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Chapter 33: The End.

Esme was rushing around like a mad woman trying to put the last finishing floral touches around the tiny congregational church. Edward was watching his mother from the doorway near the altar. He had promised not to get his charcoal suit wrinkled and he stood there, waiting patiently.

"She's running around all willy-nilly, like a chicken with its head cut off," Edward's favorite voice whispered in his ear. "You want to hide in the church pantry and make out?"

Bella, with her hair pinned up and wearing only a robe, stood there grinning at him as he turned around. He really wanted to take her up on her offer.

"I shouldn't be seeing you before the wedding." He grinned saucily and peeked down her robe.

"You naughty thing," Bella stated and quickly flashed him. "I saw you at breakfast already. That stupid wedding old wives' tale has already been broken."

"You know there's a minister hovering around here somewhere and you're flashing me? Do it again!" He pulled her close to him and kissed her neck. "Shouldn't you be getting ready?"

"I was going to bludgeon Jane," Bella admitted.

"Sounds like an ordinary day to me." Edward couldn't help grinning.

"She's ragging on my dress. Seriously, if Jane wants the wedding of the century and the poofy white dress, she and Rosalie can wear matching dresses at their future nuptials."

Edward gave her a confused look. "They're getting married?"

"No, but I wouldn't put it past that crazy to try to steal my thunder!" Bella pulled him closer. "Give your lady some sugar."

She started to kiss him happily and Edward held her tightly, still in the doorway. They were oblivious to what was happening around them, until Bella was pulled away from Edward's grasp.

"Isabella Swan-almost-Cullen, Edward can't see you before the wedding! You need to finish getting ready!" Esme reprimanded, pulling her toward the church's offices. "Edward, find your father and help him with his tie.

Bella was heard muttering, "You Cullens and your obsession with stupid traditions..."

Edward watched with a smile, as he was tapped on the shoulder by a tiny hand. He found Emmett carrying Matt, with Sam solemnly holding his father's hand. He took Matt from Emmett and hugged him tightly. That was when he felt sticky fingers on his face and looked down to see a substance on his suit. He asked, "What did you give him?"

"It's an important day! The boys wanted lollipops!" Emmett admitted.

"You didn't feel it was necessary to wash their hands?" Edward put Matt down and proceeded to pull Wet Naps out of his pocket and wiped off the boys.

"Daddy always forgets to wash hands," Sam explained. "Jane calls him 'Pig Pen'."

Edward snickered and started wiping his jacket.

"Why am I not surprised you have wipes in your pocket?" Emmett asked with a laugh, and then added, "She can still choose me."

"Who's going to choose you?" Edward inquired, watching Sam lead Matt over to a pew to play with Matchbox cars.

"Your lovely bride can pick me during the ceremony. I do look entirely dashing today." Emmett wiggled his eyebrows. "I think she still has a thing for me."

"If you mean has a thing for your handsome little brother whom she loves, then that would be the correct answer." Edward watched his dad and Charlie stumble up the aisle, trying to help each other with their ties. "Why are you still pining for Bella when you have Victoria?"

"Victoria's fantastic, isn't she?" Emmett asked wistfully. "Nah, bro, I'm just messing with you."

Edward smiled at his brother. "I'm happy for you."

"I'm happy for me too. It's about time the Cullen brothers found some happiness." Emmett watched Jasper go over and try to help Carlisle and Charlie. It wasn't going well. "Why is Whitlock wearing a bolo?"

"I guess you can take the man out of Texas, but..."

Emmett shot Edward a look. "We're really letting our baby sister run to the Wild West with that weirdo?"

Alice and Jasper were leaving for Texas a couple of days after the wedding. Emmett was not impressed, but Edward was pleased for their sister.

"We are, and we're going to be happy for them. Keep your mouth shut about it," he reprimanded Emmett. Looking over at his father and father-in-law, it appeared that Jasper was strangling Charlie. "Do you think we should go over there and help them? This is getting ridiculous!"

"Nah, let's watch a couple of more minutes. This is hilarious!"

Edward had to agree with Emmett. "It certainly is."

The men watched in comfortable silence, only interrupted by their laughter.


"You know this is a wedding, not a 1950s housewarming party, June Cleaver, or should I call you Donna Reed?" Jane questioned.

"Back off, demon woman." Bella was fixing her lipstick in the old wooden mirror in the church bathroom. "You're just jealous that I've chosen something off the beaten path and in your previous ceremonies, you looked like a wedding cake topper."

Alice giggled.

Jane glared at her. "I wouldn't laugh, little Al. When Cowboy Curls hogties you and forces you into marital bliss, I can see a white cowboy hat with a veil and sparkly, pink boots."

"I wouldn't wear that!" Alice squeaked.

"You would if I made you!" Jane gleefully cackled.

Esme put her hand on Jane's shoulder. "Stop teasing her, Jane. Bella, darling, you look lovely."

"Thank you," Bella murmured, as she gazed at herself. She'd found the dress in a second-hand store. She'd wandered in on a whim with Annie. The girl was the one who had been drawn to it first. The pale pink was like a tractor beam to the almost six-year-old. The bodice was a boat neck that barely skimmed her collarbone, with a delicate lace covering it. A slightly darker sash wrapped around the waist, with the skirt flaring out and hitting slightly below the knee. It was the exact opposite of the white, lacy monstrosity she'd worn for her nuptials to Alec. It was perfect.

"You're so pretty, Mommy!" Annie exclaimed, hugging her mother.

"So are you, baby doll." Bella kissed her girl and took a deep breath. If she had any regrets at all this day, it was that she didn't have her own mother here to hold her hand. Somewhere, a woman was wandering through the world, not knowing her daughter was getting married or that she had beautiful grandchildren, and that she was being missed on this important day. It made things bittersweet.

As if Esme could read Bella's mind, she wrapped her arms around her. "I'm so happy that you're going to be my daughter. My son couldn't have found a more perfect girl."

Bella beamed.

"This is for you," Alice said, blushing in embarrassment. She placed a starburst-looking pin made out of yellow gemstones into Bella's hand.

"Did you make this, Ali?" Bella looked at the beautiful piece of jewelry in her hand. "This is amazing."

Alice quietly asked, "Will you wear it today?"

Bella pinned it on the sash at her waist. "This is exactly what the dress needed. Thank you!"

"Thank you for being my sister," Alice whispered.

Bella wrapped her arms around her and whispered back, "Always."

"I want to vomit with this love fest," Jane announced.

"Are you sick, Aunt Jane?" Annie asked worriedly. "Do you need a lollipop? Uncle Giant's pockets are filled with them!"

"Thanks for ruining a lovely moment, Janie," Bella complained.

Jane went to the door. "Glad to be of assistance. I need to find my woman. "

Bella just shook her head. These women were her family and she wouldn't have it any other way.


Edward stood at the altar, watching Bella walk down the aisle between Annie and Matt. They were all linked together, holding hands. A smile burst forth from his lips. They were officially going to be a family and he was overjoyed.

Once they reached him at the end of the aisle, Matt scrambled up into Edward's arms, while Annie held tightly to her mother's hand. Angela's husband, Ben, smiled at the family. "I must say this is the perfect picture."

With his wife taking pictures, due to the last-minute wedding and a need for a photographer, Ben started the ceremony. It was fairly traditional until Bella and Edward recited the vows they had written for each other.

Bella went first.

"What can I say about the first time I met Edward? He was an idiot. A pompous idiot..."

"He was a prince, Mommy!" Annie interrupted.

"Yes, Annie, Mommy wasn't finished. He was a prince, but one that hadn't discovered yet that he had a heart of gold. I'm so happy that I ignored my first impression and got to fall in love with you. I never thought I would find a real love, but you were it all along. Thank you for taking a chance on me and being not only my love, but the love of my children. We are truly blessed by having you in our life. I love you and pledge my forever to you."

Edward took Bella's hand and kissed it. "The first time I met Bella, she was the prettiest mess I ever saw. I was disgusted, but drawn to her regardless. I mean, seriously, that first day my lady was filthy. Remember you had a French fry in your hair?"

"I really don't recall that." Bella smirked. She didn't remember, but more likely than not she'd had one stuck in there.

"It didn't matter, because I was obsessed with her. I wasn't used to mess and children, but I know now that I would be miserable without my strong, beautiful and sassy Bella. Annie and Matt are my heart. You three were always meant to be my family. I'm so happy to have you all in my heart. Thank you for being mine. I pledge to protect and love all of you for a thousand and more lifetimes."

A tear dripped down Bella's face at his words. They were perfect.

The ceremony continued with an exchange of rings and finally it was time for the traditional kiss. Edward placed his lips against Bella's and a small hand pushed his mouth away. "Att kiss Mama! Not Dada!"

Matt propelled his body into Bella's and showered her face with slobbery kisses. Edward just laughed and swung up Annie and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

They belonged to each other now and it was heaven.


Angela wasn't a bad photographer. Sure, she had forgotten to turn the camera on for the first several of the posed pictures, but Bella was certain that the rest would turn out fine. At least she hoped so.

As they left the church, Jasper pulled her aside to show her his camera. "I thought having some back-up pictures would be a good idea, darlin'."

"Thank you so much!" Bella exclaimed. "Would you take some at the reception?"

"I would be proud to do so, Bella!"

Bella couldn't imagine a better man for her new sister.

Outside, Bella was amazed to see a black limo parked in front of the church. "I thought we were taking your car?"

"Annie insisted," Edward explained. "I thought some alone time in a limo would..."

Annie and Matt dove into the limo. Annie's head peeked out. "Mommy, this is so cool! There's a TV! Can we watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse?"

"Alone time?" Bella asked.

"A man can dream," Edward said with a sigh.

The ride wasn't a long one, but Bella had two napping, small heads in her lap, while Edward gazed at her as he sat in the seat across from them.

"I wish my head was in your lap right now," Edward stated wistfully.

She just smiled.

The driver announced, "We will be arriving at your destination in a couple of minutes, Dr. Cullen."

"Can you circle around a couple of times?" Edward asked.

"Certainly, sir."

Bella gave him a questioning look, which made Edward smile. He explained, "They need more rest before the excitement of the reception and I want to admire my girl before all the people try to take her away from me to dance."

She blew him a kiss, as the limo continued down the road.


The Forks Elks Lodge had never looked so lighthearted. Esme had outdone herself decorating the rustic walls with white Christmas lights. The tables had green plaid tablecloths with vases of daisies and wildflowers. It was quirky, off-beat and positively joyful. The hall was filled with the smell of enchiladas from the Mexican restaurant that was available at the last minute to cater the event. The restaurant even brought the entertainment. A mariachi band played lively tunes in a corner and family and friends were already dancing on the makeshift dance floor.

Bella pointed at her father spinning the widow, Sue Clearwater, around in a circle. "I've never seen him doing that before!"

"It looks like 'Dad' found himself a lady!" Edward said, with a chuckle.

"You do know that he will shoot you if you call him 'Dad'?" Bella asked, as Edward wrapped his arms around her.

"Without a doubt." He kissed her soundly on the lips.

Carlisle came up and said, "I have never seen a more beautiful couple! I was hoping to ask your permission for a dance."

"Dad, I haven't even gotten to dance with my wife yet!" Edward admonished.

"I meant Miss Annie. Her wizard promised to dance with her!" Carlisle laughed.

Bella looked over to see Annie and Sam dancing. They were laughing hysterically, as Esme twirled Matt around. "You might need to join the dance party over there or Maria seems to be trying to get your attention."

An obviously drunk Maria waved a full tumbler at Carlisle and winked at him obnoxiously. Carlisle turned pale. "Son, I'll be hiding behind your mother."

"Why did we invite her again?"

Bella shrugged. "Jane, the children and I are the only family she has. She's harmless without having Aro around."

It was true; while Maria was an odd woman, she was tolerable and somewhat amusing now that Aro and Alec were in jail Edward likened her to the eccentric aunt who says inappropriate things. She was, strangely enough, a part of the ragtag family they had created.

They watched as Jane and Rosalie went over to the woman with a plate of Mexican food from the buffet. The older woman looked as if she were complaining, but Bella didn't miss the smile the woman had for her daughter and Rosalie. It looked like things were looking up for them all.

"Bella and Edward, I just wanted to say congratulations," Garrett announced, coming up behind them. This wasn't surprising, but his date was. Kate held tightly to his arm.

"What are you doing here?" Edward exclaimed.

"Garrett invited me. I'm testifying against Alec and his father. I just...wanted to apologize and wish you the best. I'm trying to be a better person and I hope you both can find it in your hearts to forgive me."

Edward was about to tell her where she could shove it, but Bella said with a small smile, "Of course we can. Thank you for coming. I need to dance with Edward now."

She pulled him onto the dance floor where a slow song was playing. She murmured in his ear, "What the hell is GQ thinking?"

"I didn't think you would forgive her," Edward said, kissing her head.

"Of course not! I'm just keeping the peace at our wedding. I don't trust that woman one bit, but she's GQ's problem. I just want to enjoy my husband."

She looked over to see Alice and Jasper kissing in a corner, while Emmett was whispering to a giggling Victoria. "It's amazing to see all of our loved ones happy! Isn't it wonderful?"

Edward was, once again, amazed by the fantastic woman he'd married. He kissed her slowly and pulled away saying, "I love you."

"I love you." She kissed him back, as they swayed to beat.


That night, Bella and Edward were alone at a small inn at the edge of town. The children were being spoiled by the grandparents at a special overnight party just for them. It was nice being alone, but Bella couldn't help herself. "Let's call and see how the kids are doing!"

Edward unzipped her dress and kissed her back. "They're going to be just fine."

The dress slipped to the floor, as he turned her to face him. Bella started to unbutton Edward's shirt slowly. "I think Matt's getting a runny nose."

"He'll be just fine, Momma. Trust me, I'm a doctor." Edward licked her neck, making Bella shiver. She slipped off his shirt and rubbed her hands down his chest. "Have I told you how beautiful you are?"

"Only a million times today," Bella said, with a kiss to Edward's nose, as she unbuttoned his trousers. She pushed them down and licked her lips.

"I'll say it a million more." Edward scooped her up and gently lowered her onto the bed. With deft fingers and eager eyes, he removed her lacy garments and used his mouth to shower her skin with kisses.

Bella helped Edward remove the rest of his clothing and stared at him with love. "You are every inch of amazing."

Their mouths met and hands caressed, as Edward entered her.

He slowly moved in and out, both of their bodies reacting with the intensity of their emotions. Bella moaned at the way her body reacted to his. Their eyes never left one another's as they both felt fireworks in each other's embrace. One final push and their bodies erupted into rapture, as they kissed to express their mutual love.

Bella lay cradled in Edward's arms, as he stroked her hair. She looked into his eyes and announced, "I'm so in love with you."

"I know that feeling. I feel the same way for you." He kissed her temple. "So what's next for us, Mrs. Cullen?"

"Happiness, Edward, happiness."