I stepped into the coffee shop and what occurred to me first was the amount of idiotic frat boys that occupied a large amount of the seats. I sighed, and continued. I spotted Oliver in his usual outside, a ridiculously bright Hawaiian shirt and other silly things that contributed to his 'hippy' look, as the youngsters called it now a day.
'Oliver,' I said as I reached the counter. 'May I speak with you in private please?'
He looked surprised, but eventually nodded to one of his employees who came to fill in for him, and we stepped into the back. He locked the door behind him, and I carried on into the room, stopped in the middle next to his desk and turned to face him.
'As you're currently aware, Morley is running a nearby town, Blacke. I feel this has gone on long enough and is too much of a risk to our kind. Would you send people to bring them back here?' She didn't wait for an answer, because she already knew what it was. Instead, she turned around to straighten a pencil on his desk. When I turned back, he was standing incredibly close. I could hardly move.
'Oliver, this is highly-' he put one finger on my chin, lifted it up and kissed me. My un-dead heart pounded in my chest.


I've battled powerful people, faced death and the harsh realities of life... And yet that the most terrifying experiences of my life. I had no idea how she felt about me, she could push me away. This could completely ruin everything we had. But I had to do it. I had to know.

And she kissed me back. I felt her heart thumping, fast and loud, and I pulled her in close to me so she could feel mine too. After the shock settled down, it was just kissing. GREAT kissing. Eventually, I needed to breathe, and I pulled away, stepped back, and immediately regretted it. I wanted to kiss her again, but I knew I shouldn't. She looked dazed. We stared for a few moments, and time seemed to stand still.
'Well.. It was nice to see you too, Oliver.' She said, and opened the door. I closed it again before she could leave.
'I love you.' I said. This was the most I had put myself out there in years. I hated this.
After a few minutes of silence, I took my hand off the door and let her leave.
It was pretty clear.
She didn't feel that way about me.
I walked to my desk and leant against it, legs and arms crossed. I stood staring at the floor for long while before I heard a knock at the door.
'It's open,' I said, and stood up straight. The door opened slowly.
It was Amelie.
'I love you too.' She whispered, and flung herself at me.

We were in there all afternoon.