She Never Forgot

Prequel is 'An Angel To The Rescue'

Author: Nitrowugs

Rating: G

Pairings: None

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Written: 05/26/2012

Summary: Little girls never forget an angel.

It had been four and a half years since, now nineteen year old, Claudia was a street kid living in an abandoned warehouse with others like herself. They had banded together for protection against everything that preys on young people, but more important than that, they had banded together to fight the vampires that came out at night to prey on unsuspecting humans.

She and her friends lived wherever they could, usually in abandoned warehouses or other condemned buildings that nobody wanted, and they subsisted on whatever they could scrounge up after the money and help from the Youth Center ran out. Their leader had been Charles Gunn who was idolized by the younger ones in the group like herself.

It had hit them all hard when they heard of Gunn's death, but they knew in their hearts that he had died doing what he had vowed to do – "go down fighting with my last breath."

Claudia knew that Gunn had still worked for Angel, but no one had any information on whether or not the ensouled vampire had survived the battle in the alley behind the Hyperion hotel. There was speculation at the Youth Center, where she was now an employee, that along with Gunn, Angel and the rest of his crew had also perished that night. If he was still alive, he would have gotten in touch with Anne by now.

Claudia had to know for sure. After all, Angel could be somewhere hurt and needed help. She had been warned to stay away from the battle site even now, days after the fighting was over and all of the human victims that they could find had been given a proper burial.

Of course it was possible that Angel was dust and no trace of him would ever be found, but Claudia had to know for sure, after all, one night when it looked like they were all doomed, he had come to their rescue; the least she could do was make sure. She would go to the site again, during the day, and take a couple of the teenaged boys with her.

That is how Claudia found Angel. He had been badly injured and could not move. As soon as the sun set, she and her friends brought him from the ruins of the Hyperion to the unused sub-basement of the Youth Center. There she fed him blood, from the local meat market at first, then, when that was not enough, she approached her friends and neighbors, asking for blood donations for a sick friend. Many willingly, without question, donated a pint of blood to help someone sick.

Gradually Angel began to heal and regain his strength, and it was there, in the sub-basement of the Youth Center that he had help build, that Claudia, the outspoken little girl from Gunn's group from years before, saved the life of the angel that she never forgot.

The end