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Summary: Naruto finds the Edo Tensei as well as the DNA of Madara Uchiha's younger sister, Mito Uzumaki, Kushina Uzumaki, the First Hokage, and the Second Hokage. The group then finds out about the circumstances of Naruto's life and agrees to help him. Grey Naruto and Kushina in this story.

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Chapter 1: Oh look, Zombies!

Naruto was on the ground panting from exertion of making the Shadow Clones successfully. Naruto was pleased and about to take a nap until he thought would Mizuki give me extra credit if I learned another jutsu?

Naruto looked back at the scroll and saw a jutsu called Edo Tensei. The jutsu supposedly revived the dead. Naruto decided to try that one as it looked like a joke and he remembered the Hokage saying something about his family. Naruto looked at the scroll and saw the names of two of his idols: the first and second hokage, as well as two Uzumaki, and one Uchiha.

Naruto decided to use those five as he wanted to meet his idols and family and make fun of the Uchiha when he resurrected her.

Naruto remembered that the shadow clone was a soul and decided to use that as a sacrifice. Naruto then copied the handsigns and called out "Edo Tensei no jutsu!"

Suddenly, his five clones went into coffins and out of those coffins came five figures.

The first figure wore a leaf headband and red battle armor. He had long brown hair and brown eyes. He stood at about 6' foot. He was Hashirama Senju.

The second figure was male and also wore a leaf headband, but unlike Hashirama, he wore blue battle armor. He had short and spiky grey hair with the same color eyes. He stood just a bit smaller than his brother at 5'10. This was the second Hokage, Tobirama Senju.

The third figure was definitely female. She had red hair that was shaped into a formal bun on the top of her head. She had blue eyes and a regal face. She wore a formal battle robe tied together with a red band in the middle. She stood at 5'8. This was Mito Uzumaki, the Uzumaki clan head.

The fourth figure was also female. She had red hair just like the last one only it hung down over her in a wild manner. She had red eyes and a fierce expression on her face. She wore a brown and white kunoichi gown and kunoichi sandals on her feet. She stood just smaller than the males at 5'6. This was Kushina Uzumaki, the red hot blooded habarnero.

The next figure was also a woman. She had the signature black eyes and hair of an Uchiha and wore the standard Uchiha Kunoichi battle wear. She stood at the exact same height as Kushina. Her hair was long and cascaded down her back, stopping just before her butt. This was Minami Uchiha, the sister of Madara Uchiha who had died in battle from an injury even her famed Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan couldn't heal.

Naruto stood awestruck at the sight before him and reached out to touch the First Hokage only for his hand to be slapped away by him. Naruto stood stock still whenever the First started glaring at him.

"Do you think I am just going to let myself become a puppet for your sick, twisted mind?" The first asked.

"WH-what are you talking about?" Naruto asked while being scared and confused.

"You don't even have a kunai out yet. Was your plan to beat me into submission before enslaving us?" The first asked while scoffing.

Naruto was starting to get mad-no, wait, he was starting to get pissed at the First's actions. Naruto balled up his fist and said, "What the hell is your problem? Why the hell would I enslave you?"

Mito was the one who answered next, "What do you mean? You summon us from the grave for nothing?"

Naruto answered, "No, I thought the jutsu to be a prank put in the scroll with the Kage Bunshin. I then decided if it was going to be a prank I would try to summon my idols as well as the two with the name of Uzumaki as that is my last name and then the Uchiha as a prank to get back at Sasuke."

Kushina then looked up shocked and asked, "Your name wouldn't happen to be Naruto Uzumaki would it?"

Naruto just nodded and Kushina engulfed him in a tight hug and started crying.

Mito looked at Kushina with wide eyes and said, "Kushina, stop this behavior at once and tell us who he is."

Despite the others not agreeing with her being so cold, they agreed with the fact that they needed to know who their summoner was.

Kushina then looked up and said, "This is my Sochi, Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze."

Mito went wide eyed before saying, "I see." Before she then started dropping her regal face into a smile.

Tobirama said, "Why would the Hokage give the jutsu to someone so young? I think he's getting senile."

Naruto just looked confused and said, "Wait a minute! You mean I'm your son! I was told I was an orphan who was given the name of Uzumaki since they had all died out!"

Kushina then grew angry and said, "Wait a minute. You don't even know who your family is! What the hell has this village done to you after I died?"

Naruto then said, "Well, I lived in the orphanage for the first four years until I got old enough to fend for myself. After that, I started living on the streets for the next three years and got beat up pretty badly during them. Then, I got my own apartment and an allowance from the old man. I own a large apartment complex since no one wants to live there and it ended up in the owner's will that it would be mine somehow."

Kushina then asked, "Why would the village be so cruel to Minato and I's son?"

Naruto shrugged and said, "I don't know, but sometimes they call me 'demon', 'demon brat', or 'Kyuubi brat'."

Kushina then grew even angrier and said, "Damn it, Sarutobi! You weren't supposed to tell anyone who the new Jinchuriki was!"

Naruto asked, "What's a Jinchuriki?"

Kushina calmed down long enough to say, "It is a container of a tailed beast."

Naruto looked shocked at the info that put it all into place before he started laughing.

Everyone there looked at him puzzled before Naruto said, "How can a Jinchuriki be a demon if they contain it? If I get injured bad enough or die it would be released. I am laughing at the idiots in this place."

The Hokages looked shocked for a second before silently conferring. They then brought Mito and Kushina into the silent conference before finally bringing in Minami.

The five then turned back to Naruto and the first asked, "How did you get that scroll if you didn't even know your heritage?"

Naruto then looked confused, "Mizuki-sensei told me that if I got this scroll and learned a jutsu out of it then showed it to him, he would pass me as a ninja since I can't do a Bunshin."

Surprisingly enough, it was Mito who looked angry at this information. "You mean to tell me that you were suspended from being a ninja since you can't do a Bunshin." At Naruto's nod, Mito continued her rampage, "That old fool! No Uzumaki can do a Bunshin! Especially not one who is also a Jinchuriki as well! That was the whole reason for the invention of the Kage Bunshin!"

Naruto was shocked at this information before he remembered something, "Oh yeah! Mizuki said that the Hokage knew about the retest even though he looked shocked when I came in and beat him in a battle with my Sexy Jutsu! Was Mizuki lying to me?"

Mito just nodded at his assessment before her eye twitched at the mention of the Sexy Jutsu. She was about to yell at him until the Uchiha said, "Someone's coming! Hide!"

That is just what they all did. They hid until Iruka came in and chewed Naruto out and were about to say something when Mizuki came and hit Iruka in the back with a shuriken.

They then popped out and took him out with ease since it was a chuunin versus five Kage level ninja.

They all then rested for a few minutes before the Hokage came and Mito said, "Hey, you old monkey! What took you so long?"

The Hokage promptly did the mature thing. He fainted after screaming like a little girl.

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