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Ugghh, why do Mondays have to exist?

No seriously, can someone tell me why?

After a dreadfully long weekend of being babysat by Neha, of all people, and homework. To top it all off, Monday. Absoloutly fantastic.

Right now i'm stuck in Geography. Now it just so happens that our substitute teacher is that one teacher who is not only the biggest ass ever (Apart from chuckles, of Course), but also tries to make jokes in class but just fails. He dosen't know me all that well.

Anyways, I'm spending most of the time talking. I've already decided that. I don't want to learn about Austria or whatever. I zone out as the teacher drones on. Bored out of my mind, i stare out of the window.

The school yard looks pretty when there's no-one on it. No snotty kids running round, no Teachers pacing back and forth. I like Autumn, it's a very pretty Season, shame it's almost ending. Mom agrees with me too, she loves Autumn, whereas Dad likes the Summer. I think it's just the look of it, you know?

I'm interrupted of my daze by the sound of my name.

"Miss Fallon, will you quit staring out of the window and pay attention!"

I quickly jump out of my skin, before turning to face my pretty cheesed off looking teacher.


I just stare at the teacher until we're told to do our work.

The work was pretty simple, just read the text and answer questions. I didn't do that, of course. I just talked with Jenny about what happened last week with Sophia and Kelly.

"Oh my gosh, that is so mean of her! What an obsessive beep." she murmured softly to me.

Jenny's been my friend since elementary, she moved in 3rd grade, and we were glued at the hip ever since. She could be a little bit tomboyish at times, but was still girly if you get me? Uhh, she likes girly stuff, but she's very witty and speaks fluent sarcasm. And no, she's not related to Blaise. Just so you know.

"I know, right. So, I slapped her across the face and got away with it." I stated, proudly.

"Really? Wow. Ten ponts for Gryffindor, huh?"

Oh, did I mention she was a Potterhead?

"How many times have I told you, I'm a Hufflepuff." I explain.

We carry on talking until the bell goes for lunch. We both get up out of our seats, and walk to the busy canteen, grabbing some chicken wraps and a carton of milk.

We sit at our usual table, where Kelly seems to be absent. Thank God, I look behind me to find she's sat with the rest of the girls from my homeroom, all girly little twihards with extreme lack of personality, I must admit, giggling away, as if what happened on friday was nothing but a dream.

Once we sat down, I saw that Will was looking a little glum.

"What's wrong, Will, miss your stalker?" I ask, teasingly. He flashes me a sad smile. "You okay?"

"Yeah, s'just, my next door neighbour's son had a heart attack."

"Oh my gosh, I hope he recovers."

We sit there and pretty much eat our dinner in silence, when Madison finally speaks up.

"Hey Pheobe, isn't that ...?" She begins, pointing behind me. I turn my head to face the other end of the canteen.

Oh god, no ...

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