Hey readers, it's ninjanervana! So this "story" is gonna be a series of short one shots centered around the characters of Yu Yu Hakusho. Basically i'll put my ipod on shuffle and I'll write a one-shot about which ever character the song makes me think of. I'll probably do 10 chapters, maybe more if i have a lot of fun with it. Make sure you review so i know if i'm boring you guys or not. I do not own Yu Yu Hakusho or any of its characters.

Shut Up: Simple Plan

Yusuke hated them, all of them. Everyone always had something to say to him; it wasn't even like they talked to him, they talked at him. It was always the adults who thought they knew him so well, the teachers, the principal, all of them trying to be buddy buddy with him and talk about his future. He heard what they had to say when they thought he wasn't around: that he was an idiot, a failure, that he'd never make anything of his life. Well if that's what they thought about him then who was he to prove them wrong?

So he decided to skip class today, like he usually did, and hang out on the rooftop; it was the only part of the school building that he actually liked. His eyes began to slowly close, a long nap the only thought on his mind, when he heard the roof door open.

"Yusuke Urameshi," a girl said, irritation coloring her voice.

'Busted,' Yusuke thought, opening his eyes. He knew he was in trouble anytime she said his full name. "Hey Keiko, what brings you out here?"

"You know exactly what brought me out here Yusuke; class started ten minutes ago and you're late," she said, putting her hands on her hips. Here she was, good girl Keiko Yukimura, scolding possibly the most violent guy in school. Yusuke always did admire her bravery. "Come on, let's go," she ordered, turning away from him.

"Ya know it's kinda cute when you get so angry. All you need is a slightly rounder butt and you'll be perfect," Yusuke said cheekily, flipping up her skirt.

"Yusuke you pervert!" Keiko yelled as she slapped him. Her cheeks were bright red, a combination of her anger at him flipping her skirt again despite how many times she threatened his life and embarrassment at him calling her perfect. "When are you going to grow up?"

"Never if I get to keep flipping your skirt," he replied. Yusuke grinned as he rubbed his cheek; he had been in tons of fights, but nothing compared to one of Keiko's slaps. His temper might flare when other people lecture him but when it was Keiko yelling at him he didn't mind so much. She was the only one who actually cared about him, not like everyone else. He would do anything for her even go to class. "Hey Keiko wait up!" he called as he followed a huffing Keiko down the stairs, her handprint still visible on his cheek.

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