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Everything wasn't going so well. His home was destroyed. He didn't get to bring back his friend like he promised. Their mission was going well from the start but it slowly became a nightmare. The blonde turned his head slightly, looking at his down teammates.

The masked man finally did it, he managed to do the Eye of the Moon plan. He snorted at the name of it. It didn't sound like it could do much but he finally saw what it could do.

'So this is what dying feels like.' The blonde mused, looking up at the dark sky. The now red moon hovering over the people who had seen it. 'What can I do? It's not like I can turn back time.' He thought to himself, eyes looking dull as they slowly lose their shine. Slowly, his eyelids became heavy. He couldn't keep them open anymore. With dots clouding his vision, he took in one last breath, smiling sadly up at the sky. "Sorry…everyone…" he whispered as the darkness consumed him completely.

Something was nudging at him. He wanted to sleep damn it. Again, it kept trying to wake him up. 'Why can't I get any sleep?' There was no more movement, the blonde let out a small sigh of relief and comfort. Until something jumped right on his torso. Said boy opened his eyes completely wide, sitting up as fast as he could. "What the hell?" He coughed, trying to get air back into his lungs.

"About time you woke up Kit." The deep voice made the blonde suck air through his teeth. "Don't look so startled, idiot. It's not like I'm going to rampage through every village I see." Kurama chuckled as his ex-host just gave him a blank stare before looking confused.

"Kurama? What are you doing out here? Better yet- How the hell did you manage to do that?" Naruto was looking at the fox for a while until he realized something. "Your fur isn't red anymore." It wasn't that he would miss the red fur. In fact he didn't really mind the change of color. It was his favorite after all. Orange. The giant fox looked like any other fox…except for his size. Naruto's eyes sparkled as he started to pet Kurama's fur down. It was his favorite color, how was he not suppose to pet and hug him like a stuffed animal?

The fox, Kurama, did nothing as Naruto just buried his face into his fur, rubbing it every where he could making odd noises. Some that sounded rather closely to 'aww' and other baby talk. Kurama could only sweat drop at his ex-hosts actions and behavior. "Kit, listen to me very carefully." There was a hum, slightly telling the fox that he has his attention but was still going on about how nice his fur was now. "I used a Jutsu before you actually died." Naruto paused in his actions. "I'm not exactly sure how to say this with out sugar coating this so I'll just tell you bluntly." He felt Naruto unbury his head from his fur, looking at him intently. "We're in the past." And there was a thud. Naruto slowly pushed himself back up, looking at Kurama as he grew another head. "Which is why you look like how you do." Kurama continued, looking very amused as Naruto rushed over to a new by pond.

The blonde continued to look at his features over and over again. The whiskers he had were no longer there. It made him feel odd without them. His hair was a lot more spikier then usual and had grown in length. His once sharp features were blessed with baby fat. All in all, he looked like his twelve year old self again. Expect, he had no whiskers, his clothes were different, and he didn't have the hitai-ate anymore. He was just thankful that he still had Tsunade's necklace. "How much time did we go back?" His voice shook a little, trying to breath properly. "How about my Chakra coils? Do I have to work on those again?" Inwardly, he groaned. He was finally at Kage level before all of this and, really, he didn't want to wait that long to get back at that level.

Kurama walked towards Naruto, looking down at the pond as he caught Naruto's eyes in the reflection. "Your chakra coils are still at Kage level, so don't worry about that." Said boy let out a sigh of relief. "What you have to work on is your strength. That physical body of yours' isn't as strong as your old one. During the time, you will train you body and chakra." Naruto looked over at him, a brow raised when he said 'chakra'. The Kyuubi sighed, looking back at his ex-host. "Just because you still have the same level doesn't mean your chakra control will be the same as well. Now that you're back in that body, your chakra control sucks." Naruto face palmed himself and groaned out in dismay. Kurama shifted a little bit, his tail swaying back and forth. "Another thing," he started, getting Naruto's attention once again. "I'm not exactly sure how far in the past we are." With that, Naruto just stared at Kurama for the longest.

As if it were hours, Naruto blinked, looking far more calm then he should have. "So, you're saying that, you don't know what time we're in. And for all we know, we could be in the time that even the Sage of Six paths existed." His voice was betraying what his facially expression was showing. His brow was twitching every other second. "Or, to make things worse, we could be in the time when there is a SHINOBI WAR!" Naruto raised his voice near the end, pulling at his hair and ran around in a circle; cursing every other sentence. After calming down a little, he took in a deep breath and looked at Kurama with determined eyes. "Okay, this is what's going to happen. I'll work on my training and then we'll worry about the time line we're in. Does that sound good enough as a plan?" Naruto had crossed his arms over his chest, looking at Kurama for any sort of doubt.

Said fox snorted. "Sounds better then wondering around the place and asking people of the year. What could happen if you ran into rouge-nin's and still couldn't have complete control over your chakra?" Yup, Naruto's plan sounded far better then their second option. With that, Naruto created two hundred clones, not feeling tired at all. Kurama saw the questioning look on his face and smirked at him. "Just because I am not in your body doesn't mean you don't have access to my chakra. It's only when I allow you to get some that matter." Naruto blinked, grinned and nodded at the simple explanation. It did do a lot of good instead of harm.

Shrugging his shoulders, Naruto sent his clones to do chakra control training while he stayed behind to work up on his physical body. It gave him relief that his speed was the same as if he were in Bijuu Mode. 'Man, I'm so weak! I can't even make a small crater with a punch in this body!' He pouted as he continued to work on his training, not liking how weak the body truly was. Hours went by and his clones finally got chakra control. Naruto, on the other hand, was still grumbling about how weak he was he didn't realize that it was already dinner time until Kurama had pointed it out.

So as the days went by, they began to do a little routine. Naruto would train to get back to his normal strength while Kurama went out hunting for anything they could eat. There were times when they were lucky that they found abandoned weapons on the grounds. It made them wary at first, thinking that they were being watched without being noticed. It wasn't until they found blood on them that they deduced that the previous owner died. Most likely on an ambush that went wrong.

The days slowly turned into weeks, which eventually became months. The pair were actually fond of their little camping spot since no one dared to come by the area. Kurama had made comments about how Naruto's outfit was exactly how his father's looked like when he was a child. How he knew, Naruto didn't know but grinned at the comment. Said blonde was rather thankful about the comment, seeing as how they did look too far alike, he used the hoodie that was on his jacket to cover up his hair. His eyes did give him away a little but without seeing his hair, no one would see the resemblance.

As they relaxed on their sixth month in their little campsite, there was a loud explosion that made them jump. Naruto looked around frantically, holding the now clean Kunai in his hand. "What was that?" He asked, looking alarmed. His eyes gazed around the area but found nothing.

"Kit, it's coming from over there." Kurama used his snout to point in the direction. Sure enough, there was a cloud of smoke coming up into the sky. With a shared look, Naruto climbed onto Kurama's back as he grew in size. There was a small tug on Naruto's lips as he remembered that this was the size Akamaru used to be. His muse was broken when the stench of blood reached his nose. With a nod, Kurama followed the smell, coming closer to something that looked like a cave in. "Kit, the smells in there. Should we go in or go towards the smoke?" Kurama asked.

Naruto looked back at the cloud raising towards their air. He shook his head, looking at the cave in. "That place isn't going anywhere, let's check out what smells like blood. Who knows? Maybe someone is still alive in there and needs help." Naruto wasn't fooling himself, he knew that no one could survive a cave in like the one before him. But he had to know, just in case. There was always a miracle.

Without any other thought, Kurama began to claw his way inside the cave, moving boulders of rocks aside like nothing. It didn't really take long for the fox to get closer to what the stench of blood was coming from. Silence was all around them, the pair held in their breath as they came across a boy who was crushed under a boulder. Kurama looked over to Naruto, who was looking at the boy and Hitai-ate with sorrow. Not waiting for a reply, Kurama slowly came up to the boy, grabbing the boulder and tossing it off of him. Sure he was dead by the boulder but he didn't look like he was crushed badly. Internal bleeding is what probably killed him. Naruto bowed his head, whispering a small silent prayer to the boy. "We don't have a scroll to put his body in. You'll have to hold onto him while we get out." The foxes voice was soft, trying to get his ex-host to understand.

Naruto sighed but complied. With a jump, he landed near the boy, carefully picking him up. "He's a Konohagakure Shinobi. Hopefully, his teammates are still around so they can take back his body." Naruto said solemnly. As carefully as he could, he got onto Kurama's back, holding the boys body in his arms. "Maybe his teammates were the one's responsible for the explosion?" He shifted his weight, getting a better grip on the fox. "Let's go, Kurama." There were no more words needed to be said.

It was if everything around them was a blur. With the speed that they're going in, they'd probably look like an orange blob with a mixture of white and blue. "I sense three chakra points not far ahead. Put up your hood so they won't see your face." Once again, Naruto complied. Although, he almost fell off of Kurama with that small motion, if it wasn't for his tails, Naruto was sure to have flown off.

There were voices not far ahead, making Naruto a bit nervous. "Kurama, it's best that you stop here. We don't know how they'll react to see a Giant fox. If anything goes wrong, just run in there and grab me. It's best not to fight people without knowing what Time line we're still in." The fox grumbled but slowed down. They were behind bushed but he was pretty sure that at least the one that sounded older could sense him.

The tension in his shoulders gave it away as the rustles in the bushes caught their attention. A boy that looked to be the same age as the Genin's emerged from the bushes, holding another body with them. The clothes and symbol made the two teammate's eyes widen as they realized who's body it was. The stranger was silent the whole time, walking slowly but carefully towards them. He stopped midway, again, being slowly as possibly, putting the body on the ground and placing the Hitai-ate on his torso. There was dried blood on his white jacket as he stood up, taking a few steps back.

With a blinding flash of yellow, Naruto panicked. The poor blonde didn't have time to react as he was being held in a choke hold, his feet dangling in the air, the tip of a Kunai placed near his throat. 'Shit! Why did I freak out a minute ago! What kind of Shinobi am I? Freezing up like that!' Naruto scolded himself mentally but still couldn't help but let out another small argument. What other sane Shinobi wouldn't freeze like that? Especially seeing someone who was dead!

"Don't move." With the one command, Naruto followed. He was no longer kicking or trying to loosen the grip around his throat. He was just dangling there. "Where did you get the body at?" The figure behind him hissed out, the Kunai pressed on his skin, making a little blood come out. "Answer me." Again, the figure hissed.

Naruto gulped, never really imagining his own father pressing a Kunai to his throat. 'Then again, he doesn't know me.' Inwardly sighing, he took a shaky breath, trying to calm down his nerves. "I found him in a cave not far from here. I saw the Hitai-ate he was wearing along with seeing the cloud of smoke. I-I figured he was your teammate." The hold tighten, making him gasp for air. "I'm not lying! Let go!" He started to kick again, ignoring the man's command to stop. It was the wrong move as his world was once again engulfed in darkness.

"Sensei? What are we going to do with him? He doesn't have a Hitai-ate on." The girl said, looking at the limp figure in his arms.

The other teammate glared at him, "I say we tie him up and see if he's a spy. Just because he isn't wearing one doesn't mean he isn't a ninja. We have to be careful with him." The silverette said, glancing down at his teammate's body.

Before their Sensei could say anything, they heard a low growl. "Drop him." The voice boomed towards them. With a start, the blonde Sensei almost dropped the boy on the ground. Hastily, he managed to catch him in time. "I SAID DROP HIM!" The voice roared out, this time, their Sensei placed the boy on the ground, backing away from him and to his students just in case. The loud footsteps made the pebbles beneath their feet jump a little. Before their eyes, a large fox with three tails appeared. It snarled at them, taking a step forward to the boy who was laying on the ground. They watched as one of it's tails came closer to the boy, putting in odd looking chakra. "Wake up kit." Kurama said, still glaring down at the group in front of him. Not seeing Naruto respond, he lifted up his tail and brought it back down on his torso. "Damn it Naruto! Now's not the time to be sleeping!" He growled out.

Naruto instantly shot up, clutching his stomach. "What the hell Kurama! Couldn't you be more gentle! FUCK!" The blonde was so busy with focusing on the pain and the fox, he never realized that his hoodie had fallen off. The silence ensure him great discomfort. He blinked, looking at the wide eyed grumbling Kitsune, then back to the silent Shinobi team. "What? Do I have something on my face?" He tilted his head and blinked.

Kurama was cursing a very colorful rainbow at the moment, making Naruto very amused but confused at the same time. Why was he cursing? The fox wrapped one of it's tails around said boy, holding him in front of him and growled. "Naruto, you are very, very bad at hiding yourself." Naruto just blinked at fox, looking very confused at the jus sighed. "Kit, your hood is down." With that, Naruto frantically brought his hands up to his head, only to find that his hood was indeed off.

"Oh." Kurama just stared at him intently as he laughed nervously. "W-well, it just sort of happened." Naruto rubbed the back of his head sheepishly, trying to look anywhere but his partner. Not a few seconds later, there was a few more explosions. Everyone seemed startled but Naruto just blinked and sighed. "That was lame." He mumbled, catching their attention.

"What did you do now you bumbling idiot." He glared at the boy who was just playing with his fur once again. Not a care in the world as he made patterns.

"Hm? Oh nothing really." Naruto said, not even bothering to look up from the fur. "I just sent Bunshin to look around to see what's going on. A few Iwa Shinobi thought I was this 'Namikaze' guy and attacked them." He didn't even hear the older Shinobi suck in air through his teeth and continued. "It's a good thing I sent the Exploding Bunshin instead of the normal Bunshin. If I did, then they probably would have made their way here. But since they exploded…well… Let's just say that they won't be able to move for a while." Naruto gave Kurama a goofy grin, scratching his cheek in embarrassment. Suddenly, his eyes widen, all goofiness gone instantly and was replaced with seriousness. "Someone entered our campsite." He closed his eyes, concentrating a bit more before he snapped his eyes open once again. "Crap. Kurama, that guy is here. You have to move or else he'll get his hands on you. I'll stall him for as long as I can." With little force, Naruto got out of his grip, getting ready to leave.

"Wait a minute. How do you know that someone entered our campsite? And what the hell do you mean 'He's' there?" Growling out at his ex-host, he waited for a reply.

Naruto just sighed, taking out the kunai from his pocket. His little action made the other three wary but he rolled his eyes. "Jeez ya' giant Furball, I thought you would have figure that out already." Naruto pricked his finger, letting a drop of blood come out. "I used a seal around our campsite to sense people going in and out of it just in case we were away. And no, I don't really need a scroll or special ink. I could use my blood for this; in fact it works better that way." The blonde brought down his finger, using the blood to draw something out. "And what I meant by 'him'…" He finished his drawing, glaring at it. "…I mean him."

The drawing of a swirled mask made Kurama's blood boil, growling intently at it. He saw Naruto getting adjusted to move, to run towards the area the man was in. "Kit!" His tail grabbed onto him before he managed to leave. "You are not going against him. I could care less that you're a Kage Level brat but without allies or comrades, he'll kill you!" The fox snarled as he held Naruto upside down, glaring at the boy in front of him. "Now's not the time to go against him." Naruto huffed a little bit as blood rushed to his head.

"Fine. I won't go to him and try to kick his ass. Let's get going before he heads this way." His cheeks began to have a shade of red, seeing this Kurama held him correctly, making Naruto sigh in relief. He blinked, feeling the tense stares at the back of his head. Slowly, he turned around, seeing the teammates fully this time. "Oh, that's right. You three are still here." The silverette's eye twitched but just stayed staring at the blonde. "If you see a guy wearing a mask with one eye-hole, I suggest you stay away from him. He has really weird Jutsu's and isn't meant to take lightly." Naruto nodded to himself as Kurama placed him on his back. As he gripped onto Kurama's fur, he brought up his hood, covering his hair but shadowing his eyes. "Now, if you excuse me, I don't want to run into any more Iwa Shinobi's that mistake me for this 'Namikaze' guy. Who ever the hell he is, he sure knew how to get on their nerves." He chuckled a little bit before waving at them. "Well, see ya!" With that, Kurama trotted off slowly and then gain speed, making them like blurs.

"M-Minato-Sensei… t-that boy looked a lot like you." the brunette girl spoke, looking at the area the boy and fox took off. Then, realization hit her like a ton of bricks. "T-That fox spoke! And it said that h-he was a Kage Level!" Her eyes wide, looking at her last teammate and Sensei. "Minato-Sensei, Kakashi-kun, what are we going to do?" She asked.

Kakashi was still glaring at the area the last two Dou were last seen. "I don't really think he's a Kage level or even remotely close to low Chunin level. He didn't escape from Sensei, so there's no way he can be strong." He commented. 'But that doesn't explain how he was able to send those Explosion Bunshin. I thought they were in the Forbidden Scroll.' His brows creased, trying to come up with a reason.

"Kakashi, Rin." Minato said, grabbing their attention quickly. "I'm going to put Obito's body in a sealing scroll so we can take him back to the Village." They instantly looked downcast. "We'll tell Sandaime-Sama about the encounter with that boy but it's best that we leave right now. If what he says is true then we have to leave as soon as possible." When the older blonde saw they were going to protest, he held up his hand, silencing them instantly. "When he spoke, I didn't see any lies. He was telling us the truth. Whoever this man is, it's best we stay away from him." His students nodded to him as he pulled out a scroll, getting Obito's body in position. 'It's a good thing that I place a Hiraishin Seal on him when he was knocked out. That kid recovers fast.' The image of the fox hitting him made him wince a little bit and sweat-dropped. But his brow furrowed as he remembered the innocent look he gave them when he tilted his head. 'He really does look like me.' His breath hitched, 'He said that Iwa Shinobi's kept attacking him! Damn it, I have to get my students back home first to report. I'll look for the kid later.' Minato rolled up the scroll, putting it back into his pouch. "Alright, let's go home."

Knowing his students were behind them, they left the area just in time as a man appeared, looking around. Said man had a mask but was designed differently. It was white but had markings that looked like long flames engulfing his left side of the mask. Slowly, he walked up to the drawing on the floor and tilted his head. "Hmm, perhaps I can use that design for a new mask later." He mused to himself before destroying it and disappearing once again.

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