My first Merlin Fanfiction, so be nice!

This takes place around the end of Season 3. Uther died from the shock of loosing Morgana to magic and Arthur is king. I know things are out of sync with some episodes, but please remember this is fanfiction, and not fact.

She was coming. I could feel it. The council chamber shook with power. I could feel her anger and grief consuming her; it spread throughout the kingdom like wildfire, touching everything in its wake. I felt no hatred towards the poor girl; after all we weren't so different from each other. She had finally found someone who had understood her and now it had been taken away. All I felt for was, shame, and sadness. Shame; that I hadn't done anything to help her when I could have, and sadness for the hopelessness she now felt.

The council chambers doors flew open and Arthur stormed in disturbing my train of thought.

'Merlin, what on earth is going on?' He asked.

'Get away Arthur she's coming, you shouldn't be here,' I despaired at the situation. Arthur couldn't be here now. Not when she was coming. He would find out my secret. Panic gripped me.

'Please Arthur, I'm begging you.'

'Who's coming? Merlin you're not making any sense!' Arthur asked again. By now the whole of the royal court had begun shuffling into the council room. I was just considering whether to put them all to sleep, when she came.

Morgana burst into the room, her eyes golden and her dark black hair billowing around her in a halo of darkness. Her eyes now back to the shining emeralds turned immediately to me.

'You killed her!' She screamed. Her face turned in a wild ferocious snarl so unlike the girl of three years ago. 'She's dead because of you!'

Arthur took no notice of her words and drew his sword and walked towards her.

'Morgana I don't want to hurt you, but if you hurt anyone you will leave me no choice,' I almost scoffed, Morgana had more power than Arthur realised. He was underestimating magic, underestimating the situation. Although I couldn't blame him for believing she was deep down the sweet kind girl she had once been. I knew better.

Morgana's glare turned to Arthur and her hands lifted as if to attack. I immediately stepped in front of Arthur and raised my own hands.

'Morgana your quarrel is with me let everyone else go,' the power in my voice surprised me, I had never had the chance to stand in front of everyone I knew and command power. But I now did it so easily.

'I don't think so,' she sneered at me, 'I'm going to kill you Merlin, like you killed her. I'm going to kill you in front of everyone who loves you and I will watch as they cry over your dead body, and then they will know my pain and my revenge will be complete'

'That won't bring Morgause back' I pleaded with her although I knew it was pointless. 'Your grief will still be as complete as it was before.'

'But my sister will rest peacefully' She replied 'and I will get personal revenge for when you tried to poison me and for all the plans you thwarted.'

'Merlin' Arthur began confused. 'What the hell is… ?'

The rest of his sentence was cut off as Morgana raised her hands now pointed at me and her eyes turned a familiar brilliant gold.

'Forbærne! Ácwele!' Morgana shouted, and a stream of fireballs shot towards me.

I knew I had no choice, so at the same time in front of everybody I retaliated to block, not to injure.

'Miere torr sweoloþhat!'

What happened next I would remember for the rest of my life the spells met in the middle of the room and burst into a whirlwind of gold and silver sparks that drew together, then expanded and flew at both myself and Morgana. They struck and I flew backwards in the air. I fell with a crash yet I felt no pain just a strange tingling sensation that ran through the whole of my body.

Morgana was the first to stand up and she looked at me in fear. I couldn't help notice how beautiful she was. I forced myself to clear my thoughts and raised my hands to try again, however she just stared at me.

'You're a sorcerer!' She screamed at me. I couldn't help but be pleased.

'Oh, I'm no sorcerer Morgana, I'm a warlock and destined to be the most powerful magic wielder to walk Albion. The druids call me Emrys.'

The fear intensified now into horror and she backed away, although something pulled at my chest when she did.

'You traitor,' she said softly and with a flash of Golden eyes she was gone.

I woke with a start her name on my lips as I sat up straight in bed. The familiarity of my chambers in Gaius's rooms looked back at me, as I tried to take in my dream. I couldn't help wonder if I had seen the future…but I was no seer. Morgana was though. Morgana. She was on my every thought and somehow I knew she was plotting revenge.

'Morgana' I whispered.

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