solve. It always amazed me how he was even able to be in plays or be on tech crew with all of the AP classes he took. He had always been ambitious too, always describing to me his big plans of directing major motion pictures. He always promised me that I'd be his star.

It was my chance. He would finally have someone to fill that part.

I realized that I needed to make my move. Taking small steps, I walked over to where he was sitting and plopped down right next to him. I cleared my throat to get his attention, because he had obviously not noticed that I sat down, or he didn't care. "Can I ask you something?" I asked, hoping my voice was as calm as I had wished it to be.

I smiled at how stunningly awkward and gorgeous his voice was, even in a frazzled tone like that, "Not now, Beck, I have a really important exam today and if I don't pass I'll be totally-"

"Are you gay, Rob?" I inquired nonchalantly, cutting off his tirade. He finally looked up at me, coffee colored eyes meeting my own, as his face morphed into a frenzy of emotions. After about two minutes, his expression finally landed on shock. "Don't lie to me, okay?" I asked quietly, but seriously, patting his arm. Robbie croaked out an okay. "So, are you?" His eyes grew even wider, and I really felt bad for the kid, because he looked utterly mortified. I heard him swallow as he nodded furiously, breaking our eye contact.

"Do you like me? I mean…like me as more than a friend?" I asked. This is it, I thought. Either he said no and I would've been crushed or he would've said yes and my life would have been perfect. Then it hit me; maybe Robbie didn't feel that way towards me. Being the conceited bastard I was, it never even occurred to me that Robbie might not have wanted me back. I bit my lip, cursing myself for getting into the situation. He nodded again, standing up. I saw one lone tear falling down his face as he started to walk away from the staircase; away from me.

"Hey, don't even think about it." I said as I stood up and grabbed his wrist, stopping him from walking any further. He looked back at me, more tears collecting in his beautiful eyes. I grinned at him, because I just couldn't help it. And even when he started talking I didn't dare let go of his skinny, bony wrist.

"Beck, I really get it if you don't want to be seen with me or anything. I mean who wants to be friends with the gay kid that has a crush on you, right?" He said gently, voice full of hurt, still avoiding my eyes.

"Dude, are you kidding? I'm totally okay with it, more than you know." I hinted, not so subtly, hoping he would get the clue. He clearly didn't.

"Okay, well, I'm sorry that I didn't tell you sooner but I was going to come out soon, I promise. I'm just really weak and stuff and I can't do it by myself, you know?" He still wasn't looking at me, his pupils darting every which way. "God, Beck, I don't know why you hang out with me. I mean seriously, you're all handsome and cool and perfect, but I'm just a loser who carries around a puppet. All my life I've really just wanted to fit in, but I've obviously been unsuccessful. See, I just don't really want to be known as the loser who carries around a puppet and is also a faggot."

"Hey!" I exclaimed, as Robbie finally looked at me, startled. "Don't call my future boyfriend a faggot." Finally, and I do mean finally, Robbie took the hint. He opened his mouth like he was about to speak, and then closed it again. He did that a few more times as if he was deciding whether it not he should speak.

"I…Uh – okay." Robbie murmured out.

"You will?" I asked eagerly, hoping things were turning out the way I had hoped.

"Y-Yes." A small nervous grin had broken out on his stunning face.

"Are you just saying that because you feel sorry for me?" I tried to ask serenely, but it only came out weak and broken. Then, surprisingly enough, Rob began to laugh, and I mean really laugh. Like, he ended up having to sit down because he was chortling so hard. I sat next to him, the confusion more than likely noticeable on my face. "You done?" I questioned, kind of annoyed and more than a little worried. He just shook his head no and kept laughing.

Eventually the bell rang in all its weird rhythmic glory. Robbie's laughter died down as he stood up. "You really think I agreed to go out with you, Beck 'Freaking Gorgeous' Oliver, out of pity? That's hysterical." I just stared at him and we both started walking to the Tech Theatre III class we shared together.

"So, uh, I'll take that as a no, it's not out of pity?" I inquired, as Robbie looked extremely happy. He nodded in contentment, grinning wildly. "We're, like, dating now, then?" Robbie frowned, and stopped walking. I stopped too, eager to hear what he had to say.

"If you want to, I mean, uh, yeah." He said. I just grinned at him and held out my hand, palm stretched waiting for his. He bit his lip and entwined his fingers with mine as we continued walking down the hallway. We walked slowly, taking up the whole three minutes we had left before class started.

Robbie didn't say much, in fact he was blushing the whole time and his hand was (adorably) sweaty, but it didn't matter. For once in my life I was actually happy with whom I was dating. The only real long term relationship I'd ever had was with Jade, and even then she weighed me down too much with her relentless trust issues. She had broken up with me a few months before for some senior guy. We still are, to this day, pretty good friends, actually, since we're in the same social group and all that.

As Rob and I walked closer to our class, we both realized that by walking into the room full of classmates, we would be changing our reputations forever. I felt Robbie tense up next to me and I squeezed his hand in hope to comfort him. I leaned over and whispered, "Do you want to do this Robbie?" I stared at him for a few seconds while he looked majorly conflicted. It really was his call; I had never really been the type of person to care what everyone thought. And anyway, it's not like same sex couples at this school are or were uncommon or anything, so I knew we wouldn't be alone.

I heard Rob swallow as he slowly nodded his head in jerky motions that kind of resembled a robot. (But everyone knows that robots can't be gay because they don't have feelings. Thank you, Sikowitz.) That was really it. Robbie and I really were going out and everyone would know. There was no going back, but that was okay with me. Because who needs to go back when life is perfect? I wanted to sing and dance up and down the hallways – man, how comically and ironically gay does that sound? I knew that life from that point on would be fantastic, as long as I had my best friend by my side. I nodded back at him as the bell rang its final ring announcing the beginning of class. I gripped his hand tightly as we both took the first step into our new relationship together.

Robbie Shapiro and I have been happily in love ever since then, for about six months now. Soon, though, it all comes crashing around me when I find out my whole life will never be the same.

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