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I was happy, things were quiet. Bayard had ran off back to Mercia and Arthur was starting to treat me like he used too, despite the sometimes deep pondering looks he would give me. There was no sign of attack, or magical threat. No one had been enchanted, no one had died. Things with Morgana had been peaceful too, she had kept away from court, and town, and stayed in the shadows. I didn't want her to hide, I wanted to show her off to everyone. However we both knew it was for the best, until everyone had calmed and the people became more used to the idea.

I was addicted to her presence, she called to me mind, body, soul and magic. I couldn't get enough of her. In public I would steal touches, slight grazes of her hand with mine, my hand on her back when she walked. In return the way she looked at me, made me ache. Her eyes constantly sought mine, with passion and heat, the desire in them gripping me to my core. I was happy that things were quiet so we could spend more time together, doing enjoyable…pleasurable…exhilarating things.

Like now for instance. I have her pressed against the door to her chambers, I couldn't wait to get her to the bed. As soon as the door was shut I was pushing her back forcefully. Pulling her head to mine sharply so I could lock my mouth on hers. The violence didn't scare her, she rose to it, giving just as much passion back. She gripped at my hair as her mouth assaulted mine, her lips searching, exploring, teeth grazing and her tongue battling. My blood boiled, I could not get enough of her.

Grabbing her leg I hoisted it up around my hips, wanting closer contact to where we both needed it most. She retaliated my jumping up and wrapping her other leg about me, her skirts bunched at her waist. I lifted her and slammed her back against the door, and grinded against her. She flung back her head, her eyes wild, her mouth panting for air. A thought from me and a flash of gold had her weight lessened so I could manoeuvre better, to which she smirked at my cleverness. I slammed her hands above her head using magic and pinning her with just my hips and took the smirk off of her face with a kiss.

I couldn't wait, I needed her, I wanted her. I loosened my trousers and stepped closer supporting her more.

'Beg for me,' I whispered into her neck.

'Never,' she teased back.

I bit at her neck in retaliation uncaring of the marks I would leave. Moving one hand I searched underneath her skirts, and without warning pushed one finger into her. Her answering moan was gratifying. She was so wet, and ready for me that I moaned back. But I wouldn't commit, not yet.

'Beg,' I repeated possessively moving my finger in a slow but thorough way that made her wriggle against me.

She moaned in response and tossed her head from side to side, but kept her mouth clenched shut. I added a second and with another flash of my eyes I manipulated her body, forcing it to the brink of an unnatural orgasm. My magic forced pressure on her where my fingers couldn't reach, and I created a light pinching sensation on her breasts. The results were exquisite as she screamed my name and threw her head back in frustration. I wouldn't let her come, not until she begged. Using magic I built her pleasure to the peak and left it there, repeating the process, but refusing to let it climax. Sweat dripped from her forehead. And I pulsed with need and lust.

'Merlin, please!' she begged, finally. 'Oh please.'

Moaning in delight, I wasted no time and stepped closer and with one deep thrust buried myself inside her fully, using my magic to finally let her climax. She bit her lip and moaned with delight. I thrusted through her release, relishing the feeling of her tightening on me. She was warm, tight and wet and everything perfect.

Suddenly though this wasn't enough, I pushed her to her feet, steadying her as she stumbled and turned her round so her hands were against the door. One more flash of my eyes and she was naked, her dress dissolved.

Morgana gasped in reply, as the air struck her skin. The sensations were clearly overwhelming her, but it was what I wanted. I wanted her to have my mark, and scent all over her. Wasting no more time, I pulled her to me and entered her from behind. Her hands fisted on the door, whilst one of mine reached around to caress her breast. I could feel myself building higher to ecstasy but I wanted her to come with me.

'Morgana,' I whispered into her back.

She moaned indistinguishably back at me.

'I love you.'

My words had the desired effect as she cried out and shivered against me. I followed with a cry of her name. It was pleasure like I had never experienced before. It was intense, brutal, but full of love too. Only this much affection for someone could cause this much pleasure.

I summoned what strength I had left and lifted her exhausted body onto the bed we had failed to reach, and collapsed next to her. Her eyes were shut and she was panting, her body giving the occasional shudder as aftershocks struck her body. I traced designs on her belly utterly entranced. I was slightly worried I had been too forward, and rough with her.

'Are you okay?' I asked brushing her hair back from her face.

Green eyes opened and looked back at me blearily. 'That was…' she didn't finish and shut her eyes again.

Her lack of response I took for a good sign.

She cuddled into my side and I held her close as she dozed. I was slightly worried about the intensity of our coupling, it had been rough, physical. I didn't know I was capable of such passion or lust. The bond between us was strong and it drove me to heights I never dreamed of. Morgana was a land untraveled, beautiful, wild, and untamed. Part of me was scared I would get lost in her, and forget about everything else.

I could not lose myself to this passion, this heat. Arthur was my destiny, and magic had to be restored to Camelot. My people deserved to be free. Kilgharrah deserved to be free, to fly during the day without fear of notice, I deserved to be free. I sighed, all my body and magic wanted to do was bind myself to Morgana as tightly as possible. But my head was telling me, that I had relaxed for too long. There was work to be done.

Tomorrow I resolved, I would start to plan. Morgana's magic needed guidance, her magic was not suited to combat, it was what had corrupted her in the first place in my opinion. Her misuse of magic and caused such an upheaval in her body that it had taken away her reason. Her magic was for healing and for seeing the future. Subjects I would be the first to admit did not come easily to me. Perhaps that was why we were so well matched. My weakness was her strengths.

I resolved that I would consult with Gaius and Kilgharrah, to see what they knew on the subjects, and whether a teacher could be found, as I had little skill in her disciplines. Her healing needed greater knowledge and her visions needed to be controlled. I was sure that with the right tutor she would be a powerful seer.

I was slightly sad to know that I would have to get back to reality tomorrow, but I smiled to myself as Morgana stirred, there was always tonight. We would always have the night.

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