Title: Without a Word
Rating: T
Words: 300
Summary: One moment and they're broken. KakaSaku.
Notes: Written for the Kakasaku Community's Mutinous Monday chat on the LJ branch in response to nerocorleone's art.

A story told in three drabbles:

Kakashi leaves slowly, at what some might call a walk, if they were being generous. Strange, also, is the way he keeps glancing over his shoulder, like he's expecting someone. As his slow, onerous steps begin to take him further and further away from the village, it becomes clear he's hoping someone will show.

No one does.

He keeps walking.

A mission can't wait for someone he knows (but hopes is) isn't coming.

Knowing doesn't stop him from loitering as long as he can, straining for the familiar feel of chakra coming closer and feeling nothing.

Eventually, he moves on.

Sakura bathes in a public bath where, nonetheless, she's left alone. Perhaps her eyes, puffy from shed tears, do that. It's hard, in Konoha, to approach upset ninja. Dangerous. Most don't bother.

That's comforting as she slides beneath the hot waters for a breathless eternity that she wishes could go on forever and yet—

She sits up, water streaming from her. Sakura shivers, the air cold against her skin. No.

Drowning, in water, at least, isn't for her.

In grief, maybe. Or in solitude. Or in work.

So many options. Sakura isn't sure which she'll choose. Right now, all hurt.

The beach goes wrong so quickly. They're lounging, chatting and then their laughter stops abruptly as they surge to their feet. Something was there, isn't.

They find her hair ribbons (green). One of her tiny sandals. Nothing else.

They search for hours. For her. For her body. Her chakra signature is gone. She must be.

Sakura never forgives Kakashi as he herds her out of the water, hours later, his arm around her, her lips blue. If they'd stayed just a little longer, she always wonders, would they have found her?

They never find anything.

Just… gone.

And they're broken.

Super short, I know. But at least it's something?