Hey Everyone! I'm back! And this is another little idea I got. I think it might be a prequel for a big story. Not sure yet. What do you think? Anyways, I thought about what Mal And Natara's kids would be like (All Maltara Fans do), and I could picture a fiesty little girl, similar to Mal. So I decided to write a little story. And, i've done a review reply for my first story, you know the 'wake up alone' oneshot, which I absoloutly HATE.

The bell for end of class rung, and I got up out of my seat.

'Gym, ugh.' I thought to myself.

How I hated it.

The way I looked when I wore those God awful shorts and that oversized T-shirt. You see, my school, Golden Gate Park Elementary (I just made that up.) , decided to 'supply' us with 'specially made' gym kits. More like 'torture us' with 'matching low budget scraps found off the street'. How most of the girls were just stood there chatting away, and whenever a ball came near them they either screamed and ran, or completely ignored it, too busy chatting away about Justin Bieber.

I did enjoy gym, but not at our school. I love soccer. In soccer if I'm in goal, I know it sounds stupid, but I pretend i'm dodging a bullet, and if I didn't catch the ball, I'd be shot. I suppose it gives me that determination. Oh, and if I'm after the ball, I pretend I'm chasing some criminal psycho. Like my parents.

My parents are absoloutly amazing. I adore them. Mal and Natara Fallon. The two bestest cops in San Francisco. My mommy and I talk all the time, about girly things, and she helps me with my homework, and she's absoloutly amazing when theres problems with my friends at school. And my Daddy, he's the best. He's really funny, and we watch lots of movies, and he buys me presents, and he tells me stories about him and mommy's adventures, and sometimes, if it's okay, he takes me to work with him! And I'm their little angel, Pheobe Angela Fallon. I have silky, Chocolate brown hair, that flows all the way down to my elbows, big cobalt eyes, like my Daddy's, slightly tanned skin, a birth mark under-neath my eye, and a fiesty, amazing personality, if I do say so myself. I'm eleven years old, almost twelve, and I love the colour blue, old school video games, chocolate, Christina Perri, and Bruno Mars.

I walk through the hallway with my best friend Jenny over to the gym area, chatting as we walk.

"So, Pheobe, how's your Parents?" She asks, curiously, grinning at me like she usually does.

"There okay, I suppose. But they're both kinda stressed out about this new serial killer, he sends messages to these people, you know 'there was a girl called annie, she mysteriusly died, if you don't post this god knows how many times she will come into your room on monday and kill you' and when the people don't do what it says he finds them and kills them. They call him 'the chain letter killer'." I reply.

The mousey brown haired girl stares at me seriously, fear in her hazel eyes. I've scared her.

"It's not real, and besides, as long as you do what it says, they won't hurt you. That's why it's so hard. Because everyone is forwarding it. So you don't know whether someone created the original message or just forwarded it." I re-assure her.

She sighs deeply with relief. I chuckle slightly at her body language.

We arrive at the Gym Block and go to get changed. All of the girls, (including a college student who was having work experience, Annie Park's daughter, she was called Azure) was getting changed, she helped out with the gym or something. All the girls in my class were actually really nice, except Kelly, she was a wannabe popular who no-one liked. It was funny really.

I pulled off my tiny blue hollister t-shirt, revealing my bra, my new bra, my first bra. It was lilac with little yellow cupcakes all over it.

"Wait, what are you guys staring at?" I ask.

"Your bra is huge!" One of the girls says. okay ... tha's wierd.

Kelly decides to make a sarcastic remark.

"I bet you don't even have boobs." She says, scrunching her nose up.

"Shut it, flat chest!" I retaliate

Everyone laughs.

"Awkward moment when the girl with no boobs calls you flat chested." she remarks.

"Cool story bro, you know its funny because whenever your getting changed for Gym I see the tissue peeking out of bra like right now! " I shout, cockily.

Her cheeks turn a rosy pink.

"At least I've started Puberty!" she retaliates

"Oh, so your admitting you have Pubic hair?" I reply.

No answer. Pheobe:1 Kelly:0

I throw on my oversized t-shirt and take off my denim shorts, putting on the disgusting black ones, before heading into the gym.

The gym teacher, Ms. Hamerson, was a skinny woman with really pale skin and short blonde hair always tied into a ponytail. She looked really strict, but was actually the nicest teacher EVER.

"Okay, class. Uh, your grade 4, aren't you? Yeah, your gonna be doing ... drumroll please... Dodgeball!"

Yes! I love Dodgeball, I'm so good at it!

Were split into two teams. I get ready to run for the ball like my life depends on it, I imagine, it's a madmans gun, I've gotta get it before he does. I prepare myself for the run.

3 ...

2 ...

1 ...


I start running as fast as my legs will carry me, getting closer with each step. The ball's almost within my reach, I reach down, and quickly grab it before anyone else can.

Who should I hit? hmmm ... oh! Megan and Nicole were stood talking to each other. I pull the ball behind my shoulder and, aiming for Nicoles legs, get ready to throw. Using all the power I have, I pull the ball forward in front of me and release it front my hand with a force.


yay! I got her.

Theres a ball coming my way, it's John's, I jump up and catch it. He reluctantly walks away, claiming it 'bounced'. I throw my ball at Megan, wanting to put her out of her misery of not being with her bff Nicole, sadly, I miss.

The ball heads towards one of the boys, Elliot, he runs to jump out the way, but sadly, is hit by the ball on his waist. He walks off, annoyed.

Mikey grabs the ball and hurls it towards Kelly, it hits her straight on the knee.

"Dick!" she mouths to him before walking off annoyed. Ugh, i swear, I hate it when people my age cuss for no reason whatsoever, except to make themselves look awesome. Well, thats what they think.

Someone throws the ball and it dosent hit anyone, so Lia picks it up and throws it to me.

I hurl it towards Isabella, it hits her on her leg. Hard.

"Ow, sorry, Isabella" I say.

A hand grabs me and pulls me to the other end of the gym. Azure.

"Azure! What the heck do you think your doing?" I ask, agitated.

She whispers to me in a quick tone.

"Pheobe, look at your shorts."

I look at her, confused, before shrugging my shoulders and looking at my shorts.

Oh my ..

There's this huge red dot leeking through them.

"Oh my God."

"Honey, you need to go to the office and get Miss. Francis to phone your parents, okay? Gran won't mind your Mom or Dad coming to pick you up." explains the blonde haired blue eyed girl.

"But, I don't get it. Whats wrong?" I ask, once again confused.

"Darling, it's your period." she states.

a slight shock comes to me. Period. I shouldn't be having them yet. I'm only eleven. That's when you have to wear pads and tampons, I don't wanna wear them. I don't want my period.

I quickly run to the office where the secretary, Miss. Francis is sat, eating oreo's.

"Miss, could you ring my parents?"

"Do you have permission?"


"What's your reason?"

"Do I have to tell you?"


"But I don't wanna!"

"Unless you don't want me too you must."

"I've ... got my period."

The chubby woman looks at me, shocked.

"Oh ... Okay."

She grabs the phone and puts it to her ear, dialing my mother's phone number, before passing it to me.

Beep. Bepp. Beep.

Is she even gonna answer?



"Hey Mom!"

"Hey Pheobe, is this important, I'm kinda in a meeting with Maria and Lt. Anders."

"Yes it's important!"

"What is it? Listen, honey, I'm gonna have to put your Father on the phone, this guys being an ass."

"'Kay, love you."

"Love you too."

I wait while she hands the phone to my Dad. Aww, I'm gonna get the talk.


"Yeah, Princess?"

"I've started my periods."

No answer. He hates how fast i'm growing up. He nearly died when he saw my bra. But hey, what can you do when it murders without one?

Eventually, he answers.

"Oh ... Okay. You want me to pick you up?"

"Yes please. I need to clean myself."

I hear him shout down the line.

"Nat, honey, Pheobe's, uhh, started."

"Started what, Mal?"

"You know, Nat, uhh, started. Umm, she's started, bleeding, if you get me?"

"Oh... but, I gotta stay here, Mal. Go home, into the bathroom, oh wait, she's too young for them, umm, go to the pharmacist, Mal, and get a big bag of Always, the pads, not the tampons. Oh, actually, two, one day, and one night. Uhh, winged." Mother whispers.

"Winged? What's that supposed to mean? And always? What's that?"

"Just go, Mal."

I sit in the chair outside the office, on a towel. I feel such a retard. Finally, Dad arrives.

"Hey, Dad, what took you so long?"

"Trying to find the right stuff. I had to go back twice cuz your mother said they were wrong. How am I supposed to know the difference between Panty Liners and Pads?"

I chuckle.

"Lets go, Daddy."

I grab his masculine hand, tight. I grin at him, as we walk out of the school and over to my Dad's squad car. I step into the passenger seat, we set off home.

"So, Pheobe ... Now, your growing up, and, your gonna meet boys ... boys you might like. And one day, when your older, much older, you might want to have sex with them ..."

"What's that?" I ask. Seriously, what is it? No-one would tell me, I know everything else, except that.

"Uh, it's when, a guy and a girl, when their in love, they, 'make love'. It's uh, it's where, the guys gets his, toushy ..."

"His Penis."

"Uh, yeah, and a girl gets her, flower ..."


"Uh-huh. And They guy gets his penis and puts it inside the girls vagina, that's because a girls vagina has a hole in her vagina, so the guys penis fits right inside the little hole. And, the guys have this thing called a condomn, its a little thing that they put over the penis, because, the guys, have little tadpoles inside their penis called sperm, and when you have sex, the condom stops the sperm from coming out, unless you don't have a condom, then the sperm goes into the ladies hole and meets with the egg, you know when you have your period? well thats when you get a new egg in your vagina. So, all the little sperm swim in a race to get to the egg, and the first one that gets there, goes inside the egg, and it makes a baby."

"That sounds disgusting."

"Yeah ... So, anyway, when your older, you might want to have sex with a boy, make sure their wearing a condom, and don't have sex when your a teenager. Oh, and make sure you tell all the guys you date that I'm a cop, the last thing we want is for my little Princess to get pregnant before shes even grown up yet."

"I will daddy. Oh, and, Daddy?"

"Yeah, sweetie?"

"could you tell me what a boner is?"

Whaddya guys think? I like it, it's good for me, anyway. This isn't the TOTAL MALTARA FLUFF story, I know, i'm really sorry. I haven't quite got to that yet. But I might do a CoD version of Die Hard, you know, with Mal, as John? What do you think? Oh and do you think that this should be a prequel to another story about Pheobe? Review please.

Hey, I edited it! I made Pheobe a little older, she's eleven, soon to be twelve. She dosen't cuss, well, as much, anyway. And I corrected some mistakes. Oh, and you know what she looks like!