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The Little Pink House

Chapter One

The house was much smaller then Bella Swan had expected. This wasn't an unpleasant thought for her, but a happy surprise. It would be homey and comforting, ready to be filled with images of flowers made with paints and swirls reminiscent of the abstract masters created with broken crayons. The yard was large surrounded by a white, picket fence and Bella could see tricycles, sand buckets and bouncing balls littering the grass. The thought made her smile.

The only problem that Bella could see was the color. It was pink. The color of the house was reminiscent of a bottle of Pepto Bismol. Who would ever pick such a horrible shade? Bella tried to think positive thoughts. Wasn't pink supposed to be calming? Maybe, when the little ones decide to throw themselves down onto the ground, the pink will make screaming less piercing. One could only hope.

"It's pretty, Mommy!" Annie yelled in the way only a five year old girl could. "It's the same color as Pinky Pie."

It was also once again brought to her attention that, unlike her mother, young Annie loved pink. The only thing that would make this better for her oldest would be if the house would be covered in glitter. "I'm glad you like it, cute stuff. Wait... who's Pinky Pie?"

These kids have too many damn toys, Bella thought.

"My pony, you know this! She is my favorite!" Annie grinned.

"Let me guess, because she's pink." It was always about the color.

"Yes." Annie looked at her mother like she was crazy.

Bella looked down at the little boy that clutched her leg. "What do you think, Matty, my love?"

Matt barked. Bella's son, when he turned two, decided he was an animal and not a boy. Today, he was obviously a dog.

"Glad you like it, kid," Bella said at her boy who was now licking her leg.

"He doesn't like it, Mommy, you made him leave Lydia!" Annie frowned with her arms folded.

"Lydia is your best friend, Annie. You miss Lydia. I understand." Bella had been waiting for the ball to drop. Now was the time and it was a bowling ball.

"Can she come over to play?" Annie asked, still not able to comprehend the new life she would be living.

"No, Annie, she lives in Maryland and this is Washington. It's too far away."

"Daddy is in Maryland."

"Yes, sweetheart, he is." Bella knew it was going to be bad. Annie was on the edge. Matt started to howl."

Annie got closer to her mother growling, "I want Daddy!

Bella wanted to promise her that her father would see her soon, but this would be a lie. He was too busy with his new house, new life and new girlfriend to deal with his old family. He was paying Bella an extremely generous, in his opinion, alimony and child support for those he had once claimed to love to disappear. That man would never be father of the year and, in all truthfulness, Bella assumed he never would want to claim that crown.

"Honey," Bella began, as went down onto her knees to be eye level with the crying brunette before her. Matt climbed his mother back immediately and switched to noise that would normally to found in the deepest darkest jungle. "Daddy has work near Pops and Grandma. He can't be here. You know what? Grandpa Charlie is coming over with pizza and the moving van! When the lady comes with the keys, we can go and check the place out. We can pick out our rooms and decide which one will look best with your mermaid sheets!"

Bella made her voice high pitched to feign enthusiasm. It was an annoying sound. Of course, her child was way too smart to buy the fake tones coming out of her Mother's desperate mouth. That's why it shouldn't have been any surprise to Bella, when Annie upped her game. She began to wail, with big tears streaming down her face, "I want to call my daddy! I want to call Daddy!"

Annie was chanting this to a steady beat, Matt was increasing the loud howling of what Bella could only gather could be the elusive Silver Back Gorilla of the Congo and Bella was barely holding onto what was ever left of her sanity. Bella hoped the neighbors were deaf and couldn't hear the horrible noises spewing her children. She attempted to plead with the loud and increasingly embarrassing offspring. "Matt, shush baby, it's time to be a big boy. Annie, you're a big five year old girl! We can't call your father now, you know that."

The saddest part was that in fact a five year old did know that she was only allowed to talk to her Daddy on Sundays in the evenings at seven sharp. Of course, Alec didn't care that was their bedtime. Of course, he didn't answer half the time. Of course, he was a bastard of the highest order. All of these things flooded through Bella's mind in waves of anger.

Bella tried to breathe through her children's screams and guttural animal noises. She needed to calm down. It wasn't their fault; it was their cretin of a father who created the chaos in their little lives. How else were they supposed to be behaving after being abandoned by someone who was supposed to love them forever? She started to remember what her therapist tried to drill in her head: She needed to find her happy place. Remember to diffuse your anger, before interacting with the children. They are just acting out their feelings of confusion.

That was until she felt a hand on her shoulder that gave her a squeeze. That is when Bella Swan blew her gasket. "Matthew Samuel Volturi, cut it out!"

"I think you have the wrong person, Ma'am," a deep voice rang out.

Bella opened her eyes and saw her two children clutching hands. Matthew had a finger stuck up his nose and Annie's frown had turned upside down. Though her face covered in tears and snot, she was smiling up to the voice that came from behind Bella. The thought to be mortified was apparently clear to Bella as she stood unsteadily to her feet and turned slowly towards the beautiful sound. She was right with her feeling of mortification after seeing the man behind her. He stood tall with a wild mess of orange hair, no if she had to wax poetic about the sight, it was copper. His face was chiseled with a thin, aristocratic nose and his piercing green eyes that reminded her of the green grasses she laid upon when she was young and actually had time to read a book. The only thing that marred the vision was the sneer he was directing at her babies.

Actually, that was incorrect, the man, Edward Cullen was sneering at Bella. He was a vision of cleanliness in a crisp white button down, artfully untucked, and dark jeans. The woman before him was definitely not. Her hair was a rat's nest of curls that she refused to tame that morning, instead throwing it into a bun that had an unnoticed French fry stuck in it. Matt had decided his drive through fries were better as an accessories for his mommy's hair then an actual food source. Her oversized Towson State University Hoodie was covered in ketchup and boogers and the sparkly flip flops that had her feet rested upon had seen better days. The man was worried that they were squatters.

"Are you Isabella Swan?" Edward inquired. He hoped this wasn't the case. If so he would need to have a discussion with his mother about decision making process when renting to hobos.

"Bella," She stated simply wiping her hands on her jeans and then thrusting one of them at him.

Edward ignored it, instead quickly dropping a set of gold keys in Bella's outstretched hand. "My mother asked me to drop these keys off to you. She wished to be herself but, umm, I wasn't really paying attention. I suppose she'll be dropping off a casserole this afternoon."

"Great. I was really hoping to meet Esme. She sounded so nice on the phone." Unlike her son, Bella decided. She wondered how someone so upbeat and happy like the woman she had many phone conversations with, birthed a child who seems so unpleasant. Bella was once again disappointed with the fact that all the pretty men she ever met had horrible personalities.

Annie had a completely different reaction to the handsome man in front of her; he looked like a prince, just like her daddy. She wanted to keep him and play with him all day long. She reached into her pink, princess backpack and pulled out a doll and thrust it at Edward.

He unwilling took it the naked plastic Ken doll, who was sporting only one boot. He looked at Bella in expiration. Why would this woman let her children play with naked dolls? "Little girl, where's his clothes?"

"I don't know. I only play with the girls! They have pretty dresses and you can put barrettes in their hair. Matthew stole all my Kens' clothes. Why would he do that?" Annie looked at Edward like he would have a clue about this.

Edward looked at her in something akin to fear, "I have absolutely no idea."

He then felt something tug on his shirt. Sticky, small hands attached to a tow headed boy clung to him. He stared in horror at the stain of ketchup spotted his shirt. The boy, Matt started making horrible noises at him.

"What is your child saying?" Edward asked, as he removed the boy and shooed him towards Bella.

"He thinks he's a monkey," Bella stated. "I think Mr. Cullen needs to be leaving."

"I do, I have a date and need to change now." He sneered at the stain on his shirt. Bella just sneered at his prissy demeanor.

"Can I be your date?" Annie asked. She had no idea what a date was, but it had to be fun if the handsome prince would be there.

"No dates for you, until you're thirty." Bella grinned.

Annie looked confused. "Can I keep Mr. Cullen?

"You can't keep him, kiddo. That's illegal," Bella stated in a very nonplussed manner. Edward was trying to figure out, why this crazy woman was talking to her child like an adult.

"Would Grandpa Charlie throw me in jail?" Annie loved visiting Grandpa Charlie at his work.

"Yes, and feed you only bread and water." Bella laughed.

Annie looked at her mother angrily. "No, Mommy, Grandpa Charlie will feed me donuts and juice boxes."

"Right you are my little spider monkey. My mistake." Bella winked.

Edward ran his fingers through his hair. "You are a terrible mother."

"You're still here?" Bella asked. "I thought you had a date? Kids, say bye-bye to Mr. Cullen."

"Mommy, can Mr. Cullen come to play tomorrow?"

Almost in unison both Bella and Edward said, "No."

"Say goodbye, Annie. We need to check out that bedroom okay?" Bella tried to get her children to enter their new house.

"Goodbye," Edward said with a quick wave.

Annie launched herself at Edward's leg and gave it a hug and added a kiss to the knee for good measure. "Tomorrow we play Barbies!"

Bella grabbed her overly affection child and headed towards the house with one wiggling child under each arm. "Thanks for the keys!"

Edward got into his Volvo and looked at the struggling mother try to shepherd her children into the house. To his utter amazement the only thing that was registering in his mind was Isabella Swan's big, brown eyes.