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Chapter 3

Chase walked toward the door of the barn. "What have I done?" he asked himself, he saw the moon in the sky. "Chase we need to talk." said Cadpig, as she sat next to him. "Chase I can't believe you lied to us."

"I'm sorry, beautiful." said Chase.
"Chase why did you?" asked Cadpig.
"Just like I said, I was afraid you guys wouldn't want anything to do with me, if you found out." replied Chase.

Cadpig was confused. "Why, did something happen in the past?" She asked, Chase looked at her. "I don't feel like talking about it, let's just say people don't like wolves." replied Chase.

"Who don't like wolves?" asked Cadpig.

"The Hunters." Chase replied. "I've heard horrible tales where they would get on a helicopter and hunt us from the sky, hardly giving us a chance to get away."

"Do you have any parents?" asked Cadpig.
"No, not anymore, I'm sorry, I've only got my sister." replied Chase.
"What happened to your parents?" asked Cadpig.
"They were the unlucky victims to the attacks." replied Chase. "That's when my sister and I got into a loving family, the rest you know."

"That's so sad." said Cadpig, fixing to cry. Chase looked like he wanted to also. He looked at the moon again then right back at Cadpig. "I know the story is sad." Chase said, looking into her eyes. "When I came here you guys didn't back away from me." Cadpig looked at Chase as he continued. "And that's what made my sister and I very happy." Cadpig was speechless, she just smiled. Chase got toward Cadpig they started to lean in, their muzzles touching, Fiona was watching the whole scene till Lucky saw what she was doing. "Is everything your brother said true?" He asked, Fiona looks at him. "Sadly yes, hunters enjoy hunting us." she replied. "That's why we hide from humans while trying to get back to our pets."

"Looks like I was too harsh on you two." Said Lucky.
"Looks like it." Said Fiona.
"Has Matt been bothering you and your brother?" Asked Lucky.
"Yes, he's been a bully for Chase, often pushing him to his edge." Replied Fiona.
"Is there a way to get him off your back?" Asked Lucky.
"There's no way, Chase has tried but it leaves scars as a reminder of those fights he had with him." replied Fiona.

Lucky sat down. "Has he tried to say no?" asked Lucky. "No, he hasn't." replied Fiona. "But I'm going to see about convincing him tomorrow."

Matt was walking around. "How do we know that he will do what we say?" he asked. His minions was nervous. That was when Mark spoke up. "There should be a test." Matt stopped and looked at Mark. "Yes, there should be a test." he said.

A red dog spoke up.

"How are we going to test him?" he asked.
"Patience my brother." Matt Replied. "In do time."

The next morning. Two-Tone walks up to Chase, he sees Two-Tone coming toward him. "Did you come to yell at me too?" He asked. "Everyone of your siblings has." Two-Tone is a dalmatian with one side of her body white with black ears with an earring on one of them, the other side was black, She was also a big boned dalmatian. "No, Yes. Then again I just wanted to talk to you." she replied. "I know you have been asked this 97 times, but why did you lie to us?"

Chase continued looking at her as his ears lowered. "Two-Tone I've asked myself that question ever since I heard it, all I can say is I was afraid nobody would want me to be their friends." he said, He was afraid that Two-Tone wouldn't understand and yell at him like the others. So he tried again. "You see before my sister and I were stolen, we never made any friends cause they see us different than them so they reject us cause we were wolves, they heard stories about us that weren't true, we rarely prey on live stock."

"Then why are the two of you here?" asked Two-Tone.
"Instead of hiding, maybe we were looking for some friends." replied Chase.
"Well, there's me and Cadpig." said Two-Tone.
"And you got me, Rolly and Spot." said a familiar voice.

Chase looks to see Lucky, Rolly and Spot right there next to him. "Lucky, guys. How much did you hear?" he asked.

"Enough to let you know that, we forgive you for lying and to be friends again." replied Lucky. Chase looked for Cadpig but couldn't find her. "Where's your sister?" he asked. Spot walked up to him. "We were hoping you knew?" she asked, Rolly looked at Chase. "We couldn't find her or your sister." he said.

"Yeah, your sister was going to see you today." Said Lucky, Chase was shocked. "I haven't seen her, but if She's gone too, I wonder Who wou–" Chase stopped for a minute. "Wait a minute, come on guys follow me, I know exactly where to look."

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